Friday Four: Moms+Toxin=Politics

Moms+Toxins equals Politics. When someone hears the words toxic, they think awful personality. When I hear the word, toxic/toxins, I think lowered immune system,cancer, birth defects, early puberty, asthma, ADHD, diabetes, birth defects, obesity, and other sickness.  I think stop buying things or supporting companies that make them and contacting my elected officials and asking them to make changes for my family. We don’t know it, but that’s politics.

Samya Tiffaine Pressley- Scott 05-09-94 - 10-25-05

Samya Tiffaine Pressley- Scott Sunrise 05-09-94        Sunset 10-25-05

Think about it., As more products come in the market, so does more illnesses. However when we don’t support them, they run out of business,or improve the product/service. With enough heat , our political representatives  are more inclined to speak up for us* (um- most times). 

As a advocating wife and mother of 9 (8 living), it’s difficult to find products free of toxic chemicals,” We must find alternatives, read and research weird labels, and tell Washington pass stronger laws on toxic chemicals.

The worst thing that could happen is that you can loose a child as I have. The best thing is that change will be made. I have been on the loosing side and it’s painful, forever and destructive. Alone, I know I can’t make much noise, but with powerful moms groups like MomsRising and NC Toxin Free, we can move mountains.

Since loosing my sweet Mya, we’ve made these four changes. sick

1. We’ve stopped using air fresheners- we now use herb based mixtures.

2. We’ve stopped using pesticide grown food (well sorta) – we now wash everything before we eat it, if it isn’t organic.

3. We’ve stopped using strong chemicals to clean- that stuff required opening windows AND holding our breath. Now we use more baking soda, vinegar and oil based mixtures, I still use bleach for laundry and hard jobs(with the windows open of course).

4. We’ve stopped using Bisphenol A /BPA(it’s a bad chemical used in most plastic production. Although it’s harder to keep up with the boys BPA free things, it’s worth it. We now use more glass items, which includes mason jars as cups.

Bonus: We have even got rid of our moth balls! That was a hard habit to break. But once we learned that those cute, smelly, white balls could cause headaches and irritation to nose, throat and lungs, we stopped buying them! Instead, we make sachets from dried lavender/ cedar and equal parts dried rosemary and mint.


Here’s 5 EASY ways to avoid toxins. Compliments of NC Toxin Free Top5Tips

Here’s great information on chemical facts: chems_factsheet2014+cites

Team Work makes Dreamwork

Stroller Brigade- Team Work makes Dreamwork

“I believe that the rights of women and girls is the unfinished business of the 21st century” — Hillary Clinton

Let my heartbreak be our wake up call! Mom Up!

Join MomsRising

Join NC Toxic Free

Have a great weekend,

QC Supermom

Wednesday Wow: Safer Chemicals Healthier Family; The Stroller Brigade

We must do better with these toxins. Sure they are everywhere, but some of them are more dangerous than others.

For the last 35 years, the federal law that is supposed to protect citizens from dangerous toxic chemicals in everyday products has been failing us. There are more than 82,000 chemicals on the market today, and only about 200 of them have ever been tested for health and safety. As rates of childhood cancer, autism, learning disabilities and other chronic diseases continue to rise, our families seem to be the subjects of a dangerous experiment. What happens when you expose American babies and children to constant doses of untested chemicals? Unfortunately, I think we are seeing the results in our health care system.

Read more: The Herald-Sun – Fighting toxic chemicals My son the Jedi lobbyist “

I grew up with a politician across the street from me. Mr Pasley is his name. Mr Pasley would never tell me what he did all day, but he always seemed to be in a hurry leaving his home. Dark shades, speeding in and out of his car. To this day, I still don’t know what he does for the government..


I was happy leaving my family on this day.I knew that although it was my birthday, I would be back with them soon to their hugs, laughs and lovely rhetoric. In 2005, I left my family to be with SaMya, my daughter. Although I went back home, I left my 11year old, Samya and never seen her again. That also happened on my birthday, so it’s was all the more reason for me to go to Washington to be heard.mya


The flight was just over an hour. My next ride didn’t come for another 30 minutes. I used that time to return phone calls and text messages. We moms know how to maximize our time!

“All consumers, regardless of income level, deserve to know the products on their store shelves are safe.”

– Shane Shirley Smith (Stroller Brigade mom, blogger, and business owner)

Once we got into Washington, I rearranged my bags and put Noah down so he could walk a bit more freely. He chased a pigeon.Those little hands were everywhere as he tripped and pushed back up. It was a beautiful simple play time for him. He didn’t think about toxins are any other  potential hazards. I immediately thought to myself, these politicians have to pass the Safe Chemicals Act. Requiring a labeling system will ensure our children’s toys, house hold cleaners, carpet, etc. are safer for our babies can continue to run and play freely.

after flying in from Charlotte NC , I arrived in BWI. Took the MARC into Washington. I was greeted with a hand massage.

after flying in from Charlotte NC , I arrived in BWI. We took the MARC into Washington. I was greeted with a “Birthday Girl” hand massage. Nice……….

As a mom that has lost an amazing daughter to toxins, I was happy to share why I think strong laws should be made right away. No one should loose their child to something that could be avoided. I for one do not want to loose anymore children. 1I know that others have read packaging, couldn’t figure if it was a real threat, and bought it anyway. They have no clue how dangerous it was, or trusted that no one in their right minds would poison them on purpose. That’s not right and I think they got the message.

us Moms Rising

We, as parents have to be a voice. We have to ask questions. If not, who will? Talk to YOUR senators. They work for YOU! WE hired them. (Thank you Senators and staff for your time)

Watch the Stroller Brigade here- (click here)  and here –The Stroller Brigade with Safer Chemicals, QC Supermom, Jessica Beals & other awesome stroller pushing participants.                  The fun starts here!

Okay, I'll agree it looks different. BUT it makes sense. Moms SHOULD BE HEARD.

Okay, I’ll agree it looks different. BUT it makes sense. Moms SHOULD BE HEARD.

Mya, Noah (& 7 other kids) mom, QC Supermom