Wednesday Wow: I am NOT a Hoarder! I Recycle

If I throw away all of those mixed matched gloves, I could never make such great crafts.

If I throw away all of those mixed matched gloves, I could never make such great crafts.

It’s not trash unless there is a big hole, a couple of large stains AND 2 sizes too small for the youngest in the house. I hate throwing things away! Although my husband would call me a hoarder. I beg to differ. Call me an extreme recycler at best. What ever will I do if Michelle Obama daughters   stops by for crafts or  tea and I don’t have their favorite tea or  age appropriate craft to share?… because my kids and husband were happily tossing my supplies out the back door???

By definition, I’m good. As it states: Hoarding is a compulsive disorder in which a person collects mass amounts of objects, creating large and potentially dangerous mountains of stuff in their home. Often, the hoarder will not be aware of how out of control their addiction is, but will continue to purchase more.

I have these yoga pants. Every time I put them on, my teen daughters start to team up on me.They ask  “Are you really gonna wear those again mom”? Now a days, I just slide them right on up and grab my keys while heading to the door.  After all, I buy my clothes, they fit well and they feel so darn good when I put them on, almost like they were made just for me. So much  that I modeled in them with Noah at a recent Fashion Show at my favorite consignment store.  I restore! Doing this increases both our creativity and savings account. Name it, I bet with a little thinking. And thinking some more,it can have a second life.


For example, baby tees. I had a few bleached ones. A few of them, I put printer printed letters on them, others I redesigned them with bleach.

Bleach Art:  ‘Add more bleach!’ Why throw away a spotted shirt? Using bleach pens, paint brushes and a few stencils, you can have a brand new baby T. Best of all, it

takes very little time.

To make little monsters: draw the monster with a bleach pen, outline the bleach with black


 fabric paint, and add buttons for eyes ) Now, it becomes the cutest “T”you’ve ever seen.
red eyes

 Now speaking of tea.I purchase and drink over 3 boxes/containers of tea a month. I love great full body tea. So once I got my compost bin going, I was very happy to find a loving home for the used


ones, but I’ve learned that they may be missing a hole ‘nother phase in life before the big “last stop.” -think eye packs…..

 My rule of thumb is simple- it doesn’t always work, but it’s my plan.  1. Write everything down online. 2. Keep flat surfaces clear. 3. Find a place for everything. 4. Never leave a room empty handed. 5. File, don’t pile. 6. Purge and declutter often. 7. Make a plan. 

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I do fear that my family will submit my name to the producers of Hoaders. Till next time, think 3R (recycle reduce reuse) QC Supermom