Kids in the QC, Valentine’s Day Party!!

Bring out the Minions! We are gonna have a ball! Our Valentines’s Day Party for kids in the QC is getting on or roll!!

Every year it get’s better! And to think, it all powered by Charlotte moms!!! Queen City Stay At Home Moms to be specific.

The first thing we did was bring back our guest from last year. They deserve it. Our venue was overbooked & I was notified 2 days before the event and although we found another venue, and still had fun, it was not the same. We felt awful about it! So bringing them back for free was just a result of good upbringing.

This is our 3rd year.

Here’s 2013- It’s theme was A Veggie Sweet Day  . It was at Monkey Joes and the kids had  unlimited access to the bounce houses during the party!

Here’s 2014- it’s theme was “Disney Side Love”- the goodie bags were a hit with parents and their small well dressed characters alike!

minions-quotesThis year’s theme is Minions! The children will LOVE it! Having a dedicated Pinterest board does help as well!  This year we added a karaoke Dj and invited one of Charlotte best family centered non profit service organizations to join in.

If you have children, do not miss this party! Everyone is welcome! But you gotta get your tickets!  Follow along on Facebook for more updates.  See you soon!

Your Mom Maven in the QC,

Jabela,  QC Supermom

Minions-Quotes-Images-Wallpaper-Pics-27Can’t wait to use these online tools for promotions:

MInion Images

Minion Facts

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Friday Four: My Monster Jam in the QC!

We made our first trip every to Monster Jam this weekend! The weird thing about it is I never – ever been a fan. Sure, I purchased the cars for my 5 sons, but I was never the mom to sit and watch it on television or insist to go see them live at a show in town. collectiontable

But I’m always but for new adventures with my family! We attended opening night here in the QC and we loved every minute of it!

It was thrill after thrill after thrill! It was action packed to the max!

My tiny brain started to hurt because I was cheering so hard for more wheelies, dough nuts and jumps. Even when the trucks went over board and flipped over, it was still a thrill to see how  the crew came, and responded to the situation. My 4 year old was upset because none of them were the color red. From my husband, he went on and on about the motorcyclist and pogo guys tricks. I think everyone’s top 3 were Spike, Mohawk and as Mega Bite they were the fastest, most dynamic, most exhilarating, and fun looking guys out there!

Here’s a few of my 8 year old sons favorite shots from Monster Jam.  Spike in the QC Monster Jam

IMAG0130 IMAG0134 IMAG0135

This looked JUST like our last minivan.

This looked JUST like our last minivan.


4 things to consider before going to a Monster Jam:

1. Bring ear plugs and a filter for breathing. It can get pretty loud in their. Younger children I think are most disturbed by it. Because there is gallons of gas and oil, and dirt, and rubber ALL over the place, it can get toxic. Wearing a filter (I used my scarf and washed as soon as I got home) will reduce all of that getting in your skin.

2. Learn about Monster Jam. My son never said a word about a Mohawk. This morning, I woke up to seeing hair on the floor and scissors in the toilet. My son wanted his hair just like the ..   The older boys were outside this morning crashing their tiny cars….. (I stopped that really quick, as I have no time to rush and sit in the ER for hours on top of hours today.) Had I known they were so impressive, I would have warm them like a surgeon general’s posting on a box of cigarettes.

3. Always look for promo codes to make attending even easier. Get there early and consider picking up your ticket before the show. ….. You’ll thank me for that one later- trust me!TIP: I usually have fun contests for awesome family shows here in Charlotte. Now the parking, I can’t help you with.

4. Bring a camera and OR get good seats! There is nothing like having one of those huge, sweet trucks stopping smack dab in front of you and waving! I know he was waving at the kids but after watching a few doughnuts in the dirt and them virtually flying in air….. I was mesmerized. (I think I want to drive one myself now) Yes, I embarrassed my girls a few times, but it was so worth it. Family time is always a good time, and I noticed that I wasn’t alone. Families were everywhere I looked. Some were drinking others were eating, but everyone had a smile on their face!

It was so worth the trip of getting everyone ready and out the door!

~ QC SuperMom 150109_monsterjam_inside

-More about Monster Jam: Monster Jam is a live motorsport event tour and television show operated by Feld Entertainment. It is the most popular monster truck tour, performing to over 4 million fans annually at the most prestigious arenas and stadiums throughout the world. Monster Jam® shows consist of three main fan-favorite elements – the pit party, racing and freestyle. The series is sanctioned under the umbrella of the United States Hot Rod Association and takes place primarily in the United States

Sunday Funday means MONSTER JAM is back on FOX Sports 1! Tune in at 12 pm ET to watch the FS1 Championship Series in Houston! Full TV listing here:

Up next in the Queen City

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February 13: Family Valentine’s Day Party  in the QC!

In the interest of full disclosure, I received tickets to attend Monster Jam  for review purposes only, and there was no additional compensation. All opinions expressed are my own.  ……POW!