Wednesday Wow: Happy,Happy, Joy,Joy!

Wake up Nature, it’s Spring time! I LOVE Spring! I do! It’s so (deep breath here…..) Renewing! It’s like a button in my mind and body that has been reset. Who doesn’t love  SPRING ??

Now just in case you said “I don’t,” let me sell it a bit more. See


in spring, the trees share bright, new leaves on their delicate branches. The fields grow nutritious goodies and the entire nature says hello by  blooming!  Yes, even the grass kiddos!

Twitter has nothing over the songs the birds will tweet in the trees and bushes, ” joyfully announces: “Spring is here!

I was pregnant with Amen in this picture.

I was pregnant with Amen in this picture.

Ooh the pleasant, cool breeze brings the soft and sweet aroma of fresh outdoor fun with the children. Yes moms, it time to hide the handhelds and get outdoors! What better time to: 

  • Have a lemonade stand (Alex’s charity is good but make it more meaningful. After the sales, treat them & let them buy/make gifts to deliver to the hospital or senior living center.)
  • Enjoy a picnic (a great way to get kids excited about family time!)
  • Play in nature -garden, hike, etc.
  • Buy winter and fall clothes ( As stores make way for their summer clothing, winter clothes can be discounted more than 50%. )
  • Fly a Kite! Here’s a video- or go to this page for directions. It’s easy & I promise that you won’t break a nail.

Ready or not Spring is here! Are you sold on it yet?  I know you are.

Great things Always happen in Spring!

A few girl friends & I will build a seating area like this using wood pallets.

A few girl friends & I will build a seating area like this using wood pallets.

Noah doesn't like the camera.

This was taken at the RunWay For Fashion show at NC Dance Theater. It was Amazing!

Wednesday Wow!: What Not To Donate To Charities

shirtI am a thrift store shopper. I am also a thrift store donator. Sometimes, I return an item to a thrift store with their own tags still on it because I never wore it. It’s my way of justifying purchasing at a thrift store when I could buy my clothing and items new, and also a great way to get rid of good items we no longer need around my house. We have 6 children in the house. To keep everyone clothed, fed and have gas money to ride, we shop thrift stores. After all, their bodies are growing and changing so fast, it would be a waste of money for us not to take advantage of the savings. Well one day, I discovered the Free Store,a clothing and small appliance shop. I was very surprised to see such a interesting collection of FREE goods there. I was able to create a costume with a few of the things there as well as grab up a few rods for our windows. When I learned about the volunteer opportunities  I jumped on it. After all, if they thought enough about “me” to ensure I had decent pickens, why not return the favor-right?

“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.” ― Mother Teresa

I grabbed up a mom from my Stay At Home Mom Tribe ……..
qcaOn last Tuesday,during our Service Day at Crisis Assistance Ministry Free Store. We were given 5 simple rules 1. If it has huge stains, rips,worn out patches- Toss it. Same thing goes for company printed attire. 2. No kids under 5 years old are allowed in the area. 3. The water and bathroom stations are behind you, and 4. “Grab this and hang it here!” and 5. Thank you for coming in spite of the bad rain. Simple enough. I think we did a great job helping that day. So to answer the question, what not to donate-



Recycle your stuff if…

  • They’re full of holes, torn or are just too trashed to wear.
  • The sneakers soles are worn out or the tread is gone.
  • If the stain is visible, pit-stained. Jeans without zippers, blouses missing buttons.

Donate your stuff if…

  • Your clothes still have plenty of life in them.
  • They just don’t fit or feel right.
  • They’re still in good shape, but are out of style.

Bottom line,if you’re too embarrassed to wear them due to their condition,trash them.

Acceptable donations for Crisis Assistance


Ministry Free Store include furniture, clothing, and household items. Your donations should be tax-deductible and you will receive a tax-deduction receipt for your donations.

“There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.” 
― John Holmes

Till my next return, QC Supermom

Friday Four:Growing hair with food

foodI keep my hair two strand twisted so much I forget to look at it between washes. Then one day after a good washing, my husband walks in the bathroom and says, “girl you put weave in your hair?” It was then that I really looked at my hair and noticed how thick it had gotten. Ya’ll that made my day. Not only that he notice enough to say something, but because it was true. I didn’t buy any tablets for it either, I have been eating better since on the 10 day Clean eating challenge.  I was inspired by Lisa Leeke. ( Don’t know her? Google the name)

Have you ever heard of the saying     “You are what you eat”? Did you know that the foods you eat play a major role in the health of your natural hair? In order to be and look healthy on the outside, you must first be healthy on the inside. Improve the glow of your skin, the strength of your nails, and the shine of your natural hair by improving your diet. I am going to challenge myself  by practicing better eating habits. What can I say, every girl wants to be beautiful. Check out the natural hair diet to give your natural hair a boost. If you can’t imagine eating  them, try making smoothies.

Eat this, to get that:

Natural Hair Power-Food #1: Salmon

Fish, specifically salmon, is loaded with omega 3 fatty acids, which support scalp health. You’ll get a good dose of protein along with B vitamins including B12 and other vitamins and minerals.

Natural Hair Power-Food #2: Olive Oil
Olive oil is loaded with antioxidants. Antioxidants keep your immune system strong, and assists in hair and scalp health.

Natural Hair Power-Food #3: Nuts
Almonds, walnuts, cashews, pecans, and Brazil nuts are a great source of zinc, omega 3 fatty acids, and selenium. A zinc deficiency can cause hair shedding and selenium is a mineral that contributes to the health of your scalp.

Natural Hair Power-Food #4: Edamame (Dry Roasted Soybeans)
Beans and legumes provide protein to promote growth, which is what your hair is made of, as well as, biotin, iron, and zinc. Dry roasted soybeans known as edamame pack a powerful punch and are highest in protein.
simple right

Natural Hair Power-Food #5: Field Greens
Dark green leafy vegetables like collard greens, mustard greens, spinach, Romaine lettuce, kale, are excellent sources of minerals, Vitamin K, C and A, which stimulates hair follicles and helps your body to produce sebum. Sebum is your hair’s natural oil. Dryness is a major contributor to hair breakage.

Natural Hair Power-Food #6: Eggs
Eggs are a great source of protein, sulfur, and B12. They are also a great hair treatment.

Natural Hair Power-Food #7: Carrots
Carrots are loaded with nutrition such as, Vitamin A, B-3 and Vitamin C. They provide complete nutrition for the body. So they’re not only good for the eyes, they’re good for the hair too. Vitamin C is essential to the formation of collagen, which is required to keep your body’s tissues, including your hair, skin, and nails strong.

Natural Hair Power-Food #8: Chicken Breast
Meat is the primary source of protein. Chicken and turkey are the most common types of poultry with considerable amounts of protein, iron, zinc, vitamin B-6 and B12.
Natural Hair Power-Food #9: Peanut or Almond Butter
Peanuts, peanut butter, almonds and almond butter are high in Biotin, a B vitamin. Your body make its own biotin and deficiency is rare but a deficiency in biotin can cause hair loss.

Natural Hair Power-Food #10: Whole Grain Pasta
Whole grains, which can include whole grain bread and pasta includes inositol. Inositol is a less common vitamin that promotes healthy hair at the cellular level.

Natural Hair Power-Food Bonus: Avocado
Avocados can benefit natural hair by preventing hair loss, promoting hair growth, and acting as a moisturizer for dry or damaged hair. This power food includes vitamins B and E, which work at the cellular level to protect and strengthen hair and vitamin E which helps repair scalp damage, which can slow or prevent hair growth.

Natural Hair Power-Food Bonus: Papaya
Papaya along with many other fruits such as provide an excellent source of Vitamins A, B, and C. Papayas, an overgrown herb, have more Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and potassium than oranges and apples and they aid in digestion. The papaya fruit is considered a “nutritional masterpiece”.
Give it a try. The first 3 days are the hardest I found.

Till next time, QC Supermom

Friday Four-My Insane ideas

So, how do you celebrate being 38? I Googled it & look what came up?

 Birthday Gift for a 37YearOld Married Woman | eHow.com › Holidays & CelebrationsShare

Gift Ideas for a 37YearOld Woman · Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend’s Mom’s Birthday
                                                                                           Maybe I read it wrong……-should I assume that they are inferring I’m old?
I’m getting up there. I know it…..but in so many ways I still feel 21. Is 37 suppose to feel this great? It just sounds so old to me.  I would love to do something different. Being 37 and married brings with it a certain degree of sophistication and a desire for trendiness.Here’s what I’ve come up with so far.

1. Go to a fancy art & wine tasting party OR  some other out of the box social event. I haven’t done anything like that in awhile!

2. Then I thought about going on a date with my husband, but I know for a fact it would end up like any other date. All of the kids would end up tagging along & remember, I want something different.

3. Soon, I pondered having a  Girl’s Night Out with some girl friends. One of them sell relationship tools. Rethinking it, I think I’ll pass on that as well.

4. Right about now, having a day to myself sounds good. Maybe not an entire day; let’s say 4 hours. That’s enough time for a shower, magazine, take out , meditation and if I’m lucky, a sandwich all to myself.  

I JUST found out the kids and my husband have something planned for me…….ok, I’ll take that too.

Whatever I do, it will be in  Pink T & matching tutu, like my friend below-

I’m gonna make it myself and save some mula!

Mrs. Kelle Pressley

-QC Supermom

Wednesday Wow: Swag!! The Re-Used Edition

Swag is great! I love to see lil Wee’s ripping the pathways. But does swag HAVE to rip my purse too?

I say heck’s to N-O!

One area of our budget we have really been able to save on is clothing. Thrift stores  (and even yard sales) are great places to find kids’ clothes for less. I love that I can get name brand, good quality clothing that last through several children for a fraction of the cost. Someone once told me that, although my children didn’t mind wearing second hand clothing when they were little that would all change when they reached the teen years. I disagree, so far I have three lil boys and  two teenage girls that love shopping at the thrift store.

I asked my kids what they thought of shopping at the thrift store and here are some of their responses. I did not prep them at all. I just took out the camera and asked who wanted to talk about thrift stores, these are honest opinions from my kids.

 I have nothing in my closet but Abercrombie, American Eagle, and Hollister. I’m beginning to get a little tired of me dressing the almost EXACT same way everyday just with different colors. I dont dress to impress other people, I dress to impress myself. Lately most of these outfits i get come from second hand stores. I love them. 13 Deanna


Having ‘swag’ is your own personal style and personality.Not following behind trends.You have to have a confidence to yourself, like you’re the hottest thing when you walk in a room. 12 Cassie

I have loads of fun dressing my younger 2 boys, but the 2 older ones, and daughters, I can call it a wrap. Because they do appreciate great finds at “Make mamma happy prices!” i think more moms would shop if they saw great things from the racks, as well as hearing someone say”Heay, it’s okay to shop here!” So, that’s just what we’ve (my Queen City Stay At Home Moms & I) have been doing for 3 years now.  We  help moms by bringing that same message on home with a Re-Fashion Show at The Total Children’s Wellness Fair 2012.

by proving that you inevitably don’t have to spend $80 for a t-shirt for your son.

Look at these cute pics I grabbed off line. Would your lil one rock it?  

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Here are just a few of my most favorite places to shop for my children

in town-

and online-

Watch this swag video. Bill Cosby is in it! 🙂

Fitted Jeans:…


And fresh shoes:…

if you prefer skateboarding shoes:…

Printed T’s:…

these kind of vests:…

Put together outfits with these types of clothes using neon colors or Pastel colours, etc, you cant go wrong.


I avoid the over priced thrift stores and try to shop on the special sale days. You do have to know your prices to make sure you are getting the best deal.

(thrift shopping tips here!)

and here!

Children With Swag-  QC SuperMom

Nobody has everything, but everybody has something. Use what you have right now! Use it wisely, freely, with love. Wherever you are, use your time, energy and talents to do the best you can right now.