Baba Doula

A few years ago I was surfing on Facebook. I came across a name that really intrigued me. It was a guy named Baba Doula!

He had the sweetest family and the most adorable little girl. So I felt comfortable approaching him. It did help that he was  socially conscious and  knew people in high places…..(and who doesn’t LOVE Ms Erykah She Ill Badu?)


The name alone made me  search through his profile to learn more about him. I looked through pictures, comments on his timeline , and even his friend list to get a better sense what type of person he was. He checked out to be a really upstanding fella so I befriended him and quickly asked,  “What’s up with that name?  The conversation went like this:

ME: Morning Baba. Are you a doula? Your name is throwing me off.
Free em all! Lol… Allow me to try and explain Sis.
ME: Lol, I’m listening….
Did you see the post on my time line from 17 JAN about jailed father for daughters vaccination?

I didn’t  see it but I quickly went to find it. Some time later,  I engaged him again. This time it was to learn more about his passion for birthing, life and if possible, more about him as a husband.  So he shared: 


I’m Baba Doula!  My nom de plume, my moniker, which like our child was conceived / created out of love. As you know, Baba means father and Doula is one who serves a woman doing childbirth. I am a husband, and a father to a darling little girl named Tsage. It never even occurred to me the all of the struggles a woman must go through before, during, and after childbirth. When we found out we were with child, I began reading, watching, and educating myself to the point of passing out and having nightmares literally. Prenatal DVDs, cooking fine cuisines, mediation, bonding, Bradley Method childbirth class. It was King Solomon who said, “There’s nothing new under the sun.” Old African birthing wisdom, such as squatting during labor, moving around freely, being able to eat and drink freely, and relaxing has been repackaged into an expensive birthing class. But thankfully, friends of ours donated half the money so we could take it. We also procured a doula to augment my own support during labor. Lastly, we hired a placenta encapsulation specialist to ensure a smooth postpartum transition. And although I am not the one who gives birth, my politics do, and is shaped from the reality by those who did, and those who continue to bring life into this world.
ME: You mentioned ” We have slight generational and culture parenting differences.” Everyone doesn’t agree with me…… But I’m curious…… what do you think is the biggest difference?
Months later I engaged him again. He then shared.
I grew up in the 80’s and she grew up in the 90’s. James from Good Times was my “TV Dad.” While she had Bill Cosby. It wasn’t frowned upon to spank your child. Ash don’t believe in spanking, she hasn’t seen a House Party film either. So sweeping a broom over your foot, cutting the seat out of old panties, keeping a piece of salt pork on top of the Frigidaire as medicine, sayings like “don’t let the hide go with the tallow”, using a piece of straw broom as a tooth pick, etc. are all foreign to her.

Did you see the post on my time line from 17 JAN about jailed father for daughters vaccination? Yes? That was him 🙂

Baba is all man, but his foundation is reminiscent of mine. It wasn’t long ago that I stood up for all breastfeeding moms in the Charlotte Mecklenburg Public Library. He is the type of person I would send my mommy and daddy friends to when my husband is worn out from responding to parenting and social questions. Well, the good news is I persuaded him to increase his profound presence to the ones that need it the most!

Help me welcome BaBa Doula to QC Supermom!!! We are so happy to have his perspective in our pubic, liberal,  holistic,  community! Let the fun begin!2222

Baba is available for family centered product reviews, daddy consultations and even speaking events! Learn more about this cool cat on our page. Click HERE !

Thrilled from The Windy City to The Queen City,


Wednesday Wow: 2013 in Review

This year has been interesting! DSCI0120

The stats helps mommies like me prepare a 2013 annual report for my blog. I was trying to put together a nice slideshow from my Supermom life but couldn’t upload it. Maybe I’ll have it together for Friday’s post. Enjoy this & take care! Happy New Year! 

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 7,600 times in 2013. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 6 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

Toxins Suck! I’m telling my Senator!

What is a toxin? Where do they come from? How do they effect my family & how do I get rid of them? And last but not least, does it really matter? moth

I’m from the south and none of these questions meant a thing to me growing up. Sure, we heard of lead poisoning, but no one I knew ate paint chips, so we were safe. Had someone came in and said “Kelle-Keisha, you can’t roll or sleep on that new carpet. I would have thrown a fit. But thanks to the ability to research, I know better now.

Today every time you turn around there is something else you have to worry about. So much so, that you have to figure out,if it’s worth the effort to even change. After loosing one daughter at 11 years old. It made sense for me to consider everything. And so we did with out any delay. Not only did we change our diet and started buying air vents on time; we did a 100% over haul.

I’ve done my part. tox

We stopped using air fresheners- we now use herb based mixtures.

We stopped using pesticide grown food (well sorta) – we now wash everything before we eat it, if it isn’t organic.

We stopped using strong chemicals to clean- that stuff required opening windows AND holding our breath. Now we use more baking soda, vinegar and oil based mixtures, I still use bleach for laundry and  hard jobs(with the windows open of course).

We stopped using Bisphenol A /BPA(it’s a bad chemical used in most plastic production. Although it’s harder to keep up with the boys BPA free things, it’s worth it. We now use more glass items, which includes mason jars as cups.

We even got rid of our moth balls! That was a hard habit to break. But once we learned that those cute, smelly, white balls could cause headaches and irritation to nose, throat and lungs, we stopped buying them! Instead, we make sachets from dried lavender/ cedar and equal parts dried rosemary and mint. 

I want Congress to do their part! tox

Our voices are needed not only to keep legislation moving forward, but also to tell them that any serious effort must include the following commonsense measures to protect children and communities from dangerous chemicals:

1. Make clear protections for children, pregnant women, and hotspot communities heavily affected by pollution and toxic chemicals.

2. Allow states to progress on toxics and support their right to be more protective than federal standards.

3. Require that chemicals be shown safe to remain in use, rather than require they be shown harmful to be removed.

4. Empower the EPA to move quickly on the worst chemicals, including bans and phase outs if necessary.

5. Establish timetables and deadlines to ensure timely decisions are made to protect public health from dangerous chemicals.

Do you know this girl?

I can't tell you how much I miss this child. Words could never explain it. I hate thinking if it was avoidable.

I can’t tell you how much I miss this child. Words could never explain it. I hate thinking if it was avoidable.

No,she isn’t your daughter, the president’s love child, but she’s just as important and she had Auto Immune Hepatitis. She past at just 11 years old. Her name is SaMya T. Pressley-Scott and she’s my daughter. I fight toxins for her, her siblings and yours too.Help fight for your babies with me & Mom’s Rising. Together we can keep our babies toxin free*! PLEASE SIGN THE LETTER BELOW!

Sign this letter to your Senator!

Thank you, QCSupermom

Great resources for locating toxins in your home

Toxins in your kids things

10 steps to reducing common toxins in your house

QC 2013 The Fresh Expo: The Review

It came, it thrilled, and it inspired! Everything I was looking for, I found it there for myself, husband, our children, home and even for our dog.

You know, most people could care less about eating well till someones dies or become very sick. As a mom, wife and friend, I want to equip myself with resources before I need them. The Fresh Expo did just that! They kicked “heath fears” in the butt!  I learned more ways and resources that we CAN use to eat  and live well, with out GMO’s,  all while feeling amazing!

HealthForce Nutritionals has a great line! Jerri and her family are incredible producers.

HealthForce Nutritionals have a great line! Jerri and her family are incredible producers.

We started with this fantastic burlap bag from Wholesome Sweeteners, (pretty big bag huh?) By the time we left, it was filled with samples and other goodies that we got great deals on! Photo: Want this?  FIRST COME FIRST GIVEN!  Attendees to The Fresh! Expo receive not only this beautiful reusable burlap tote from Wholesome Sweeteners but all the GREAT treats to be had inside!  Hope you will be joining us!</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>Grab your spot:

I was so happy to see some of the vendors from last year & some wonderful new ones. And the food…… it was delicious!


Ok, please excuse me while I name drop…..but I just loved the vendors I actually spoke with!

We got a belly FULL of clean food and drinks! The cheese guy from KerryGold made my day. I learned so much about different cheeses. I considered moving to Ireland. Just kidding.

One of my daughters was impressed with the self defense table. They had pink pepper spray guns. Cute right?  Another daughter I had the hardest time pulling her from the skin care booth. Good thing I wore my youngest son, the middle aged boys didn’t want to leave the Kids Zone. I couldn’t let them miss all those great samples that was offered, so I sorta lured them with food.

One of my colleges, Shari Spector told me that I had just missed her mentor. She was a Keynote Speaker.  Fit to the Finish‘s Diane Carbonell shared tips on energizing your life through smart food choices! She’s been on the Dr. Mehmet Oz show sharing her inspiring weight loss story! Shari mentioned that she was basically told to go home a die. She healed herself with food…. REAL FOOD.Photo: BREAKING NEWS:  Diane Carbonell of Fit to the Finish has been added as one of our keynote speakers!  Her weight loss story is truly inspirational!  Not to mention her motivating book!  She will be available for a book-signing as well! Who can’t respect that??? Even our dog, Star got treats! She was so happy to get those sneaky treats. I call them sneaky because a few of them looked just like Uldis snacks. That’s right, no spirit left behind. The Humane League – Charlotte Office was there passing out information across from the Kids Zone and my favorite baby line, Happy Family.

Noah is still breastfed. When he come up from nursing, he is very selective of what he eats. He loves the new bar line they have came out with.

Noah is still breastfed. When he come up from nursing, he is very selective of what he eats. He loves the new bar line they have came out with.


These (in the following kink) shared the HEALTHY CHEF STAGE and here’s few other vendors that was there.

Sassier You, Jennifer from Sugar Bear Skin Care ,Lenny Boys & Edible Charlotte was there too! (O’gosh, I love their magazine!)

Are you getting the big picture here? The Fresh Expo was pretty good! If you missed it, no worries, they’ll be back in about 360 days. I heard they will have a Doula there next year. …..Hmmmm.

Ok, i’m off to use those Veganaise and Amazing Grass coupons! Later friends!  🙂 QCSupermom

Mommy’s Hints for College Kids

Cousins.....My college crew

Cousins…..My college crew

My son just called asking about his laundry issues. I know that I taught him how to do laundry ,but obviously he missed something. Lucky you! Here are a few laundry tips and other keys to a easy  life. 🙂 If I left anything out, please tell me here. I’m sure the other kids will need this info also.

College kid TIPS:

1. Remove pimples! Dab some lemon juice on the pimple.

2. You know that sticky residue that collects on irons? Run the iron (don’t use the steam setting) over white paper sprinkled with salt.

3. Add 1/2 cup of lemon juice to a load of laundry to brighten whites.

4. Broken necklace? Connect it with dental floss till you can get it fixed.


5Clean your microwave by placing a glass bowl filled with 1/4 cup vinegar and 1 cup water inside and heating it for five minutes on the highest setting. After the mixture cools, use a cloth dipped in it to wipe off splattered food stains.

6. Breath stinks? Chew on some parsley or cilantro.

7. Put a slice of bread in a bag of hard brown sugar and check it a few days later. The brown sugar will soften and become usable (and edible) again.

8. Keep the microfrige fresh-smelling and dry by lining the bottom with newspaper.

Make Your Own Baking Soda and Coconut Oil Toothpaste


Homemade Baking Soda and Coconut Oil Toothpaste Ingredients:

  • 2 tablespoons Coconut Oil 
  • 2 tablespoons Baking Soda
  • 10 drops of Peppermint oil


A. Mix baking soda and coconut oil in a small container, until it forms a paste like consistency

B. Add several drops of peppermint oil and mix (*peppermint is optional)


9. Make a paste out of lemon juice and salt and use it to scour and disinfect your bathroom surfaces (but don’t use on marble!).

10. Sound the alarm. To keep unwanted people out your closet, room, etc. tie a small bell to the door.When the door opens the ring will sound.



‘Halloween Layer Cake” By Taste Of Home

11.  Let your car warm up! Racing a cold engine increases wear.

12. Hangover? I know it happens. Just grab a cold tea bag to relieve those tired eyes.

So how’d I do?

Happy Fall, QC Supermom

Movie Review: “Gravity”

Dr. Ryan Stone and Astronaut Matt Kowalski are left adrift in space when debris from a detonated satellite destroys their Space Shuttle.

Dr. Ryan Stone and Astronaut Matt Kowalski are left adrift in space when debris from a detonated satellite destroys their Space Shuttle.

Gravity has a tiny cast and an incredible story. We loved it! I took my two daughters to watch it in 3D at the local IMAX theater. We enjoyed the comfy seats, larger than life screen, and bottomless popcorn and lemon water- it was so worth it.  If Star Trek was this exciting I probably would like it just a little. It made me wish that I was an astronaut floating around with them in outer space. 🙂

Here’s a sneak preview.Gravity 2013

Movie Tip:”Gravity” in only 90 minutes 

I can relate with Dr. Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock) role on so many levels. On she lost a daughter at a very young age. So did I.  “Dr. Stone” had to find way to go on mentally. Her commander, veteran astronaut Matt Kowalsky/George Cloney, proved to more than eye candy. He served as a refreshing light in guiding her into a place of empowerment. I love the way he used humor throughout the movie.

MOVIE TIP: “Gravity” cost $100 million to make”

Like ” Dr. Stone”, I went a long time looking for a reason to continue to live, love and thrive. I had it so bad, I recall staying up all night searching for the meaning of death.  To this day, I can’t tell you what turned it around for me. From devastation to hope. From sadness to joy. From anger to happiness. Something inside me said, “It’s time to move on. You have others looking up to you. My life isn’t over yet. “Loosing a child is not easy. But just as the movie showed it is a must to be free and at peace before you touch the ground.

Go see GRAVITY, it’s fantastic!”  Woof Woof Woof!”  (after you watch the movie, you’ll know what that means 🙂

1 hr 31 min PG-13 | Intense perilous sequences, some disturbing images and brief strong language

1 hr 31 min
PG-13 | Intense perilous sequences, some disturbing images and brief strong language

Still enjoying the ride! QC Supermom

One part of the movie, Dr. Stone looks like a baby in the womb still attached to the umbilical cord.- Deanna 

Here’s the Synopsis:

Director Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity stars Sandra Bullock as Dr. Ryan Stone, a scientist on a space shuttle mission headed by astronaut Matt Kowalsky (George Clooney), a talkative, charismatic leader full of colorful stories that he shares with his crewmates as well as mission control. As the two are on a space walk, debris hits the area where they are working, and soon the pair finds themselves detached from their ship and stranded in space. While figuring out what steps they can take to save themselves, Stone grapples with a painful past that makes her consider giving up altogether.


Affirmations, mind candy for moms


Real healing comes from within… Loving the self brings about healing on all levels and in all things.

Sometimes it’s just what the doctor ordered to get my head together. I’m telling you, words are powerful! I’ve noticed that my day does go better when I proceed into it purposely. I’ve had days that go well, then all out of the blue something knocks me off my mental game. Yes it does happen. But when I start my day, claiming peace, understanding and patience, it all works out. I’m more solid and open to anything that may arise.

Affirmations are positive, specific statements that help you to overcome self-sabotaging, negative thoughts. They help you visualize, and believe in, what you’re affirming to yourself,  helping you to make positive changes to your life and career.

While there’s limited research into the effectiveness of using affirmations in a general setting, there is evidence that the use of positive affirmations can successfully treat people with low self-esteem, depression, and other mental health conditions.

1I repeat affirmations! If you aren’t using them, try it, just once. My daughter are going through a stage where they argue ALOT between the two of them. I don’t want to hear that. So this week I had them find affirmation of their own to read in the morning. They came up with some good ones. Sure, I don’t expect changes over night, but I know that they a on the right path. I’ll keep you updated.
This week try these brain treats:

* There’s a Solution to every problem.

* I deeply love, accept and respect myself

*What is looks like and what it is are two different things. I am bigger than this.

* I make decisions that benefit my health, my relationships, and my recovery. I am in charge of my life. I choose for it to be a happy and healthy one.

*Today I treat my body with dignity and respect.

*Today is a new opportunity for hope, health, and happiness. I am hopeful. I attract happiness in all that I do. I radiate health. Every choice I make enhances my life.


Did you find one you can relate with? Yes? Then gone and get the affirming!

Friday Four: Science and Valentine’s Day


Amen sharing his Hulk juice!

The Heart of Science- a home school lesson

Help your kids celebrate Valentines Day without the candy and it can still be sweetest day ever!

So how in the world do you combine science and Valentine’s Day? With a love potion of course! My children had a ball helping their dad and I make Hearts Day a blast. With a small investment of $3.00 and 3 minutes it was done!


Bubbles of cool mystifying air.

Here are the four steps to making your very on signature Love Potion.

1. Buy dry ice. We purchased 2 lbs from the local market.

2. Gather food coloring. You can use regular food dye, Kool-aid, or any thing of the like. One of my sons like the Hulk, so we had to get him green. Since it was Valentines day, we also used red. The girls insisted on it- they are so mushy! 🙂

3. Take out a couple of glass containers. We used different sizes, including mason jars. (make sure they are clean) Fill them 3/4 water.

4. Safely combine a ice cube size of dry ice to the colored liquid of each glass and watch the magic! Your children will LOVE it!

Here’s the video- It was mysteriously amazing! Click here!

Enjoy! If you bring this amazingly simple, yet exciting science project to your children, come back and let me know how it goes.

Friday Four: Big Families ROCK

You have 9 kids? “You sure have your hands full.”

advice from a tree

I use to hear that all of the time. In this day and age, having a large family is often equated with either irresponsibility or a lack of concern for the environment–both of which are nowhere near the truth.  Having a large family also seems to invite comments…not all of them kind or even rational.  The rude comment of, “Don’t you have a t.v. or a hobby? makes me want to makes my husband nod and smile.

Some people just don’t have a clue how blessed we are.

 And then they follow it up with, 

“But you sure look like you all have loads of fun!”      

Well, yes, we sure do. You wouldn’t believe how much fun we have together. So, without further ado, I bring you my top four reasons large families rock:

  1. When my husband and I get in our decline….we don’t have to be concerned about senior living centers.
  2. We can build our own community. A baker, a builder, a seamstress, a business manager, a mechanic, etc,. Of course they can be whatever they wish as long as it’s productive.
  3. Forever Young! These darlings keep us laughing, active and wanting to be positive role models.hd6
  4. We understand the concept of God better. Yes, No, Wait, You think you grown, I’ll teach you””, Your hard work wasn’t in vain……all the ways we interact with our children seems so  bro usparallel to how God parents us.

Here’s a bonus: Psychologically, growing up in a family of three or more children contributes to a more well-rounded personality.  Having siblings helps an individual to develop social skills early in childhood.  Through proper parental guidance, children growing up with siblings can learn such virtues as generosity, self-sacrifice, and thoughtfulness. “If I ever find anything in life that I enjoy as much as my children, I will have a lot of that as well.”- QC Supermom


Today’s Mantra

“Our misguided values in our culture are principally evident in our loss of appreciation for children. But he who loves children loves innocence, loves playfulness and remains forever young.”

Till next time, Have a dozen joys, QC Supermom

Bonus Keeper: 30 Rainy Day Entertainment ideas for the kids

How to Survive a Rainy Day with Children:

What kid likes rainy days? Mine do! Take a look at these incredible ideas!

negative lamps

This collection is ever lasting. It’s great for the very young to the older ones. A real keeper.  which will you try?

Binocular Scavenger Hunt

Make a list of outdoor things you can see from various windows, using—surprise— binoculars. Be sure to vary the items from the teeny-tiny (say, a broken but beautiful bit of

plant in glass green glass) to the exceptionally large (say, an oak tree in the shape of a jolly giant), as well as from the very far to the very near. The first child who checks off every item on the list as “spotted” gets a prize. Our favorite reward: freedom from sharing toys for 15 minutes.

Create an Art Gallery

Take a cue from The Style Files, and put the kids’ original artwork on display. If you have an excessive amount of old paintings and drawings, then use this as an opportunity to have them sort through and organize the keepers vs. those that they (and you!) can do without.

Shoot Your Own Movie

There are really only three acceptable plots: robbers, ghosts or Daddy slipping on a banana peel.

Play Hide and Seek

There’s nothing more classic than a game of hide and seek, but playing in the great indoors is much less stressful on Mom and Dad (fewer places to hide!). It also helps young tots learn the concept of object permanence. We recommend getting in on the action and hiding yourself. You’ll love seeing the smile on your kids’ faces when they find you! Button-Jewelry

Build Your Own Terrarium

A glass vessel, some sand, some dirt, and a few plants make a fun rainy-day project that will last long after the sun comes out. For simple, step-by-step instructions, click here.

Bake a Rainbow Cake

With a little effort and a lot of food coloring, whip up a masterpiece worthy of Betty Crocker.

Make a Ruffle Cake

Ruffle cakes are not only extremely beautiful, but they’re also surprisingly easy to make. Watch atutorial here, and then let older kids practice their cake-decorating skills!

Write Letters to Relatives

Whether they’re states away or right down the block, what relative doesn’t appreciate a letter from their favorite little one? Set them up to practice the lost art of letter writing with stationary or construction paper and crayons.


Have Fun With a Cardboard Box

They say tots love the box a toy comes in more than the toy itself. Pull one out on a rainy day and watch a child’s imagination come alive. Convert the box into acostume, transform it into a vehicle, or use it as a fort for some great indoor play.

Family Fashion Show

Each person in the family draws the name of another out of a hat. Everybody dresses up

in the clothes and accessories of the person they picked, then saunters down the catwalk, posing wildly, while Mom takes pictures with the camera set to flash. Added fun: Include the family pets…unless Grandmother is involved. Grandma does not swap clothes with the dog. Grandma does not wear a leash.

Magic Sack do

Have the kids decorate a magic paper bag. Put seven or eight books into the bag. Draw one book out slowly, slowly, slowly and—presto!—the kids will instantly want to read that book. You’ll never understand why, and they’ll never be able to tell you why. Nevertheless, the miracle will repeat itself until all the books are read.

Create Kid-Friendly Pizza Bagels

Making your own dough can be daunting, but grab a couple bagels, slice them up, and let your kids add their own toppings. If you want to get really creative, then make these adorable pepper, tomato, olive, and pepperoni critters from Betty Crocker! Who knew

eating pizza could be even more fun?

Source: Betty Crocker

Have a Classic Game Marathon

Put away the video-game controllers and go old-school with classic kids’ games like Candy Land, Twister, Chutes and Ladders, and Operation. They might not be as high tech as the PlayStation or Wii, but there’s a reason companies have been making them for decades.Get-Active

Sort Through Old Toys and Plan a Garage Sale

Use the promise of an upcoming garage sale as motivation to get the kids to sort through

their old toys. Have them propose prices for each of the items they’re giving up, and discuss what you’ll do with the (eventual) profits. You may want to consider making a donation to a charity of the kids’ choice to make the project especially meaningful.

Create Your Own Personalized Decoupage

This fun, original decoupage activity is an easy way to bring all the kids together on one project! Simple and quick, it’s an easy way for them to create some new decor while spending some quality time with you.

Blast Off! 9

Let your little one’s inner moon man come out by building a DIY rocket-fueled jet pack from cardboard, two-liter bottles, felt, and straps! Practice for takeoff with some indoor flying until sunny skies return.

Spa Day

Break out the nail polish for at-home mani/pedis. To create an extra-authentic spa environment, have everyone wear bathrobes, cut up some cucumbers to soothe the “clients'” weary eyes, and turn on some New Age tunes.

fullMake Your Own Pompoms

If you have a budding cheerleader on your hands, then use layers of tissue paper wrapped around dowels to create your very own rah rah-ready poms!

Make Your Own Ice Cream

The kids will all be screaming for ice cream with this easy recipe — best of all, no ice cream machine is required, just a few active hands!

Hanging Crayon Hearts

These translucent hanging crayon hearts, made from waxed paper and crayon shavings, can cheer up a room in your home.


Get Active

Crafting isn’t only sedentary. Pull out those empty cans and create something that gets kids moving like these elephant feet. If you have several cans stored up, get multiple kids on their feet and have elephant races across the room!

Make Noodle Necklaces

Create a dye solution with food coloring and rubbing alcohol, and then transform ordinary pasta into a rainbow of shades. String the noodles on a piece of yarn or ribbon to create a one-of-a-kind necklace or bracelet.

Newpaper Forts

Forget the traditional blanket and pillow fort and followAll For the 

Boys instructions for these fun and eco-friendly hideaways.

Write Letters to People You Admire

flat stanley

Brainstorm favorite politicians, athletes, or any other role models that your kids might have, and embark upon a letter-writing project. Who knows? It could end with your kiddos

Make a Fingerprint Family Tree
scoring an invitation to the White House!

Use an ink pad and kiddie thumbs to create afingerprint family tree. It’s a great way to teach your lil ones about their family history.

Have a Tea Party

Every little girl loves a tea party, so gather up the stuffed-animal guests (and maybe this eco-friendlytea set from Land of Nod) and start brewing. The addition of cakes, tea sandwiches, and British accents is optional but recommended.

 Finger Paint

Get messy with finger paint — no explanation required! Make-Your-Own-Play-Dough

Croon to Karaoke

If you have a karaoke machine or your cable provider offers a karaoke channel (it sounds silly, but many of them do — pay your “On Demand” section a visit and check), then unleash your inner rock stars and start singing!

Give Play Dough a Makeover

Who needs plain old play dough, when you can make your own Sand Dough. The easy to make recipe is made for lil helping hands!

Make a Sock Monkey

Everybody loves sock monkeys—even the parent who supervises making them. Why? A sock monkey doesn’t really look like a monkey. So, should you lack sewing skills and end up with a sock monster, nobody gets frustrated, flings themselves on the ground and turns into a child monster.

All-Room Obstacle Course

Jump off the bed. Roll across the room. Crawl under the table. Run upstairs. Hide under the armchair for 30 seconds. Stick your head in the fridge and smell the milk. Skip around the dining room table three times. Then, the long, hard, do-or-die dash to the finish: Lie down on your bed for 20 minutes. Without moving one muscle.

Marble Racetrack

It’s one thing to race cars around the house, but it’s another to race marbles. This fun activity involves little more than a cut pool noodle (follow My HomeSpun Threads’s instructions and a marble!

Create an Indoor Herb Garden

While you probably want to mount the herbs with the help of another adult, your kids will love getting their hands dirty to help you plant herbs in mason jars. It’s a great way to add fresh flavors to your family dishes all year round!

Make No-Bake Granola Barsno-bake-granola-bars-32

Kids can help stir, measure, mix, and press theseno-bake granola bars into shape. Just pop the yummy, chewy bars — full of toasted oats, nuts, coconut, raisins, cinnamon, and molasses — into the fridge for a bit to let them set, and you’ll be snacking healthfully in no time.

Make Wooden Block Prints

Try a new use for all of the blocks in your home with this wooden block print that’s as simple as collecting a few of your toddler’s wooden blocks and adding some paint.

Build a Fort or Tent

For some good, old-fashioned fun, hit the linen closet and construct a fort or tent with sheets and pillows. The process of creating the hideaway is only the beginning; as once they’re done with the hard work, playtime can begin!

Make Glow-in-the-Dark Drinks shaved-ice-glow-stick-430x286

If you still have some glow sticks hanging around from Halloween, then pull them out, along with a few paper and clear plastic cups, and in no time, you’ll have glow-in-the-dark drinks (get a full tutorial here), best consumed with the shades drawn and lights out!

Source: Giver’s Log

Make Your Own Chalkboard Paint  – And Use It

Chalkboard paint’s expensive, but this easy recipe for homemade chalkboard paint and fu

n craft to do with it, is the perfect indoor activity.

Search For Buried Treasure

Create a treasure map, and hide some special prizes around the house — scavenger-hunt style. Spray paint spare change to make it look like gold coins, or use candy prizes.

Source: Flickr user Unskinny Boppy

Make Some Goop

No, we’re not talking about Gwyneth Paltrow‘s site, but some slimy, silly concoction that only requires three ingredients.

Pull Out the Puzzles

puzlPuzzles are great for brain development, but be sure to pick one that’s age-appropriate. This vintage Superman option should appeal to kids ages 3 and up.

Source: Pottery Barn Kids

Combine Science and Crafting

Here’s a project that’s perfect for your lil science geek. Even if your child doesn’t care for the flavor of mushrooms, he’ll totally be a fan of this fungi afterdoing this crafty experiment.

Create a Bubble Wrap Print

The next time you get a Bubble-wrapped item in the mail, don’t toss that wrapper. Along with being a fun way to encourage fine motor skills by popping those itty-bitty plastic bubbles, your lil one can use it for creating a really cool painting.

saCreate a Piece of Sand Art

Turn a glue bottle into a drawing tool with this funsand painting craft. Between squeezing the glue and focusing on pinching and sprinkling the sand, this art activity is perfect for honing fine motor skills and boosting hand-eye coordination in kids!

Button Jewelry

A button necklace or bracelet is easy to make, inexpensive and super fun! Have the tots help you sort, pick and thread the buttons.

Source: Yellow Blackbird

Tear Up Some Paper, And Then Do Something With It

If you’ve got a tot who’s not thrilled about getting crafty, this torn paper collage craft will

ctMake Life-Size Paper Dolls have his fingers excited about creating.

Forget little dress up paper dolls that can easily be lost after use, go big with life-sized versions that your tot can play with day-after-day.

Create Art For Grandparents

Nothing will make Grandma and Grandpa happier than receiving a package with your child’s original artwork! Ship paper pieces (signed by the artist, of course) in mailing tubes

. Or work that technology again and transfer a piece to a postcard, magnet, note card  or mug. These days, the art-sharing and gift-giving possibilities are endless!

Make No-Bake Cookies

“Baking” doesn’t get easier or faster than no-bake cookies, and these chocolate, peanut butter, and oatmeal versions from Brown Eyed Baker look simply divine. The only ingredients are butter, sugar, milk, cocoa powder, peanut butter, vanilla extract, and quick-cooking oats. Thirty minutes from start to the in-your-mouth finish!

Source: Brown Eyed Bakerh

My families favorites:

Here’s one Deada doing tonight after dinner- click to see i

Cassie’s trying this pom-pom idea and these Crayon Hearts

Eaim will do this simple science project!

With Amen, & Tehun, I’ll make dough and paint with them. Try one of these today & share the fun indoors while recycling, reducing and reusing!

nut mom

As a mom, you must be able to think outside of the box, save money and look for learning or bonding moments. The suggestions listed are all afordable and simple to do. Go ahead and pick a few. Come back & share what you’ve done. I want to know! Till next time, QC Supermom