My POTUS and I, in the QC

President Barack Obama visits ImaginOn for a a town hall-style discussion on the Paycheck Fairness Act, his proposal to increase the federal child tax credit and to expand the earned income tax credit.

Obama and qc supermom

There were only 150-200 tickets given out INCLUDING the media,bloggers, politicians, community leaders,Mom groups and Johnson and Wales Women’s Basket-Ball Team. Doors opened at 1 pm, the president got there at 2:30 pm. My seat was about 7 ft from the President Of The United States. I could see the perfect trim lines on his edges. There were just 4 questions asked and everything was over by 3:55 pm. I was able to make it back in time to pick up my daughters from Charter School. What a perfect day! obamaTownHallMeeting

A lady on my right was selected to ask her question as well as a lady on my left.

DSCF9045 I’m just gonna drop a few of the pictures here and walk away!  MomsRising with POTUSJohnsonandwales Wildcats See more here—-> POTUS PASS My question would have been as follows: Today we are talking about healthcare, equal pay and in essence getting our voices heard. Right now I am a practicing doula of 9. In 2005 I lost a 11yr old daughter to AIH. She did not get a liver in time.  She was treated a major medical center and took her last breath with both grandmas, both parents, and newly made hospital friends. We fought foe her. I knew that there were less abrasive options for her wellness available.  These options were less expensive, more gentle on her young body at one point, they were all we had as a civilization. But I was fought on every turn to explore these options. This would have been the cases for my infant son years later. He was diagnosed with a disease called Kawasaki disease.  The remedy was steroids and a blood transfusion. THIS time, we From that experience, I decided that more moms needed a voice, guidance and options. But here we are. In NC we aren’t considered a part of the medical staff and our pay isn’t covered with most mainstream insurance. I want equal pay too. How can I get it?

If you had a opportunity to ask the president anything, what would you ask?  NOTE: I can’t guarantee he’ll answered them, but you never know know. Who knew that this girl would be sitting that close to our POTUS ??? Leave it below, I’m listening.momsrising in CharlotteDYK:  Charlotte economy has healed considerably over the course of the nearly six-year recovery. The region added about 41,000 jobs last year, one of the strongest gains the area has ever seen, said Mark Vitner, managing director and senior economist at Wells Fargo in Charlotte.