Wednesday Wow: Creating Your Personal Routine

Making a consistent daily routine (that was born out of our large family’s priorities that we developed) has helped me to learn to get the important things done FIRST and let goes of the things I don’t really need to do!morning workout execise

First figure out what’s important to you. It will not be what your parents, friends, or neighbors may agree on. Most people put in your life – God, your marriage, children, health, working, serving, ect. you choose that. From there, learn how to refuse, accept and what to walk away from.

When looking at my personal priorities list, it seem like I do a lot. However, having these defined priorities helps me to know what I can and can’t take on. For example:

  • I’m not doing a garden this summer
  • My teen daughters help me with cleaning and cooking
  • This summer, with my moms groups, we’ll split more family meals together
  • I don’t do our household finances (hubby finally took that over)
  • On Thursdays, we eat dinner at Earth Fare, so I don’t have to cook from scratch.
  • To get out of the house quicker, we taught (most of) the children how to dress themselves.
  • The children hair and clothing only requirement is that it must be cleaned. Matching and laid to the side is not my goal.
  • My husband is okay with a pile or two of my media, papers, books, product review/ gadgets around the house.
  • When I tutor or consult, my clients meet me at the library. The kids practice independent reading.
  • I don’t iron our clothes
  • I take the children to music classes, community events, etc to take a home school mental break for myself.
  • We have 8 living children. EACH of them have their own playmate.
  • I have a great network. They offer my teen daughters internships so they will learn new skills.
  • I don’t spend a lot of time on Facebook (other than for my blog)
  • I take Fruitients (African Mango- Irvinga Gabonensis), Credible Cravings, or homemade smoothies for breakfast when I need to get the day going very fast
  • My sons take baths together, two by two.
  • I use a lot of solid black fabric to cover unsightly marks and needed repairs on the desk.

Next Monday, I’ll show you how I spend my time daily.Instead of trying to cram everything into your day (and feeling burnt out and discouraged when everything doesn’t fit), first start with 24 hours and then add activities with realistic time’s assigned to those tasks.

How do you manage your day?