Thank You Dr. Wayne Dyer

My most favorite Dr. in the world passed over the weekend. His message was easy to understand and live. Even his children books are wonderful.  His collection never failed me. Everyone appreciated his teaching style about life, money, morals and love. I’m talking about Dr. Wayne Dyer.

DR. WAYNE W. DYER was an internationally renowned author and speaker in the field of self-development. He wasn’t flashy in any manner.That 75 year old man was very soft spoken, fit and low key dapper.

Dr. Wayne, has been inspiring people since his first book was published in 1976. Since that first book, Your Erroneous Zones, was published, it has sold more than 35 million copies.

His most affecting teaching is taken directly from the story of Moses in the Old Testament: how saying the words “I Am” creates a direct connection with one’s highest calling. PBS

I learned about him on PBS (public broadcasting station) years ago. He participated in a fundraising campaign by sharing his strategies from ‘ The Power Of Intention.’I FELL In LOVE WITH HIM. I was buying books for myself, the kids, and even friend girls because his message was so easy to follow!

Dr. Dyer works encourage people to be the best they can be without worrying about labeling by society. For me, he said, forget about trying to be that bible thumping, long skirt wearing, southern christian; just love God/Universe, people and stop making excuses for not doing right.

Now his personal business: Dyer was separated from his third wife and had eight children. He was diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukemia in 2009 but claimed to have treated it with positive thinking, daily exercise and “psychic surgery” performed remotely by the Brazilian medium João Teixeira de Faria, better known as “John of God.” that is some faith huh?!

Let share with you 10 of his most inspiring quotes that are sure to give you the motivation you need to be a better you. ENJOY!

1. “Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.”

2. “You cannot be lonely if you like the person you’re alone with.”

3. “When you have the choice between being right and being kind just choose kind.”

4. “Practice being the kind of person you wish to attract.”

5. “Anything you really want, you can attain, if you really go after it.”

 6. “You cannot always control what goes on outside. But you can always control what goes on inside.”

7. “If you believe it will work out, you’ll see opportunities. If you believe it won’t you will see obstacles.”

8. “You have everything you need for complete peace and total happiness right now.”

9. “Circumstances do not make a man, they reveal him.”

10. “You are not stuck where you are unless you decide to be.”

If you are just now hearing about him, all is not lost. You can still find his teaching all over the internet, libraries, bookstores and on a friend’s bookshelf.

You can even buy them online. Click here! 

Talk To You Later!

QC Supermom

2013-14 School year is here!

It’s that time of year again. Your child will leave your home with anticipation. They will be surrounded with all types of influences. The good, the bad and the down right ridiculous. Are you worried yet?



Although most of my children are home schooled, I cannot help but release this prayer. Right now I have one in college.Three are in high school. As a mom, I have to trust the work that we’ve instilled in them to see them through and look for opportunities to suit them up with the word!

There IS Power in the tongue. Never lose a opportunity to speak positive thoughts into your child.

We have to build our children. If you don’t who will? The very things you think you’ve said to them or think that they know, repeat it to them. They can never hear it enough. Slide notes in their lunch bags, Facebook page, whatever it takes. Don’t let them EVER think they do not matter. Íf you have never reached out to your child- so what- start NOW!’ I can’t believe that it’s ever too late. Every child wants to know that they are important to their mother.
I pray that your show kindness to others as needed.
I pray that you have a successful year.
I pray that you know that you have enough.
I pray that you walk into the school knowing who you are whose you are.
I pray that you don’t fall for the unrighteous.
I pray that you become more conscious of what is going on around you.
I pray that you carry yourself as if every and anything you do matters.
I pray that you focus on your goal(s).
I pray that you refuse the thoughts that you aren’t smart enough.
I pray that you will put your personal wellness as a top priority.
I pray that you realize the scarfices your family has made for you.
I pray that you show gratitude for anything that has been done for you.
I pray that you always speak the truth.
I pray that you speak up for yourself.
I pray that you  achieve a clear mind while studying.
I pray that you guard your spirit.
I pray that you watch your body language.
I pray to you select positive company to hang out with.
I pray that you don’t want what someone else has.
I pray that you excel in your studies and connections.
I pray that you have patience with your teaches and the student that will urk you.
I pray that you meet wonderful friends
I pray that you remember that you can always call home.
I pray that you know that your education is more than just a grade.
I pray that you know your family is counting on you to do well.
I pray that you remember what you’ve been taught about protection.
I pray the you remember to stay focused on the prize.
I pray that you never get tired of doing the right thing.
I pray that you never waste an opportunity to learn.
I pray that you will call on your power of discernment.

I pray that you always remember to prepare yourself for greatness every day, via rest, dress, and general hygiene!

Sweetie you were designed for greatness! You really are. What you do today, your future self is gonna either have it much easier or you’re gonna wish you could time travel back into the future and kick yourself. Let me kick you now by engraving these reminders in your spirit. GO* DO* EXCEL!

Have your student say this:

I AM fearless because I have placed my faith in God
and I know that with God all things are possible.

– QCSupermom


I hope this is a blessing to someones heart. I started typing the opening, not know what I was gonna share and the words just poured out. Go kiss those fore heads and let’s get this year started!

Wednesday Wow:Noah found favor!Not much sleep though

During my quest to read the entire Bible and I found the most wild story in Genesis 9 oah, a farmer, was the first to plant a vineyard. He drank from its wine, got drunk and passed out, naked in his tent. Ham, the father of Canaan, saw that his father was naked and told his two brothers who were outside the tent. Shem and Japheth took a cloak, held it between them from their shoulders, walked backwards and covered their father’s nakedness, keeping their faces turned away so they did not see their father’s exposed body.

So Noe (Noe is of Hebrew origin and means Noah. )he got drunk and naked in the privacy of his tent. It’s not what you expect of a great biblical hero, but it’s a very human reaction.

         I’m thinking our little Noah Elohim will fit right in with his new family!

Today is a very sleepy day for me. Noah will be just 3weeks tomorrow & he is now being a party dude of the sorts. So it seemed fitting to talk about him while he’s asleep. Although my dad always told me to sleep while the baby is sleeping. Smart man isn’t he?


We all love the story about Noah. Those of us that were brought up in church from our childhood have heard the story of Noah a number of times in our lives. It has become a familiar story to us, most of us could tell from memory. And yet maybe it is that familiarity of the story that caused me to miss some very exciting facts about the story. Here are just a few more things I discovered this morning.

His father Lamech named him nûaḥ (the final ḥ is a more guttural sound than the English h), saying, “This same shall comfort us in our work and in the toil of our hands, which cometh from the ground which the LORD hath cursed.”[

His life of 950 years, exemplified obedience.

Hard to believe right????  Who’d knew. Here, do your own research like I did!  

Free coloring page about Noah’s Ark!

Noah’s Ark and the Flood

Noah’s Accomplishments:


Have a great Wednesday ya’ll, I’m heading back to bed now- toodles!   -QC SuperMom

Friday Four: Confess Over Your Children

Speak the Word Over Your Children! 

One of the greatest gifts God has given me is my children. I have nine children—four girls (3 living) and five boys—and each of them are very special to me. I will admit, raising them has not been the easiest task, but it has by far been the single most rewarding experience of my life. Of all my roles, being a wife and mother are without a doubt two of my most enjoyable roles.
If you have children, you most certainly know how startling it can be to watch your children go from always wanting to be around you, to being independent and wanting to do their own thing. Many people find this transition hard to bear. If you are like me, you have probably found yourself wondering, why can’t they just go back to being babies: it was much easier then! However, whether we want to face it or not, our children eventually grow up. So instead of attempting to avoid the obvious, we should seize the time we have with them, and teach them the values they are going to need to be successful adults.

Parents, Speak Over Your Children

Parents are to prophesy to their children. This message speaks of the authority of the parents and is our responsibility to establish the identity and destiny of  your children. Much of the searching that takes place in society today is happening because children have not had parents to establish their identity and set their purpose in motion.

Whether you are a parent, a grandparent raising your grandchildren, or have plans of becoming a parent, take solace in knowing that grace and mercy covers and protects your children. If and when they do things you may not understand, do not curse them by speaking negatively about them; instead, release the Word over them. The Word will heal, protect, and cause them to be all they have ordained them to be.

The following are FOUR scriptural confessions that you can speak over your children – and as Isaiah 55:11 says – these words will not return to your empty, but will accomplish and achieve the purpose for which they are sent.

1.  Strong, Biblical Self-Esteem
Help my children develop a strong self-esteem that is rooted in the realization that they are “God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus”.                                                                                                                                                                                                                           (Ephesians 2:10)

Father, help my children not to be like many others around them, but let them be “alert and self-controlled” in all they do.                                                                                                                                                                                                                        (1 Thessalonians 5:6)

3.My children will flee from all sexual immorality and impurity in thought, word or deed, and they will realize that their body is the temple of the Holy Spirit.                                                                                                                                                                                 (I Corithians 6:18-19)

4.My children are children in whom there is no blemish, but they are well favored. They are skillful in wisdom, cunning in knowledge, and understand science. They have the ability to stand in the King’s palace and teach others.                              ( Daniel 1:4  )


The following is an example of a confession prayer I’d speak over my child, based on scripture (and largely copied, by memory, from what my own parents confessed over me):

God, we know that [child’s name] is a gift from You. She’s/He’s a treasure who brings joy to those who know her/him. [child’s name] loves You with all she/he is–she/he puts You first and holds tight to You. She’s/He’s a good friend–she /he loves people and they love her/him back. She/He knows Whose she/he is, a child of the King. She’s/He’s protected as she/he goes about her/his day because You give Your angels charge over her/him. You are her/his refuge and fortress. She/He has great peace and undisturbed composure. She/He can face this day with a smile on her/his  face, with no fear, because She/He trusts You and she/he knows she’s/he’s safe.

 [child’s name] chooses Life. She/He loves Wisdom. Everything her/his hand touches is blessed. She’s/He’s blessed wherever she/he goes–when she/he comes in and when she/he goes out. She/He honors her/his leaders and teachers, and she/he works diligently. She/He is the head and not the tail.

 God, you specially designed [ child’s name] before she was born, and we’re thankful that You have a big plan for her/his life. Today she/he walks in the destiny You’ve planned for her/him.

The tongue has the power of life and death. As parents, you have the power to speak life or death to your children and over your children.