Wednesday Wow: 2014 Queen City Stay At Home Moms

I am so ready for 2015! There is so much to look forward to. My family, professionally and within the community. Today I wanted to share with everyone the accomplishments of my mom support group, Queen City Stay At Home Moms.QCSAHM 2014-15

I started this group in 2007, right after my moms passed. I needed something to focus on beside my boyfriend and children. I was fustrated because I had two college degrees and was doing absolutely nothing either of them, and like my mom in many ways, didn’t know how to put myself first. Here just seven years later, I have created something remarkable and of high quality for all moms of the Queen City. This has given me a platform to use both my motherhood and collegiate education.

Ronald McDonalds house and QC Supermom

We enjoyed hosting and organized a Swap Till We Drop clothing drive for the residents of the Ronald McDonald House- Charlotte

Now as a wife,mother of nine, doula, wedding officiant, mom activist, and a certifed mom coach, I am proud to challenge the stigma that comes with your typical stay at home mom. No longer does that title mean Peg Bundy.


There are many things that I am proud of accomplishing over the years. We have created over 32 jobs. Assisted 8 moms into momperneurship. We have hosted 5 Total Children’s Wellness Fair and have given over 200 hours on charity. The moms workshops, private movie screenings,cooking with kids classes, our incredible contests, group birthday parties, opportunities to product test AND  the comfort of always having a mom friend to confide in has been icing on the cake. QCSAHM’s, accept moms where they are and challenge them to be more by providing resources, tools and opportunities to grow in any holistic directon she chooses.

Kelle Cooking With Kids

Meet us here- on our meetup page. We’ve have attended some of the best shows in town.

We have been listed on many hot circulars including: Moms Charlotte and here.

Charlotte Culture Guide and here.

The Total Children’s Wellness Fair page

My 2015 goals for my moms are

  • To increase Cooking With Kids Classes.
  • Create more fincailly rewards opportunites for the moms
  • Build more options for mothers to grow skills for holistic motherhood
  • Secure more sponsorships to enable us to have more enriching mom workshops and to
  • Encourage more moms to share their intrests with our group more frequently.Quick recipes for busy Moms

WOULD YOU LIKE TO HELP US GROW? Click here to donate what ever you can. (thank you in advance) You can even buy a cookbook. Just donate at least $20 and request the cookbook in a message. Kelle Cooking With Kids Cookbook.Tracy QCSAHM

Here’s one of my most favorite picutres from our group:

Here is more information about being a happy Stay At Home Mom


Should you even be a SAHM? Find out here

Great inventory of meals to try this year for busy moms.  Here, here, and here!

Eat this. Not thatI would share more, but I have a four year old that is pulling my leg to fix him a sandwhich…… Happy New Year Ya’ll!

Wednesday Wow! Being a SAHM

pinn teachus-001I am a proud mother of 9. Yes, I said NINE. Three short of a nice round dozen. I have been a stay/work at home mom for over ten years now, and have learn to enjoy every minute of it! I love, love, love being with my children and watching them grow every step of the way and I am constantly amazed at the things they do and say-and how quickly they learn. They are like sponges -and constantly absorb the world around them. Yet,

being a stay at home mom is anything but easy. I don’t try to have a perfectly clean house, ironed shirts, or gourmet meals. Walk into my house between 8-noon,you will see my 2 year old writing(on walls) or in front of the TV watching PBS or Nick Jr. You’ll see my 4 year old on his laptop or study book, the 5 year old inside his study book or other manipulatives, the teen girls engaged in their self guided assignments or at the library doing research. By 3, it’s free time till 5:30 dinner and bedtime by 9pm.


 I have been told you have your hands full more times than I would like to have been. Well I do. I go to the market daily. Twice a week we go to story time,Kid Yoga & UNC Charlotte Early Educator learning stations at the library. The 1st Saturday of each month, we go to the Kids Workshop at Home Depot, on Thursdays we eat dinner at Earth Fare (kids eat free*)  and on Mondays, we are at Monkey Joes. Since I also home school, we do a science project every 3 weeks and the remainder off the week are intensive study days. Sundays I’m day off. My husband take over.

Motherhood is a full- time job.  I think the key is making sure you get some grownup talk and support routinely. I am a founding member of Queen City Stay At Home Moms, and it’s wonderful if I do say so myself. Since everyone there was on single income, most of the activities are affordable. Try to find something that you can do that’s just for you, and do it with out the kids. And last but not least, don’t forget to squeeze in a date night with the hubby every once in a while! 😉


Hopefully, I’ve alleviated some fears of  becoming a productive Stay At Home Mom.  At the end of the day, if given the choice, stay at home!  The financial aspects of it have never been easy, but so far it’s worth all the conservative spending, home made veggie pizza, and the millions of educated play dates we’ve attended. Ultimately, it’s up to each family to decide what is right for them. Just make sure you have a good support group of friends, and try to enjoy every minute with your little ones. They grow up way too fast!

If you know a SAHM or dad, forward them this blog post and consider it a round of 


applause for all they do. You deserve it!  Well, till the next “boo-boo”, take care,  QC Supermom

Wednesday Wow!: What Not To Donate To Charities

shirtI am a thrift store shopper. I am also a thrift store donator. Sometimes, I return an item to a thrift store with their own tags still on it because I never wore it. It’s my way of justifying purchasing at a thrift store when I could buy my clothing and items new, and also a great way to get rid of good items we no longer need around my house. We have 6 children in the house. To keep everyone clothed, fed and have gas money to ride, we shop thrift stores. After all, their bodies are growing and changing so fast, it would be a waste of money for us not to take advantage of the savings. Well one day, I discovered the Free Store,a clothing and small appliance shop. I was very surprised to see such a interesting collection of FREE goods there. I was able to create a costume with a few of the things there as well as grab up a few rods for our windows. When I learned about the volunteer opportunities  I jumped on it. After all, if they thought enough about “me” to ensure I had decent pickens, why not return the favor-right?

“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.” ― Mother Teresa

I grabbed up a mom from my Stay At Home Mom Tribe ……..
qcaOn last Tuesday,during our Service Day at Crisis Assistance Ministry Free Store. We were given 5 simple rules 1. If it has huge stains, rips,worn out patches- Toss it. Same thing goes for company printed attire. 2. No kids under 5 years old are allowed in the area. 3. The water and bathroom stations are behind you, and 4. “Grab this and hang it here!” and 5. Thank you for coming in spite of the bad rain. Simple enough. I think we did a great job helping that day. So to answer the question, what not to donate-



Recycle your stuff if…

  • They’re full of holes, torn or are just too trashed to wear.
  • The sneakers soles are worn out or the tread is gone.
  • If the stain is visible, pit-stained. Jeans without zippers, blouses missing buttons.

Donate your stuff if…

  • Your clothes still have plenty of life in them.
  • They just don’t fit or feel right.
  • They’re still in good shape, but are out of style.

Bottom line,if you’re too embarrassed to wear them due to their condition,trash them.

Acceptable donations for Crisis Assistance


Ministry Free Store include furniture, clothing, and household items. Your donations should be tax-deductible and you will receive a tax-deduction receipt for your donations.

“There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.” 
― John Holmes

Till my next return, QC Supermom

Election EVE! Should Stay at Home Moms Vote for Romney?

Today will be a very stressful one. Not only will voters decide who our next president will be, but they will also have a say in what public education in California will look like in years to come. If Proposition 30 or 38 does not pass, teachers will lose their jobs, class sizes will get bigger, and school will end in May. Low income children will suffer the most. A lot has been said during the last few days about stay at home moms. How does voting affect sahms?

Was Ann Romney’s Stay at Home Mom Experience the Same as Yours?

Ann Romey, a wealthy stay at home mom, thinks we have the work thing all covered and confirmed. Saying Ann Romney has never worked a day in her life’ when she has raised 5 sons is such a sublimely ignorant statement, it’s daunting! This is about what benefits the families of stay at home moms and moms all over this country.

See this presidential clip! (it’s really good!)

Michelle helps me stay focus on keeping my children healthy.She even stated yesterday that, “Every mother works hard, and every woman deserves to be respected.”  …..but that does not guarantee a landed vote to her husband either. Here’s what a moron friend of mine said: Mormon women honor the religion we share with Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney. But on Election Day, thousands and thousands of us will cast our votes in support of President Obama. She said- “No mother should have to choose between health care for her children and the other necessities of life. No one should have to go bankrupt because they get sick, or have a disabled child. I am a Mormon woman who supports Barack Obama because of the Affordable Health Care Act. ”

What do stay at home moms care about? 

I surf alot, & came across one blogger that asked if her readers were rich Romney moms or Foodstamping Obama Mamas. I seen some of the most interesting answers. Some votes promised to vote for Johnson(an independent) some simply said Not Voting all together. A “wealthy” responder said they were voting for Obama. What an amazing concept,some people with money actually care about social issues more then what is in their wallet or bank account lol.

Here’s one stay at home moms surprising statement of how she will select a candidate. Formato’s explains that from the 2 choices, she didn’t trust Mitt, & her enthusiasm for Obama has waned. “He hasn’t changed anything.” That’s not the 1st time I heard it that way.

Needless to say this is gonna be another interesting election! I’d say Neither-I am an american showing up to vote for whomever I darn well please.

1. Moms Worry About Paying the Bills– When it comes to managing finances moms can be experts. Many moms do everything within their power to make sure the money their husbands earn goes a long way, and with the declining wages that we are facing even though big corporations are getting richer, moms are the best line of defense when it comes to making sure family finances are cared for.

2.Moms Care About Health Care– When a child is sick many moms will stay up all night caring for their sick child. Moms will not hesitate to take a sick child to the hospital, unless they do not have health insurance. Stay at home moms are particularly concerned with health insurance because they live in a one income house hold. They know that without insurance they can’t afford health care for their family. Many moms worry about their kids who have medical conditions and how insurance companies deny coverage to sick children all the time.

3.Moms Care About Education– In addition to the housekeeping shores moms make sure that children do their home work when they get home from school. Moms are partners with our teachers. All moms care deeply about their children’s education. Republicans on the other hand do not appear to care about education. They want to dismantle school systems and refuse to care for teachers, and that negatively affects children. They want to get rid of Pell grants, school lunch programs and essentially public education. That is why most moms reject Mitt Romney.

VOTE!!!!!! (if you need a fun teaching moment and in Charlotte, watch the election with your family together at the Venue!) Click here for details!

– Till next time, QC Supermom

Friday 4: A crazy week in review

Friday Four! Week In Review

There is never a dull moment in our family. I could never share everything that happens, but this week, I wanted to at least share the highlights. I should seriously call myself a Never Stay At Home mom….Anyhoots enjoy!

Wee Olympics 2012

The Olympics’ are NOT over!  Our version, Wee Olympics’ has just began. On     we gathered up some of our friends (and even strangers kiddos) and headed for the park. Our babies aged 2-13 completed adorable obstacle courses, jump rope endurance, and even motor skills challenges. Everyone was a winner that day and celebrated with a treat from Mickey D’s. (Don’t tell me that you didn’t know they had a 400calories & under menu). Now the seniors of Bishop Madison Senior Living facility wants a piece of the action! How cool is that? So Wee Olympics has continued till the 29th to give these old school athletes time to warm up for the maze, musical chairs and bag toss. (I wanted to get a dance together but-the wee’s didn’t like the music) To be continued …..

QC Super Mom goes international!

The breastfeeding story has taken off.( Click here to see news video) It has been shared all over the US and even in the UK. I pray for the day that breastfeeding would be a norm over bikini tops in the grocery store or daisy dukes at the family picnic. Here’s the story in case you missed it.

DNC –Charlotte. NC 2012!

So it’s true. I dabble in politics. It frustrates me so much I try to limit my conversation about it in public. But with the DNC coming to my town this year…..I will still remain cool as a cucumber. HOW? By helping one of my stay at home mom’s/sahm build her business, helping other moms attend it and getting my teen aged daughter another baby sitting gig.  I have a mom that a cupcake baker & will be a vendor at this year’s Democratic Nomination Convention. So, yours truly came up with a brilliant way to help everyone. Can you say leverage? Everyone will be working together for a common good. She needs administrative help, my other moms want to attend the DNC & help a fellow sahm. My daughter will babysit her young daughter. In return, cupcakes for everyone, our children’s next b’day party will seem like the Cake Boss himself made a visit. Talk about a  win-win-win  situation!

Love Handles Be Gone!

After growing up on a southern diet, nine children, college life, and not working out for 5 years, my waistline and arms are beginning to expand. I see eating well has kept me healthy & feeling good, but …I can’t deny the power of motion. Over the years, I’ve became a HUGE fan of supplements (they save me time & the good ones actually work) I know there is NOTHING that compares to a GREAT workout. I used to go at 5:30am & loved it! I sweated off almost 80lbs and felt great! Now that we moved and have settled in a bit, I can pick up where I left off at in the gym. Heck, it’s right up the street. I could actually walk there! Well, gotta run, these sweatpants from college aren’t gonna squeeze on me themselves! Have a safe and family fun filled weekend!                                                                                -QC SuperMom


Pictures from the 2012 Wee Olympics (part one)

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