Friday Four: Be like Toothpaste (in the the tube)

Your Thoughts are Inside, but Behavior is Not

D and cassie
I often tell my children that “Your thoughts are private, but behavior is public.”  You can think whatever you want to think, but the minute you let your thoughts out of your head, they become public information. Often times they need a visual to help explain it.


Toothpaste Squirt

Grab a small tube of toothpaste & a small plate. Choose one child to come forward and squirt all of the toothpaste onto the plate. (My smaller boys help with this part)  Then I ask if he/she can put all of the toothpaste back into the tube.

Here’s what to say after the visual:

  1. Explain that once the toothpaste comes out of the tube, you cannot get it all back in.  This is much like a put-down or rude comment.  Once a put-down comes out of my mouth and goes into your ears, I cannot take it back.
  2.   Go onto explain that for each put-down a person hears, they must hear 5 or more  sincere compliments to get back to where they were emotionally prior to the put down.
  3. Reiterate that thoughts are private, but behavior is public and the next time you think about giving a put down, think again and screw your lid to your toothpaste tube tight!
  4. Ask them to if it has ever happen to them and how did they feel.

One of the most important skills that we can teach our children to help them succeed in life, is the ability to get along with Kwanzaa To do that, it takes a village. If we fail, the rest of the world will let us know, and our kids will be subjected to a life of ridicule, isolation, and despair. As a mother… I am my children’s teacher and coach! I try my best to model politeness and keeping things positive!

~QC Supermom

This weekend in the QC, here are some options to find that help.

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Kwanzaa 2013: My Amen, 4 lighting the Kinara

Kwanzaa 2013: My Amen, 4 lighting the Kinara

Friday Four: Why I blog!

I love blogging! I am entering my third official year practicing the craft. 

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At least twice  week I sneak away and let my mind and fingers take control. They recall funny, sad, discoveries and just about anything else that comes to my vivid sphere of awareness.  However, once I tell people how many children I have, and the list of hats that I wear.  I usually get one of three  reactions.

A. “Wow!” How do you do it? How do you get your child to do, eat, wear, or learn this or that?

B. Ain’t no way! Not my body, my  money nor my time! Mama gots bills to pay &  a huge daycare bill isn’t one of them!

C. Beautiful, I wish I could have more……….But da- dah dah dah da!

Well, I can actually understand those reactions and would be a fibber if I said that I entered motherhood knowing all of the answers. If someone would have told me that at the age of  36, I would be married, working in the hospitality industry, I would’ve  said “Yeah, I can see that!”  On the other hand, if they’d add 8.5 children and a crazy husband, I would ask them if they had hit their head on a brick wall or something! What sane person does that in the 20th century? We don’t have a farm.  But I am a certified Fertile Myrtle on a mission, and that’s one reason they call me QC Supermom!

I earned the Supermom title years go from the Charlotte Mecklengburg County Health Department. They thought the way that I promote healthy habits in my family and community was impressive. After that, I sort of ran with it, adding QC to the Supermom title and picking up ideas of grander. I just knew that I could help more moms! Years later, after several community engagements; both private and public, blogging just felt like a natural thing to do. Here are my four reasons why I blog.

1.  It’ s my time- One thing I’ve learned is every mom that practices building her home must make time for herself. This is how I do it. I vent, share and hopefully inspire. Often times it’s through my “me time” that I rejuvenate and refresh.

2. I help others. I am a proactive mom, thoughtful wife, sister, open minded friend, a value shopper, organic gardener, a children’s chef instructor, educated play date organizer and at any given moment an attorney.  I have a lot of life experiences and solid common sense to support it. Children don’t come with instructions. I certainly don’t think all  moms are stupid. Some may indeed be ignorant (which is different) and may search for certain guidance and emotional/ educational stimulation.

My theory is simple, “They’re blind Kelle. They don’t know! You’re the one that’s been doing this with not only your 8.5 kids but many others, a husband and all within a structured budget. Help them girl!” I believe in offering gentle pushes, and if I’m lucky enough, I may learn something as well.

3.  I help my family As a ambassador of total children wellness. I believe wholeheartedly in all seven branches of wellness. It includes spiritual, social, educational, emotional, financial, nutritional, and physical. I cover them all and still secure quality time with each and everyone of my children! How you ask? They are my “lab rats”! My children age range from 19years old to 20 months. I always have something to talk about based on a current, past or future event. One thing that I love about blogging is the opportunities to attract like minded moms as well as sponsors that want me to participate in a review or other promotional opportunity that relates directly to a need. These opportunities usually saves my family money and allow me to share my experience with others. Are we smart or what? 🙂

 I think certain businesses, appreciate my approach to motherhood and the respect other moms have for my views on life. I LOVE to share. I have never meet a stranger and is always read to share ideas. It’s a great opportunity for me, the mom, and the right business owner/company. If it’s good, bad, ugly- I’m telling it!

4. I keep my professional skills current, competitive and highly in demand. Johnson and Wales was expensive!I didn’t receive a boat load of scholarships and honor money like my son had. Once I got my papers I was happy none the less! I LOVED working with Marriott! It has proven to be a priceless experience.I honestly think that Bill Marriott is a genius when it comes to interacting with people. His book, “In the spirit To Serve”,still sits as my life reference book, right beside Wayne Dryer’s The Power Of Intention and the No BS bible to Marketing. I often call myself a G.R.I.T.S. (girl raised in the south) …….Now just stop for a second and just think of that powerful combination. Recently I took a industry readiness class.My mission is to stay home with my children during their formative years, while assisting my husband in keeping up with our children and our home. My long term plans include building something very meaningful for moms long term in the line of a 501c(3).  I figured the better I prepare and maintain my skills, the more goodness and mercy shall follow me!