Friday Four: Self Love on V-Day!

This Valentine’s Day, we’re snowed in and somewhere, after a failed igloo turned fort, dairy-free snow cream,nature walk, sled rides,slip n sliding, it ended as one of the best ones ever as a family.

storm sidewalk

My husband was the only one to leave the house over the last 3 days. That poor veteran got cabin fever!

Fear Of What? Storm 2014 and my vet! We don’t Have Time For That!

There was no big baby flying over our yard with a bow and arrow, just the new channel helicopter, overlooking the numerous vehicles stuck on the interstate.  Hold the cards, candy and all stuffed creatures. You can even keep the over-packed restaurants. ( As if you are guaranteed to make it there and back.) My husband knows I’m not that type of  girl. He knows what I like, and if he doesn’t get it with in 5 days I’ll buy it myself.   v day

It’s earrings! Why? It’s practical and needed. A plain outfit can be made incredible with the perfect earrings. It’s the one item my kids seem to eat. I have about 4 single earrings. My husband is a good guy. Our bills are paid and I’ve never had a bruise, but not the most romantic. He’s a extreme saver and left to his on devices, he would never think to get me anything to say “I love you.” 

Why would I by them myself? I home school six children, married to a veteran, and I try my best to always put them first.I deserve them and I love myself enough to make sure that I get them. Even if I have to get them from a pawn shop. (they’ll sanitize like brand new in no time.) 

self self love

Love isn’t always a fairy tale. Family life and relationships are complex and ever-evolving with ups and downs. Without Self-Love, I can’t give to others in my life; I can’t be a good mom, wife, friend, daughter, sister, or wife. Whether you are in a relationship or not, you can use today as a time to reflect on the love you give to yourself. If you are anything like me, this is an area that needs constant attention and daily care. My challenge to you is to start a new tradition on Valentine’s Day- buy yourself something affordable, practical and don’t regret it.

Happy Valentines Day,

QC Supermom