2 Guns: The QC Supermom Movie Review

Saturday night I took my daughters to see one of the best movies to come out this summer!

2 GUNS starring – Featuring     Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg

Click  here to see when its paying near you!

Click here to see when its paying near you!

(Watch the trailer here.)

We have different movie selection styles, but this one was a green light with all three of us! It had everything, sarcasm, bad boy play, kick butt action ( guns, bulls and lighters) and a wild look into the dark side of our protective services and their “relationship” with drug lords.

Watch the interview here! Too funny!

Needless to sat the movie  was completely unpredictable and  attention grabbing right to the very end. But would you expect anything less from those guys? They did’t miss a lick!

I will tell you that it’s Rated R. and some parts of the movie, you might wanna have the kids sip on the tea you snook in.   Director, Baltasar Kormakur put together a great cast. Others in the movie are;  The supporting cast — consisting of Bill Paxton, Paula Patton, James Marsden, and Edward James Olmos — you would have to be a movie buff to know all of them (I didn’t)

2 of 4 my daughters. Deyda and Cassie

2 of 4 my daughters. Deyda and Cassie

In a nutshell, WE LOVED IT! If it wasn’t so late when we got out I may have watched it again. It was worth dumping my husband and sons that night.

They’re hardened criminals who decide to steal from a Mexican drug cartel boss named Papi Greco (Edward James Olmos) after he refuses to pay them the cocaine promised for their latest job, and because Greco beheaded one of their best friends in the organization. Bobby and Stig bite off more than they can chew, however, when the bank heist yields millions of dollars more than they originally planned, setting in motion a string of double crosses that keep the bullets flying and bromance ablaze.- KP

Box Office Report: ‘2 Guns’ Wins With $27.4 MILLION


Robert “Bobby” Trench and Marcus “Stig” Stigman

Go see it or yourself!   Till the next best doughnut, be Great! QC Supermom