Friday Four: Good Work for SAHM/SAHD

It’s amazing how people always want to know how we do so much with our 6 (of 9) children.
We stay on the go and in the mix. Many of which are free, very affordable or sponsored. Neither my husband or myself sit on anyone’s time clock. I home-school and my husband goes to school full time. I’ll tell you how I keep money in my pockets. I make money doing what I know. It’s easy and almost anyone can do it.. I help people (mostly moms) find jobs and sometimes I do them myself…… in addition to blogging of course.

Here are my top four stay At Home Mom /Dad money makers:



Great babysitters creates great memories!


If you are especially good at any one academic subject consider opening a home-based tutoring service. Tutors can charge anywhere from $10 per hour or up, depending on your credentials and expertise. This business can be mostly or completely set by you. If you need time off, simply don’t schedule any clients during those times.

I usually meet my clients at the library. If you like, you can also turn any room in your home into a learning area rather easily.


 Most parents are not capable of staying at home, and must put their children in daycare. Why not with you? If your home is large enough to accommodate a few kids during the day, this is an extremely straightforward way to start making money. Simply spread the word among your friends and family that you are willing to babysit.

The best part about running a home-based child care business is that if you do a good job, you will likely be assured of steady income for years. Parents are usually reluctant to switch babysitters once they find someone trustworthy and affordable.


This business opportunity capitalizes on one of the stay-at-home parent’s biggest marketable strengths: flexible work hours. Unlike a structured, in-person 9-5, freelancing is perfect for stay at home parents. As long as you hit deadlines and produce good work, the clients who hire you do not care at all when, where, or how the jobs get done.

Event planning- 

If you consider yourself a “people person” and/or have a lot of contacts or experience at putting events together, this could be an ideal fit. Here are just a few of the major events that people typically seek help in planning:

  • Weddings
  • Graduation parties
  • Welcome To The World Ceremonies
  • Speaking engagements
  • Corporate functions

Event planning is similar to many of the business ideas discussed above in that it thrives on word of mouth. Once you obtain your first few happy clients, it becomes easier and easier to drum up more business and increase your cash flow – all (or mostly) from home. If you need help with any of these, contact me. I would love to offer you a 90 minute ( $60 -payable via consultation to help you get started. I’ve helped many Stay At Home parents, why not you?

Me intro.1

I figured it out! I’m a Social Media Community Manager- wow!

Based on my research over the weekend, I have determined that I am more than a busy blogger, product reviewer, educated play date organizer and host of The Total Children’s Wellness Fair, I can summarize everything nice and tidy by just saying that I AM……<drum roll please>……… A Social Media Community Manager


Social Media Manager is like a Swiss army knife. We do it all. See the list. It’s pretty long, in a corporate environment you might want to split it up between several people.(must be nice) Here’s what is a social media manage do.

  • Create the social media strategy
  • Create budgets for social media activities
  • Recruit and manage the social media marketing staff
  • Plan social media campaigns
  • Work with internal stakeholders
  • Manage social media campaigns and day to day activities
  • Manage presence in social networking sites
  • Brand advocacy
  • Community outreach
  • Manage a blogger outreach program
  • Build a brand ambassador network
  • Post and comment on relevant blogs
  • Seed content into social networks
  • Write editorial content
  • Create and upload videos
  • Engage in conversations and answer questions
  • Develop benchmark metrics to measure the results of social media programs
  • Analyze and evaluate social media campaigns and strategies
  • Report on effectiveness of campaigns
  • Monitor trends in social media
  • Monitor the activities of main competitors in social media
  • Monitor social space for brand and related topics and conversations
  • Work with other marketing branches to integrate different activities
  • Create and maintain a social media editorial calendar and posting schedule
  • Understand how the social media impacts search traffic
  • Manage change and adopt social media into the corporate culture

I do all of this while calling myself a mom consultant. Somehow I like that better. It just sounds more wholesome. “QC Supermom” the Mom Consultant

You like? Hire me! GO!

Friday Four: Social Hangover :(


 QC Supermom is the official brander of Total Children Wellness.

This blog is for people who want to know what  to do when their media strategies don’t work. Seriously! If you make more than $600 a week; don’t even waste your time in reading this. It’s not for you. So don’t bore yourself! My feelings won’t be hurt. TRUST ME. Close this window and go to Queen City SAHM’s ( ) for upcoming events!

Social Networking is one of the biggest crazes on the internet and off line.

Everyone does it. Some profit from it to get leads and sales. Others use it to gain status of whatever it is they like to draw attention to, i.e. jokes, faith, hobbies,etc. A few out there are trying just trying to have fun and land a peice of booty. I tend to favor both lead and hobby preferences.

Here are my top tips for those that use social media for marketing .

1. Become an expert.

People want to buy through the business with the industry expert or celebrity. You can use web  to become this specialist / celebrity. You know that the customers are here, so you can very easily insert yourself in plus begin answering queries to get the trust of the consumer.
Join groups related in your business on the social websites sites and answer inquiries and just generally be involved. Make sure that people know that you will be a business owner, and sooner rather than later, you will become the check out person.

2. Tell Us Who You Are.

What do we know about you? When I Google you, what is the first result? Make sure you spell out, in multiple places, who you are, what you’re trying to sell, and how it will benefit your customers.

3. Work smart & with the right people.QC Supermom

I am learning how to how platforms differ — Facebook is different from Google+, which is different from Twitter not only in functional ways, but in the way consumers use them.

Also how to tie in online events with offline events. Both being part of One source has proven to Me that few good people do much much more than tons of FREELOADERS what I call them.

4. Don’t damage your brand.

Worst case, you damage your brand. If you’ve set up pages on social networks and don’t post or don’t respond to customers’ comments on these pages, you’re committing social media suicide. Not responding to customer questions or complaints escalates dissatisfaction and damages your brand. It also gives dissatisfied customers something else rally supporters against your brand. Not rewarding folks to engage with you (by responding to them) withers future engagement. (Give the people who interact along with you the most special offers.)

(In closing, I think it goes without saying…..not everyone will want what you’re selling. It happens to the best of us. Here’s what ou should do…….go on to the next one!-DUH!) Ok, gotta go enjoy dinner with the family. TTYL! -QC Super Mom