You Know You’re in South Carolina When…….

Ok, I confess! I am a GRIT! Girl Rasied In The South…..and I’m so proud of it! It is an expeirence not many get to enjoy. As my children get older, I want to make sure they understand their history so that they will get a better focus for their future. Last week we scooted down to Williamsburg County. It’s a tiny area on your way to Myrtle Beach, Florence, Manning or Georgetown (depending on which way you travel)


Growing up, I promised that when I leave I would never come back. I was tired of seeing trees, dirt roads and

tobacco fields. But this trip was very different. I enjoyed watching the tractors.

Instead my girls laughed. “Ma, this was the club?” truth is, it was. Of course many look much better than this one right here was pretty standard.

Ma’ ya’ll had to drive behind these huge field trucks? “Wow, mom! I wanna ride.” I knew for sure they had hit there heads somewhere. I think they actually thought I was gonna stop this guy and ask him to give away test drives..not today’!sc truck

That thing was so huge, I clare I could driven right under track Then the other tracker….the traffic was praying for the passing line to begin. (Only in the south my friends! ) Later we passed by a few other structures that screamed Welcome to the South! It was an old house. These type of homes have sat in the same pot untouched for decades – to hundreds of years. (Talking about the quality of work- they do not build houses like that anymore.)

sc out house

The ride was awesome in that we talked about yesteryear. I was able to share my childhood with them. Taking them back to the South Carolina that I grew up in was priceless, and as sweet as these locally grown, fresh picked strawberries from Willard Farms. They were delicious!

You can pick or we will pick them for you!

You can pick or they’ll pick them for you!

When we got to my dad, they related on a whole different level. It was like they understood why he has two boats, sat on the back of his monster truck, and even would say “You Don’t Say!” …it’s what you do in the South!”


I hope my children learn to enjoy green grass, real yards, cleaner air and a slower pace. Till the next pump-house, I’ll be- QC Supermom

Check out this post office! It’s every bit of 2013 & they still use it!sc po