Sheroes Speed Networking for FBLA

I tell ya, March is a ok month by me! It’s Women’s History Month, Doula Week, and it’s also the birth month of a very close mom friend, my dad, sister and niece.

That’s a lot, especially since we are just winding down from my son’s MEAC championship and Big Dance tickets in the NCAA! Pirates

Now the real fun begins. My daughter is in FBLA (Future Business Leaders Of America)

Right now, they are raising money for their conference next month and so am I.  In honor of Women’s History Month! Why, because, it’s my hope that she along with the other female members will be very soon.

Charlotte Speed networking

On Friday March 27,th 2015, we’re celebrating Women’s History Month Speed Networking event at Howl At The Moon on behalf of Kennedy Charter High School’s FBLA .

This is not your everyday meeting and we are so excited to do it for a good cause! There is no better way to put your elevator pitch to the test than to throw yourself into a speed-networking event.

THIS Friday, you will have the chance to meet more professionals faster! Within ten minutes  you can find your next partner, client, or new friend. Register today! sn

6:00pm – 6:30pm Check-in, Networking, FREE Buffet included

6:30pm – 9:30pm Speed Networking

When: This Friday  27th March from 5pm- 9:pm

Where: Howl At The Moon, EpiCentre, 210 E Trade St, Charlotte, NC 28202    Phone:(704) 936-4695

We are selling tickets and taking donations online. Click here!

Top Ten TIPS

1 Take 20 or more business cards
2 Have your elevator pitch ready
3 Listen as well as talk
4 The person you are speaking with may not directly relate, but may know someone who does
5 If you don’t know of the other person’s prior business or what it does, ask them to clarify – Otherwise you might miss an opportunity
6 Take notes about the speaker on the back of their business card – Don’t be offended if you see someone writing on the back of yours, this is good for jogging memory!
7 Exchange Business Cards with each network partner
8 Aim to network further with people you haven’t met before
9 If you know you want to speak to someone again, arrange to follow up with an email or call to ensure that they remember you
10 The cardinal rule is to follow up if you said you would

Let’s support our future business leaders of America! I hope to see you there!

QC Supermom

Friday Four:Women of the elements

Women’s History Month continues! Shining Stars!

Let’s take a trip back in high school where we learned about the elements. No, not the band, but the Periodic Table of Elements.


 In 1993 while in college I started reading zodiacs signs. I discovered how different months of birth were represented by categories ( the fire signs all have some element of “forcefulness” in them. The Earth signs are “practical and down-to-earth”. The Air signs are “thoughtful or intellectual”. And the water signs are “emotional”.)

  • Earth represented things that were solid.

    Earth, Water, Fire, and Wind. by Buttertoast12

    Earth, Water, Fire, and Wind. by Buttertoast12

  • Water represented things that were liquid.
  • Fire represented things that destroy.
  • Air represented things that moved.Void or Sky/Heaven represented things not of our everyday life.

Sitting here thinking about 4 shinning stars / women that influence me the most, and here is what I came up with based on those elements. 

1.Odessa Thompson (Water) My childhood pastor. She was the community builder. Everyone knew her for creating something incredible out of nothing. She sold many things and encourage other women to do the same. Her spiritually was firm and the need to defend herself/beliefs weren’t necessary. She told my mom that I was going to be a blessing to my family.

2. Janie Lee Session Pressley  (Earth) Oh my goodness, I learned so much from my mom. She was so perfect. She taught me unconditional love, how to be a wife and how to serve with a humble heart.

3. Laura  (Wind) She is the only woman I know that has more children than myself.I remember visits to her home. She was always proud of all of her children. I’ve never seen a women happy to cook such large meals on a regular basis. To me, motherhood was the highlight of her life. She never complained. And I know it was hard because she did it alone. Today, her children are honoring her and she is enjoying every minute of it. The cries, hustle, sacrifice were worth it.

4. Renora Hyman (Fire) Talk about a woman that wore many hats. She told me the story about how she wanted to buy her 1st home. The realtor told her that she needed her husband to sing for the house. She walked out and 3 years later she walked into a different realtor office and walked out a homeower*. She finance other ventures as a chef. The best advice she ever gave me was to keep the balls empty and the belly full.

As you can see each of these women has impressed my life deeply. I am so proud of each of them and to this day I proudly accept lessons I’ve learned from each of them.

I thought this was much fun. Want to know your element? Wind, Earth, Water, or Fire? Take this personality quiz on your element type. or this one. It’s just as cool.

Well there you have it. If you want to understand women more, go elemental my dear!

See you at the Disney Jr. Prince and Princess show,


Get your tickets here for the live show on the 20th!

Get your tickets here for the live show on the 20th!


Wednesday Wow: The Shero Cheat Sheet

We’re still celebrating Women’s History Month.

No mom wants to be “the mom from hell”. You know, those challenging days when everything seems to piss you off, even then you want to at least seem like a decent mom. Being a “Shero” is a stretch but guess what, anything of value is worth the effort.

Disclosure: Sheros are human. Yes we have bad days. I know this is true because I have days like that myself. As a matter of fact, this post is late because of that very reason. My children are trying me today. On top of that, my husband and the teen girls are gone for the evening.

Shero practices:

Be careful when dragging them out of the store.

Be careful when dragging them out of the store.

deliveryKnow that they are small for only a short time . Don’t wait to enjoy them.

Get help. Everyone doesn’t wan to be just a mom. With the right connections, you can have both a rewarding motherhood and work life.

You will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks.‘( Winston S. Churchill)

Let your haters be your motivators. Basically, know that everyone is not rooting for you. Continue to love yourself, family, and life enough to stay focused.

Surround yourself with positive people- Find mentors.

Wisdom does not come overnight. ~(Somali proverb)

Have a reason to succeed learn, learn & learn.Then learn even more.

A Fool And His Money Are Soon Parted –Understand the power of your money

It took God 7 days, calm down a pace your self.

Always be willing to bring something to the table.

Always be willing to bring something to the table.

Always be willing to bring something to the table.

A mom who uses force all of the time, she is afraid of reasoning. ~Kenyan proverb –  That means don’t be so fast to spank your child, or start a street fight. 🙂

Make & keep your “me time!”

Always look for ways to over produce.

Find a reason to laugh at yourself.

Disney Junior Live On Tour! Pirate & Princess Adventure ticket giveaway

Disney Junior Live On Tour! Pirate & Princess Adventure ticket giveaway
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Keep your promise and if you can’t say so early on.

A small glass of wine, a great soy based candle and soft music is ok.

So there’s my growing list. I’m sure I’ll edit it many times as long as I’m a mom. Friday, I’ll share with you four of my top influential women.

Find Your Balance, QCSupermom


Friday Four: Women’s History Month for SAHMs

This month we are celebrating women by acknowledging their purpose and influence in our lives. 

My children ask on a regular “Mom, when are you going back to work?” The teens want the freedom that comes with both parents away from home and my young sons see many women in a place of business. So yes, I understand where they are coming from. However, one day they understand and appreciate the history I’m building now for their future was well worth the investment.

No, she can be anything she wants except UNGRATEFUL, a prostitute or drug dealer; I might step in then.

I’d rather not be in some high end, drudging career myself.- QCSAH mom

Like many other mothers, history is being made right now while we raise our children.   If you’re anything like me, you decided that you wanted to see every 1st of your child. That choice alone comes with consequences. I have chosen to make the most of this time by making sure I give them everything they need to survive,  Let me connect Women’s History Month to Stay at Home Moms.

Here are 4 Things You Shouldn’t Say to A SAHM during Women’s History Month

1. Well, maybe one day, you’ll do something worthy to be remembered.  We SAHM’s are tremendously influential in helping our children thrive and give them countless amounts of encouragement and support to foster their independence and self worth. Being able to stay home is a blessing that many children don’t have and many need.

2. Why do you think you should ever be considered special? Somehow we have embraced the idea that in order to be successful, women have to be CEOs of Fortune 500s. But that’s not true. I am a leader raising leaders at home. As they say, “The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.”

3. SAHM’s aren’t famous for anything  in any history book. Here’s just 1 for you dear! Abigail Adams raised President John Quincy Adams while advocating and modeling an expanded roles for women in public affairs during the formative days of the United States. Eat that.

4. When are you going back to work?  UUugh, I do work. My job goes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. There are no sick days, no vacation days and relatively few breaks and quiet times. (Also see this great link about today’s SAHM)

As a woman that has worked both in and out of the home, it is easier to answer to one boss for a few hours than multiple little bosses all day and night.

Somewhere in there they attend a PTA meeting or some sort of charitable or neighborhood committee, or bake something for a bake sale. These are all things that contribute to our community. But admittedly a lot of working moms just don’t have time for such activities- QCSAHM

It’s great that we have a month devoted to women, but we should celebrate and educate ourselves daily on the women who have made our world a better place.

Happy Women’s History Month.  I appreciate the women who fought so that I can have a fulfilling life. I’m glad I’m able to help my children follow their dreams.

My Good Night message to all my fellow SAHM’s 

QC Supermmom