Summer 2022- Write The Entire Season Off! Here’s How

Friday Four came and left. Sorry guys. I totally forgot. But I’m gonna make it up to you right now. Today, I’m giving you 4 (four) ways to write off a huge chunk of your summer. Yes, I said what I said—- Write a huge chunk of your summer off by identifying really smart tax saving strategies!

Without any delay, follow these tips right now!

  1. Write off Camp. Each summer my four little guys go to the following four camps: Who Got Game, B.A.M., Ish Smith Development , and Impact Camp (at JCSU) Here’s how to use it- If your child is under 13. Hold onto your recipes. Use that time as childcare expenses while you work. Hmmmmm– Sleep away camp doesn’t count. -Sorry!
  2. Hit The Road With Jack & the kids! Go on a family trip Rent the Car and pile them in! While you’re away – Talk About Your Business! Heck, take pictures of you sharing your business! The main purpose for the trip must be business! You’ll get not only the mileage deduction, but also a generous deduction on all of your business related cost. Hmmmmm. Hire your family for larger deductions .

  1. Hire Your Kids. Well, I kinda mentioned it earlier, I’ll go a bit more in depth here. If your kids are gonna be out of school for the summer. Hire them. Give them paid training, and actually put them to work. You can deduct their wages on your tax return! Why not get an employee that won’t complain about lunch. They either take it or leave it. Talk about parent perks! I had my sons help create content for my budding tax business . Hmmmmm. Shifting income to your child is genius! They tend to have a lower tax bracket!!! And if they are under 18 years old, pat yourself on the back and kiss those FICA taxes goodbye!
  2. Cancel The Entire Summer! If you bought timeshare like did thinking that you’d be a beach bum this summer, let me hit the alarm for you! As tempting as it maybe; don’t do it! Become the ginger bread man and walk away as fast as you can! Now if you got purchased the timeshare, and realized that your children have a sports calendar that leaves no time for weekend getaways to your cozy spot, here’s what you should do with it…….rent it out! Get your coins for that time. Go off season and save BIG! Hmmmmm . Look, no one like a deal more than I do! Iam 100% open to share my time withyou, as well as other deals. Just follow me over on QC Supermom .

Okay, so – that’s four! Whatcha think? You love it? If so, share it. Tag it. Use it! Time to go now. See ya’ll Monday! – Kelle, QC Supermom

Wednesday WoW- Secrets to a successful summer camp at home Part 2

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So here’s how to host your Own Summer Camp at home. It’s easier than you think. Just think, what would you most like you children to get out of summer camp – reading practice, self-confidence, social skills, a new skill?  This alternative experience at home will require you to do quite a lot of planning:  activities, materials for crafts and games, snacks and meals, etc, but you’ll save so much money if you have more than 2 kids at home as I do. 

That's my 2 year old Tehun at Reedy Creek Nature Center.

That’s my 2 year old Tehun at Reedy Creek Nature Center.


Create a Schedule
Depending on you and your family’s personality, this can be as structured or as flexible as you choose.

The more campers you recruit, outside of your home the more free days you’ll have, but you also need to consider how many kids you can handle. Let’s say you ran camp for a week, with five parents taking one day each.The sky is the limit think of savings on childcare!

Research Activities Think fun, educational and affordable-  they are out there, just look for them.

Gather Materials
• This is where it could get costly so think Dollar Store or thrift store. Start by looking around the house for materials that you can use. Create a list of supplies that you might need and begin to collect them now. You maybe able to borrow from the library or friends.
• Keep your materials in one convenient location that you can pull out for camp and put away when camp is done. Designate a tub or rolling cart for summer camp.

Now go! The kids are waiting! Pack their lunch before you head out. Use gas station rewards for gas, ensure that your emergency kit is well stock and have at it.


  1. Cover your sidewalk with chalk art.
  2. Sell lemonade from your homemade lemonade stand.
  3. Make jewelry out of noodles.
  4. Finger paint with fruit, oatmeal and water
  5. Acquire articles of clothing and accessories to fill a costume box.
  6. Plant a garden.
  7. Go to museum free days.
  8.  Do a physical activity (can be individual or do it as a group – ride bikes or scooters, play tag, go for a walk, play at the playground, jump rope, shoot hoops)
  9. Hike with your family.
  10. Visit the parks.
  11. Learn a new word a day.
  12. Create a scavenger hunt.
  13. Make and cook in a solar oven.
  14. Visit a nursing home.
  15. Mow lawns (neighbors or your own – for free or a fee).
  16. Wash cars (see 18).
  17. Make and blow bubbles.
  18. Play in the mud.
  19. Make a pair of flip flops
  20. Publish a book.
  21. Visit libraries. They have free programs for kids.
  22. Go to free concerts.
  23. Make ice cream or bread.
  24. Go jump and play all day at Monkey Joes! (My children LOVES that place!)
  25. Give yourselves homemade fruit/ veggie based facials.
  26. Go to free movie screenings.(use that link, I know this business personally.)
  27. Visit your local farmers’ market.
  28. Swim in your public pool.
  29. Make sand castles at the beach.
  30. Plant a garden.
  31. Write, direct and perform a play in your living room.
  32. Learn to properly put air in your tires and other basic car routines.
  33. Learn to sew
  34. Make a pretend grocery store.
  35. Buy electronics at yard sales and then take them apart
  36. Make something and then sell it.
  37. Organize a block party and meet your neighbors.
  38. Teach your kids cursive
  39. Watch free rehearsals of your local orchestra.
  40. Learn how to paint, hammer a nail. Sure you may not want to later, but it’s good to how how it’s done.
  41. Attend a Home Depot free kids workshops.
  42. Go to and/or organize a swap.
  43. Learn how to do your own hair.
  44. Take advantage of free bowling for kids.
  45. Plan a family fun night.
  46. Make a video of your kids interviewing you about your life.
  47. Plant a tree that you will take an annual family picture in front of.
  48. Learn to say “thank you” in at least 10 languages
  49. Visit the oldest house in your town.
  50. Go outdoors and play street games from way back when, etc, hopscotch, double dutch, ect.
  51. Host a slumber party.
  52. Visit your chamber of commerce.
  53. Learn how to make a simple tent, then go camping
  54. Tour a factory.
  55. Visit an artist studio.
  56. Watch a tree specialist cut down a tree.
  57. Volunteer at a local non profit center.
  58. Create a pretend budget and try to stay in it using an allotted smarties.
  59. Get a large cardboard box from an appliance store and let your imagination run wild.
  60. Learn about another culture.
  61. Go star gazing.
  62. Make compost and use it in your garden.
  63. Have a tea party, dress up.
  64. Make scrapbook pages for each year or decade of your life.
  65. Write to your favorite hero and thank them.
  66. Have a cooking class with the children.
  67. Make cookies and take them to your local fire fighters or nursing home.
  68. Make and fly a kite.
  69. Take a picture each day and make a summer photo album. If the children are old enough, have them write about what happened that day.
  70. Go to a movie in the park or your back yard.

One of my friends said:   

Our days are slightly different but same idea: Music Monday (music learning & appreciation), Tell-Tales Tuesday (literary activity), Who-What-When-Where-Why-How Wednesday (science & discovery – like your wonder list research day), Thankful Thursday (where we do intentional acts of service), & Fun Time Friday (adventures & outings w/ family & friends) I’ve also heard of & like the idea of “Friends-day Wednesday!” cuz it rhymes!

Now, if you feel like taking on a larger project, try these tips. It tells you how to run a community camp and how to attract sponsors.  

Do you have some favorite activities you would like to add?