Wednesdsay Wow! All Moms need a Great Babysitter

When I had my daughter, her father worked full time. My mother came up days later. That first few days alone with her were rough. To add fire to the flame, her dad didn’t want anyone else to watch her. Not even our parents (unless they stayed over).  I was crazy enough to do it again. The issues doubled! I’m sure that you can relate:bathroom break

  • My children needed a playmate and so did I.
  • I wanted to take a shower,
  • Go to the store 
  • Take a nap.  
  • Go to my own doctor appointment
  • Make a dash to the store.
  • Time alone in the bathroom
  • I still wanted to party every once in a while. Getting pregn is easy being a mother is hard work

Being a stay-at-home mom is one of the most demanding jobs out there, and even though I stayed home full time, that didn’t mean I had plenty of time to get everything done each day.

If you are a SAHM, close your eyes and think about how you’d use a few hours to yourself a few times a week — or even once a week-Kelle

When my home-schooled 15 year old daughter mentioned to me her desire to be a mobile babysitter, I knew she would be great at it. She’s had loads of practice and I knew just who she would serve. After getting her Family and Friend CPR certified she was ready to go.  My daughter is the official babysitter of Queen City Stay At Home Moms!

Great babysitters creates great memories!

Great babysitters creates great memories!

Now my sista moms of QCSAHM can take a nap knowing their lil one is just a few feet away. If they need time to work on a business project they can call her up for 4 hours and don’t worry about the tv entertaining them. If she is lucky enough to ” earn”  date night or a Mom’s Night Out, they have the option of either getting 1-2 other moms to jump in for a fun group rate together at their house or dropping them off for an fun structured activity.

At a fair rate,it takes the work off of the mom. As active members of the moms group, they have seen her in action, they know  the family, she’s exclusive and always show up with a surprise bag. A total win for all as she is able to pay for her phone charges and other minor bills she incurs.

Every mom deserves a mobile babysitter. Good babysitters can be tough to come by; if you find one, hang onto her/him by appreciating and compensating accordingly.

Babysitters pet-peeves

Top Ten List: Just Get A Babysitter

Signs of a bad nanny or babysitter

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