Friday Four: Say Don’t forget to Say Shut Up!


Sometimes being a lady, mother and professional can be trying……….Steve Harvey doesn’t have a clue when he said act like a lady and think like a man. I haven’t seen the movie yet but whatever!!!!!! You have to think like a woman and act like a lady if you ask me -Because that alone is alot! Especially when you’re dealing with brain dead folks that make you want to lay your cross down & just curse!

My mom and grandmom considered it a curse to say the “S” word. But every once in a while, Ya Gotta let it rip!  Go head say it…….



Know what I mean?  Here is what I do when I silence certain folks:

These really work!

  1. Ignore what you can. Choose your battles. Some folks you just have to accept them for their IQ levels. They are harmless.
  2. Shock them! I have an aunt on my dads side. They are  from a very loving and productive family of 13. She asked me how many more kids my husband & I are planning on having. I responded ” as many as your mom had, now bow down!”
  3. Leave them alone. Protect your spirit! The saying is true-If mama aint happy, aint  anyone happy! I would never allow someone to bring me down. I may have to leave them alone for a season or a few times I’ve had to completely cut ties. This include blood relatives.
  4. Be My Best! Let’s face it, we’ve all ran past our front door in a mess. I’ve done it a plenty of times and have regretted it EACH TIME! I know I’m wrong for it. Some people love to talk. The last thing I should be doing is giving them ammunition.  🙂 Now on the other area of my family I stay on point. As the scripture goes, a wise woman builds her house.  Let them talk…..they can’t say much.

It doesn’t matter if you been a drunk, Abused ,Pimped up, Jacked up, Drugged up, Shot up, Sexed up , Used up or Knocked up .. There isn’t anyone that God can’t PICK-UP .. CLEAN UP .. LIFT UP .. LOVE UP .. & MOVE UP .. ….So tell them to SHUT UP !- QC Supermom