Eaim’s Super Hero Birthday Party ( A Monkey Joe’s and Mr. Nigel Review)

mj mj¬†I have officially declared myself the queen of birthday parties! This month I have already planned and hosted two awesome celebrations of life. The best of those was Sunday when the theme was “Super Hero Training”! My 7 year old was too thrilled. We held it at Monkey Joes on Park Rd. invited 8 of his closest pals and threw in live entertainment by Mr. Nigels Music. Mr. Nigel is a serious music entertainers on a mission. He was a treat for both parents and the little Super-Heros! I admire his energetic, wholesome and passion he consistently displays. He provides the type of music you want your child(ren) to listen to. AND he’s a male, how perfect for my sons party!

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Monkey Joe’s made the perfect setting. The property is full of bouncing, sliding, and safe jumping fun! With wall-to-wall inflatables, a variety of arcade games, full concession options and a dedicated party room, after we fed them, we were able to just sit back, relax and enjoy each other. It was a success! The kids were happy, and getting them into bed was hassle free. Awesome! ūüôā

They offer a variety of party packages for birthdays, sports team outings and family reunions and can accommodate small and large groups.

Party packages include:

  • Invitations for your guests
  • Party time in your own private suite
  • Your own dedicated Monkey Joe‚Äôs party host
  • Drinks for the guests
  • Paper plates, cups, tablecloth & utensils
  • Gift for the birthday kid
  • Courtesy set-up and clean-up by Monkey Joe‚Äôs

Additional party add-ons** include:

  • Pizza
  • Balloons
  • Goodie bags
  • Ice cream

Instead of a birthday cake we brought in Super-hero cupcakes and they did the rest! Sweet right?Want a party there too, contact your¬†local¬†Monkey Joe’s for pricing.

Park Road¬†‚Äď1601 E. Woodlawn Rd ¬†Charlotte, NC 28209 ¬†¬†(704) 714-1141¬†|¬† Pricing¬†|¬†¬†Get Directions¬†|¬†¬†Book A Party

– See more at: http://www.monkeyjoes.com/parties/book-a-party/#sthash.zKYBSnZK.dpuf

Blogger disclosure РMonkey Joes nor Mr.Nigel  paid me for my review.These thoughts are all mine and the participants. They did make their incredible services available to me to try/experience and then share with you. I recommend these two business 100% because they hands down safe, affordable, sanitary, family friendly and just wonderful! Check them out.

Wednesday Wow! Win tickets to see DRAGONS!(RBBB)


dragonssI am so excited to announce that we have a (4) pack ticket give away for a lucky family to attend the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus Presents Dragons performance on Thursday, January 31st at 7pm. This is a great opportunity to bring your family for some circus fun in Charlotte and enjoy this mystical show.

My favorite part of the Circus, in addition to the elephants, is the All Access Preshow. One hour before the show, ticket holders are invited to a FREE preshow. Go down on the floor, try on real costumes, clown around with the clowns and get your picture taken, view acts and animals up close. (click on that picture of the elephants to watch a clip!)dragons

To avoid crowds, get there as soon as they’ll allow you in. The ring closest to backstage is generally where they bring the animals and the elephants. It’s also the most crowded, so if you don’t care about seeing animals, go to the other rings. If all you want is to get close to an elephant, get there early and stake out your spot.

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey ¬ģ is proud to present DRAGONS!‚Ä®‚Ä®

For the first time in circus history, myth and majesty will share the arena¬†during this must-see family event that can only be witnessed at The Greatest¬†Show On Earth¬ģ!¬†‚Ä®‚Ä®Experience circus spectacles so incredible that once again¬†you will believe in the unbelievable! Dragon tribes from the far reaches of the earth are brought together in a single performance, displaying their¬†breathtaking skills in a circus tournament of champions. Each tribe must prove that they have virtues of Courage, Strength, Wisdom and Heart to arouse¬†dragons which appear right before your very eyes! Don‚Äôt miss this once-in-a-lifetime family event when The Greatest Show On Earth brings the world¬†together‚Ķ to bring your family together! There’s no better way to enjoy quality time with your family at a live show! ūüôā

Now, here’s how to get those Dragon tickets, follow these simple instructions:


1. Leave an answer here. Answer true or false to the following.

  1. Elephants respond to some 60 verbal commands, as well as recognize human and animal friends after years of separation.
  2. 22 calves have been born at the¬†Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey¬†Center for Elephant Conservation¬ģwith more on the way.
  3. The Asian elephant has been on the endangered species list for 32 years.
  4. A female elephant is pregnant for 24 months.
  5. A Ringling Bros. calf on average weighs 300 pounds at birth
  6. 150-200 pounds of hay per day in additional to fruits, vegetables and fresh bread is the staple¬†¬†for aRingling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey¬ģ¬†Asian elephant.
  7. Depending on the weather, Asian elephants can drink 30-50 gallons of water on a daily basis.
  8. An average male Asian elephant will weigh 5,000 ‚Äď 8,000 pounds.
  9. The average height of an Asian elephant is 10 feet.
  10. An elephant can have up to 1,000 muscles in its trunk.

2. Post a picture of your lil one in a animal mask or costume on https://www.facebook.com/TheQCSupermom.


3. Tell me did those thing listed above at https://twitter.com/QCSuperMOM

PICK 1 OR 2 AND DO #3…….




Children under two don’t need a ticket for the show.

For entire show details go to Time Warner Kelle said to click here!

Friday Four: 4 Things about Kelle Pressley

It is with much delight that I announce FOUR  changes in QC Stay At Home Moms!   Ready?

1. We now have a couple event planner- SeKeitha  opens her mouth in skillful and godly Wisdom, and on her tongue is the law of kindness [giving counsel and instruction].Proverbs 31:26

2 A ¬†Home School Resource Coordinator –¬†¬†Mrs E. daughter has never stepped feet in a school for instruction. She is full of ¬†ideas and tools to help budding minds grow.

3. An ¬†Assistant Event Manager-‘Ash is the youngest on the¬†administrative¬†team.

She completely ran it when I was out with Noah. What a great job she did!

And Last but NOT least…..¬†not only did I celebrate 14 years with my husband, ¬†BUT-

4. I’m Free¬†(Rev. Milton Brunson & Thompson Community Choir) (Lead)¬†I am free.¬†Praise the Lord,¬†I’m free. No longer bound. No more chains holding me¬†

At one point I was doing¬†EVERYTHING¬† for both my family & my group. I would often crash or just lose my mental focus all together, (Just ask my attny ūüôā ) But it’s so much better. I have in place a few women with strong skills that will not only help our wonderful mom support group &¬†themselves¬†, but also other moms in the circle. I think we’ve came a long way from back in the day when I was doing everything to grow the Mega Mom support group to what it is today. ¬†And we are just¬†beginning! Don’t you just love it?


So moms, & fellow dreamers. Keep your eyes on the prize. Tripping is okay as long as you JUMP  back up with shin guards on.

From the 2 mom attended (if lucky) play dates, to the

  • Annual Total Children’s Wellness Fair organizer & host
  • Part Time /Job Searching Provider
  • Cooking With Kids Instruction
  • Diaper Cake Making
  • Lactation Cookies Sales
  • Educated & affordable Play dates
  • Product review & Testing
  • Moms empowering
  • Regular contest & giveAway
  • blogging play group!

God has such a thoughtful way of saying ‘slow down’. I’ve could listen to human warnings, instead it came in the most¬†embarrassing¬†& yet¬†prolific¬†way. ¬†Well, I’ve since learned to delegate and become more strategic with my time. ¬†2011 -12 was a test of my endurance confidence and character! I made it through & I can’t wait to see what 2013 & on will bring! Have a great weekend everyone!

I’m Mrs Kelle Lakesha Pressley- Perkins and I approve this message!

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“For God did not give us a spirit of timidity (of cowardice, of craven and cringing and fawning fear), but [He has given us a spirit] of power and of love and of calm and well-balanced mind and discipline and self-control.” 2 Timothy 1:7 (Amplified Bible)

Friday four: Why I LOVE Huggies.

As I do each Friday, I’ll share four ideas. This Friday, I want to talk about HUGGIES.

It's ok! Your baby can drink all night long and still be dry in the morning.

What diaper do you use? How did you select that brand? Did you go throw at least five brands until you found that right one? So did I. Somehow, I always came back to Huggies. Right now, I have two in diapers. This time I knew exactly which brand I would help reach the cashier lane.
Here’s why:
1. Extra Protection- I hate it when my boys wake in the morning soaked and wet. With Huggies, it doesn’t happen at all. No matter how late they may sleep in. I’m sure my boys appreciate the extra protection as well.
2. Affordable- SAVE YOUR MONEY! You can always find a great coupon in Sunday’s paper for added savings, even at the grocery store. There’s no need to make motherhood too expensive.
3. Comfortable to wear- You know that area right there between the legs? Doesn‚Äôt¬† that look uncomfortable to you? At one point I considered cloth diapers, but then I get the second and third thought. Not! I‚Äôll just continue to use my ole ‚Äė Huggies.
4. The Dance- Who doesn’t love a good song with a great dance to go with it? I sure do!

I have a secret hobby. I make diaper cakes for friends and family as great new baby gifts. I will only use Huggies in them because of the recognized quality. Right now, they are running a great promotion on line .As soon as it arrives in my box I will bring you into the world of saving with Huggies! So come back soon now ya hear!
Now, who wants to do the potty dance with me?