Friday Four: Mom Politics

No it isn’t a oxymoron. As a mom, I’ve been voting for over 25 years now. I have been often asked how do I feel about one candidate over the other. With the exception to President Obama, my answer has always been the same.  I am ultimately responsible for the livelihood of my family. One person could never have that  much power over my family.”

My oldest and a younger son on our tiny grill. It works- Don't hate. :)When I say that, it usually takes people by surprise until they think about my words. Then it clicks! Because we teach our children about morals, total wellness, self sufficiency and tenacity there is less cause to worry. Sure we have issues, but we always pull it back together.  my daughter sewing - self sufficiency

Would you believe me if I told you that my husband doesn’t vote? He doesn’t think votes are honored and that candidates are selected – not elected. And that’s ok. We have enough children to equalize him. I see decisions, and action coming from the top. So why not focus on that level of politics. Here’s my 4 tips to avoid being crippled by the system:

Feeding ourself

Alright – Kendrick Lamar

 And them sandwiches I made, don’t eat ’em all at once. … promise me you’ll never let nobody turn you into no cripple.

  1. Understand and learn the law. – You have a whisper when you vote*. Just imagine if you were in the role of the decision makers. Decision Makers/the upper echelons * have economic assets, alliances, and the state in their column. Others* have their numbers and their key locations in the economic-social process. let’s learn the game so we can play. Then Play the game to Change the game!
  2. Learn how to make it work for you- Knowing that someone did you wrong and getting justice are two different things. There are so many clinics, books, law libraries available. Most of them are free. There is nothing more empowering them the feeling of voice!  Being able to act progressively on your on behalf requires work. Get the entire family involved and watch how confidence soars!
  3.  Don’t just be a democrat or republican because your parents are. Earlier this year, I took my sons to a Student Mock General Assembly . It was organized by Americans For Prosperity and hosted by Republican William “Bill” Brawley.  The boys learned how a bill becomes a law! I have yet to hear about or attend one hosted by the democrat. For that reason I would never say which is better. You can  make the decision for yourself.
  4. Empower others!- Create a culture of resistance — by making collective actions and solidarity more attainable. Today, I don’t know any other mom fueled organization that empower moms better than Momsrising. Power is unequally distributed in organisations. That may never change, but organizations like Momsrising implements a number of strategies that can reduce the power of the strong or at least curtail their ability to use such power.
    William "Bill" Brawley

In closing, On April 24, 2015, Rep. Bill told a room full of young kids that one day he wouldn’t be here and someone will have to fill his house seat for the 103rd District. He asked “Why not you?” I dream of one day asking a mom of a upper echelon when did they know they were raising a “Decision Maker / member of the upper echelon.

Moms we are indeed in politic. Everyday of our life is a direct reflection of our action/ inaction. We have to  prepare our children now for tomorrow. It will make the difference between our children watching things happen and wondering why and making things happen.

Election EVE! Should Stay at Home Moms Vote for Romney?

Today will be a very stressful one. Not only will voters decide who our next president will be, but they will also have a say in what public education in California will look like in years to come. If Proposition 30 or 38 does not pass, teachers will lose their jobs, class sizes will get bigger, and school will end in May. Low income children will suffer the most. A lot has been said during the last few days about stay at home moms. How does voting affect sahms?

Was Ann Romney’s Stay at Home Mom Experience the Same as Yours?

Ann Romey, a wealthy stay at home mom, thinks we have the work thing all covered and confirmed. Saying Ann Romney has never worked a day in her life’ when she has raised 5 sons is such a sublimely ignorant statement, it’s daunting! This is about what benefits the families of stay at home moms and moms all over this country.

See this presidential clip! (it’s really good!)

Michelle helps me stay focus on keeping my children healthy.She even stated yesterday that, “Every mother works hard, and every woman deserves to be respected.”  …..but that does not guarantee a landed vote to her husband either. Here’s what a moron friend of mine said: Mormon women honor the religion we share with Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney. But on Election Day, thousands and thousands of us will cast our votes in support of President Obama. She said- “No mother should have to choose between health care for her children and the other necessities of life. No one should have to go bankrupt because they get sick, or have a disabled child. I am a Mormon woman who supports Barack Obama because of the Affordable Health Care Act. ”

What do stay at home moms care about? 

I surf alot, & came across one blogger that asked if her readers were rich Romney moms or Foodstamping Obama Mamas. I seen some of the most interesting answers. Some votes promised to vote for Johnson(an independent) some simply said Not Voting all together. A “wealthy” responder said they were voting for Obama. What an amazing concept,some people with money actually care about social issues more then what is in their wallet or bank account lol.

Here’s one stay at home moms surprising statement of how she will select a candidate. Formato’s explains that from the 2 choices, she didn’t trust Mitt, & her enthusiasm for Obama has waned. “He hasn’t changed anything.” That’s not the 1st time I heard it that way.

Needless to say this is gonna be another interesting election! I’d say Neither-I am an american showing up to vote for whomever I darn well please.

1. Moms Worry About Paying the Bills– When it comes to managing finances moms can be experts. Many moms do everything within their power to make sure the money their husbands earn goes a long way, and with the declining wages that we are facing even though big corporations are getting richer, moms are the best line of defense when it comes to making sure family finances are cared for.

2.Moms Care About Health Care– When a child is sick many moms will stay up all night caring for their sick child. Moms will not hesitate to take a sick child to the hospital, unless they do not have health insurance. Stay at home moms are particularly concerned with health insurance because they live in a one income house hold. They know that without insurance they can’t afford health care for their family. Many moms worry about their kids who have medical conditions and how insurance companies deny coverage to sick children all the time.

3.Moms Care About Education– In addition to the housekeeping shores moms make sure that children do their home work when they get home from school. Moms are partners with our teachers. All moms care deeply about their children’s education. Republicans on the other hand do not appear to care about education. They want to dismantle school systems and refuse to care for teachers, and that negatively affects children. They want to get rid of Pell grants, school lunch programs and essentially public education. That is why most moms reject Mitt Romney.

VOTE!!!!!! (if you need a fun teaching moment and in Charlotte, watch the election with your family together at the Venue!) Click here for details!

– Till next time, QC Supermom