Here’s how those in need can get a free Thanksgiving dinner

Thursday will be here in no time. Hopefully my mini van will be repaired soon. But for now, I’m in a rental for Thanksgiving. I plan to pick my car up first thing in the morning. Then get started on my hefty drink list for the family dinner. Yes, I’m in charge of drinks. We’re having kombucha, green tea, Jamaican hibiscus Sorrel, and bottled water. Not one soda will I purchase. My prayer for the last week is that everyone arrives safely and no one throws a dinner roll at me!   6 final_3

But just in case my Enterprise Car rental falls through for my family of —many. I am looking for dinner alternatives. Rush cooking has never been my thing. I figured that we would find a local place where we could both volunteer at and dine in.

So, here’s what I found online. Turns out there a quite a few places to dine, help and donate in the Charlotte area.



Food pantries, some of which also have a soup kitchen on site, may provide help in one of two ways. These tend to be “hyper” local in that they only serve people in a limited area and each center has their own application process, resources, and hours of operation.

  • Food banks may only give a Thanksgiving holiday turkey as well as the sides, such as cranberry, gravy, bread and other items, to an income qualified family and their children.
  • Soup kitchens may be located at some food banks. These sites will tend to serve an entire hot dinner to individuals, including the homeless.
  • Some of these charity run food pantries may give the client a gift certificate to redeem at a local supermarket. This will allow the family to buy their own turkey kkkkkk

    It is recommended to call or stop by a pantry to learn more on what they offer. Anyone that is seeking help at Thanksgiving (or really any holiday) should ask in advance what type of services are provided, and do not wait until November rolls around. Find how to get help from a food pantry.

    The homebound, disabled, and senior citizens that can’t make it to a feeding site should register for Thanksgiving assistance from a Meals on Wheels provider. These tend to be offered as year round services. Some of the administering agencies may charge the client, or “encourage” a donation. Other Meals on Wheels services are free, especially those offered from Agency on Aging Centers. and maybe other food items.

    Free Thanksgiving lunches or dinners may also be served by churches or other faith based groups. There will not be any discrimination based on age, religion, or race and anyone can drop in. Churches, such as St. Vincent de Paul or Catholic Charities do their best to feed the poor at Thanksgiving. The goal is to spread holiday joy to all, especially to children and the elderly.

    The meals served by a church depend on volunteers and donations. They rely on stores, restaurants, fund raisers, and other sources of money in an effort to offer these Thanksgiving programs. Anyone that uses a soup kitchen at a local church is always encouraged to also volunteer in an effort to give back to the needy.

Skyland Restaurant continues tradition of free Thanksgiving meal for people in need


And if you are a military family like mine, check this out!

Thanksgiving Resources for Veterans  kkk mil

Military veterans have so many benefits even after leaving the service and Thanksgiving is no exception. During the holiday season there are special events that include veterans’ and not just active duty, family members and government employees.

Read more:

If none of that works out, I will get my daughter Cassie of Cassie’s Sweetz to create us a Sweet Potato Wonderland!

kkk cake

Well friends, where ever you find yourself on Thursday, may the Joy of family, Gratefulness and Love find you there!



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Wednesday Wow: Gobble till you Wobble!

tgvngThe big day is almost here. ThanksGiving 2013.

Who cares that folks think it’s tied to that crazy man thinking he made an discovery whilst folks were already here. I am looking forward to getting my “feast”on! Although we haven’t planned out a menu yet, I got a feeling it’s going to be delicious! The girls are very excited to be doing the bulk of the cooking. I hear them planning and brainstorming between the two of them. columbus1

Recipe: Classic (Whole Wheat) Bread Stuffing

Recipe: Classic (Whole Wheat) Bread Stuffing

15 Conversation Topics to Avoid at Thanksgiving Dinner

Lemon-shortbread cookies - yum! by Common Sense Homesteading

Lemon-shortbread cookies – yum! by Common Sense Homesteading

I do know our dinner mission is to eat Clean, go Green and burn Mean.

Chasing Supermom Here's another delicious alternative to pumpkin pie!

Chasing Supermom
Here’s another delicious alternative to pumpkin pie!

Thanksgiving Stuffing Poppers with a Cranberry Jalapeño Dipping Sauce

Here’s a note from No Excuses Just results.

‘Tis the season to be healthy!  Use these tips to make your Thanksgiving just a little healthier.

  • Don’t starve yourself the morning of Thanksgiving just so you can eat everything in sight.  Eat your meals like you normally would.  This will help prevent overeating during dinner.
  • Eat a small snack or appetizer about 1-2 hours prior to your Thanksgiving meal.  Try some fruit or a salad.  Again, this helps prevent overeating.
  • Use smaller plates.
  • Use alternative seasonings/ingredients (i.e. olive oil spray instead of solid butter, lemon juice instead of salt, turkey instead of pork, 2% instead of whole milk).
  • For casseroles, use reduced fat condensed soups (i.e. cream of mushroom/chicken/celery).
  • Avoid adding salts or sugars after your food is prepared.  Adding seasoning after the food is cooked doesn’t allow them to fully dissolve, so you actually end up consuming more salt or sugar than necessary.
  • Don’t try to eat every item that’s on the menu.  More than likely, there will be leftovers, so save it for the next day.  However, if you must have everything, fix small portions of each item.
  • Take a walk after eating.
  • Drink more water instead of sugary drinks.
  • Try mashed sweet potatoes instead of mashed white potatoes.  Sweet potatoes have more fiber.
  • Introduce more colorful vegetables like sweet peppers, tomatoes, red cabbage, etc.
  • Do your workout first thing in the morning to avoid delays and interruption.
  • Stretch while watching the football games.  With a full day of football, you can burn a lot of calories by doing some light stretching throughout the entire day.

See I only shared the good stuff! 🙂 I hope this gives you some ideas for a happier and healthier Thanksgiving.  We wish you and your loved ones the best during this holiday season.  Enjoy!


“One should eat to live, not live to eat” -Benjamin Franklin


(ooook, I’ll try my friend.)

It was brought to my attention the there is a mom in the QC with four children. They are living in a hotel. In the family is ADD, ADHD, ODD, social depression and other insecurities. My goal is to find them a house by the 25th of next month. Call me crazy, but even after loosing my own young  daughter, I believe in miracles.


This is not my family. We could never pose for a picture like that. Bless their hearts!

~pulling up my shirt sleeves