Wednesday Wow: “Every New Broom Sweeps Clean!”

bwbA new broom sweeps clean, but an old broom knows every corner. It warns that being fresh and loaded with energy, but experience is also a valuable thing.

In the light of everything that is going on with police power and “the White privileged I will use that saying another way.

Babies, are born with a clean slate ready to learn. Parents are older and they are responsible for leading and  carving their child.

Either I’m naive or so hard wired not to have noticed any racism personally. but listening to my husband and other older adults, I know it happens and was taken aback at some of the boldness of it all. After all this time and awful moments in racial history, how does it continue?

It comes from home!There is NO way a child that is brought up in a loving, supportive, well exposed home will grow up to be a racists. It won’t be in them.

For example. Weekly, my daughter babysits for a group of white moms while they meet privately in their home.I like this set up because not only do they pay and treat her well, she also gets to educate the babies. One girl said my skin is light, yours is dark. I like both of them.d and her

Here’s my point: I tell my children how awesome they are and how nice it is to have friends like them of every race. Every race is a door to something new and should be seen as a blessing. They know there is various types of skin colors, yet the quality of a person is what makes the difference.

A Mother’s White Privilege
By Elizabeth of “Manic Pixie Dream Mama” As the ongoing events in Ferguson, Missouri show us, America’s racial tensions didn’t disappear when George Wallace backed down from the schoolhouse door. Dr. King didn’t wave a magic wand, and we never got together to feel all right. White America remembers this at ugly flashpoints: the Rodney King beatings, the OJ Simpson trial, the Jena Six, Trayvon Martin’s death. White America recoils in horror not at the crimes – though the crimes are certainly horrible. It’s not the teenagers gunned down, the police abuse, the corrupt trials. It’s this: at these sudden, raw moments, in these riots and dem …
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The Noah 6-3-2013 3-17-46 PM I would like to see more parents teach their children (or any child they come in contact with)  how to appreciate the differences each race bring to their life. Moms will instill universal love for everyone at infancy. More moms of color will feed her colored child affirmations of inner greatness and promise as she nurses him. I want to see more adults expecting the best from the youth, by being an example. And last but not least, I want to see more black woman love who they are and stop putting babies on “The Brown Paper Bag Test” (Don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about). “OOh that, baby got good hair”…UUUugh – Stop teaching our babies to hate themselves and how to hate others!

Go make a colored friend,


Friday Four:Disney Jr. Princess and Pirate LIVE in Charlotte NC review

They came & they conquered!

Disney Junior Live: Pirate and Princess Adventure


The show open with Doc McStuffins,my personal favorite Disney character.

Creeping through the crowd, Mickey and Minnie Mouse got the show started. That’s where the Pirates and Princess argument began. They asked which is better — princesses or pirates. Of course my sons yelled “Pirates!”

Jake and the Never Land Pirates

Jake and the Never Land Pirates

Sofia the First takes the stage. We seen all of our favorite characters from the hit series – her siblings, Amber and James, her parents, King Roland and Queen Miranda, Baileywick, and even the three fairies from Sleeping Beauty, Sofia’s instructors at Royal Prep.

There was even a guest appearance from Cinderella!! At one point, bubbles were blown over the crowd, delighting many little guests. A lot of familiar songs kept the show going flawlessly.

Jake and the Never Land Pirates with surprise visit from Tinker Bell & Peter Pan

Jake and the Never Land Pirates with surprise visit from Tinker Bell & Peter Pan

After a brief intermission, some Pirates snuck into the crowd and pulled a few children up on stage for a sing-along. Even I was singning! This lead to Jake and the Neverland Pirates act. We got to see Jake, Cubby, Izzy, Scully, Captain Hook, Smee, Sharky and Bones, the Crocodile, and a crew of pirates. The gang had their typical adventure versus Captain Hook and after Jake was imprisoned by Hook he was saved by the one and only Peter Pan, who made a grand entrance flying through the air!

I want a dress like this.

I want a dress like this.

I was very surprised that my teen daughters liked it. My sons, I knew for sure they had a ball. Everyone was super entertained by all the dancing and singing and all the magical moments the show offered. The best part of the show was how the characters involved the kids* in the audience to be part of the show. They had the kids get up out of their seats to dance and sing-a-long. Another thing I liked is how they incorporated high quality and compatible images on the back screen. It was a incredible addition to the show. I was most thrilled by the virtual ship steering stimulation the pirates led.

Family time is priceless!

Family time is priceless!

What a great evening out with the children.Can’t wait for the next Disney show!

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Til, the next sail,

QC Supermom