Wednesday Wow: Papa Murphy’s AND the Mom Tour

Papa Murphy has the best pizza PERIOD. The end.pi

A few moms and I had the opportunity to tour “Behind The Counter” of Papa Murphy’s Pizza Shop.I know, it doesn’t sound like a big deal, but wait till I tell you more about the #papamurphysmoms visit.

We fulfilled our wildest dreams when we made our own dough!

After seeing how much work goes into preparing the ingredients,I felt honored to partake of the yummiest pizza ever. They have the biggest mixer called Hobart. Besides the cheese, it’s the next expensive asset there. They dice fresh vegetables daily and for you calorie counter’s out there, they weight everything!

This is how the pizza is sold after you order it. Instructions and all.

This is how the pizza is sold after you order it. Instructions and all.

The Papa Murphy’s mission is three common core values which, when done consistently, create a “great” Papa Murphy’s pizza experience.- Chris Ware Store #36

They have no oven, toaster, or other heating apparatus. So you can’t call it a “restaurant” What they do offer is fresh ingredients, awesome service and the freedom to make it your own at a fair price.

Their Menu Treasures:  (they have these with the normal pizza toppings)

Fantastic toppings that include:  Zucchini, Artichokes hearts, garlic,Canadian bacon, 2 different vegetarian meats, then you can try meat stuffing; crazy desserts like Gluten Free CC cookie dough. They even have side items like: bottled crushed red pepper and herb and cheese blend. Gosh, I am sure that I’m leaving something off, here  -see more here- .

They salivated over this.

They salivated over this.

I wanted to know what steps do the reduce waste. He explained to us that the plates the pizzas are sold in is placed in the oven and then on the dinner table. Which is also the same for the Mimi Murphy’s.  Speaking of them, the Mini Murphy’s, ALL OF My CHILDREN LOVE THEM. piizzaMy 21 year old college son paid my 3 year old off for his, minus the tattoo that came with it.

Oh and before I forget, Papa Murphy’s Pizza accepts EBT (SNAP).

This is a great stress free place for your older teens to work. And if you are looking for a great business opportunity – go with Big Papa Murphy (Chief Executive Officer, Ken B. Caldwell) ! Franchise fees are less than a restaurant and as Mr. Chris stated, it has been a blessing to his family. Not only is it an upper body workout to cut the huge blocks of cheese. The pizza crew also have a strategy to rough up the dough to protect staff from Carpal tunnel syndrome. Chris also mentioned that he

Buy them there & forget the small packs.

Buy them there & forget the small packs.

loves working with PTA’s, and other family or community based fundraising groups.  I could go on and on, but for now, I think I’ll sit back and finish my plans for Mom’s Night Out 2014 on the 9th!

Enjoy, you now, QCSupermom