Friday Four: Welcoming a Baby While Starting a Business: How to Do It

By, Leslie Campos of

Being a business owner means working through various challenges and issues. But operating a startup when welcoming a baby into the world comes with a unique set of difficulties. In fact, most entrepreneurs who experienced this say that having a baby and starting a business simultaneously is daunting — but entirely doable.


Founders who launched a business while welcoming a baby are usually committed to creating company cultures where everyone can enjoy family-friendly benefits like paid leave and flex time. Although it’s definitely not an easy feat, both can be done. Read on to find not just four but five tips from QC Supermom on how to balance these two unique experiences.

1.Register Your Business

If you have yet to do so, it’s critical to determine the type of business you’ll be running, whether it’s a sole proprietorship or a partnership, but many small business owners opt to form a limited liability company (LLC). As an LLC, not only are your personal assets protected, but there are tax advantages, and less paperwork is required. By visiting a formation service’s web page, you’ll save a lot by not having to pay an expensive attorney to complete the process. You’ll also learn all you need to know about starting a new business.

2.Create a Schedule

Although some days are less productive than you would like, it’s essential to take advantage of your peak energy hours. Whether you’re a morning person or a night owl, you should learn to carry out the most critical tasks during the period you’re most active. Creating a schedule can also help tremendously, especially since both the baby and the business are relatively new things you need to get used to. Establish work hours, time to spend with your partner, and alone time. By setting up a schedule, you’ll be able to balance the needs of your newborn and also take care of your venture.

3. Keep Perspective

​An unexpected benefit of welcoming a new baby while starting a business is how easy you’ll find it to let things go. Starting a family or adding to it gives you a fresh and incredible perspective on what really matters. You won’t stress about having every answer, closing every lead, or the day-to-day setbacks that come from being your own boss and a new parent. Stay focused on the bigger picture, and don’t beat yourself up over small mistakes or things you believe you have to do. Simply stay attentive to your needs and your baby’s while doing your best for your business.

4.Be Flexible

​You don’t know how it is to have a baby at home until you have it. A schedule will help you break your days into doable steps, but you also need to be quite flexible throughout the day. The exhaustion and chaos that comes with welcoming a new baby into the family should be put out by naps and alone time that allow you to recharge, maintain your mental and physical health, and relax.

Besides taking a nap when you’re feeling tired, wearing comfortable clothes can also help you feel more relaxed in your new double role as a mom and business owner. A pair of leggings, cozy maternity tees, and oversized sweaters can help you feel comfortable yet presentable enough to work on your business from home.

BONUS: Say Yes to Help

Friends and family members will probably want to support you after the baby arrives. Don’t refuse their help, especially since you also have a business to run. Relying on friends and family for postpartum support gives you a chance to breathe more easily and also shows you that you are loved and cared for.

If your family lives far away or cannot help you with your baby, consider hiring an experienced babysitter. You can also use various smart technologies you set up in the baby’s room to keep an eye on them while you work in your home office. It’s essential to learn to outsource both in everyday life and in business.

The Bottom Line

Times have changed. The more moms dare to start and run a business, the more people realize that they don’t have to choose between having a baby and launching a startup. Thanks to numerous resources online like the tips above, you can even learn how to balance the two daily.

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Wednesday Wow: Mama’s, Let’s Make Some Bread At Home

If you recall, last week, I began telling you about opportunities to really make money while being a stay at home and work from home mom. This week I’m actually giving you links and other resources to help you stress less, bring something to the table and build your self esteem. These suggestions do not work for everyone. They all require real work and are free to begin.I am personally knowledgeable of each point below. So please click on the links. Also note that because I do, it doesn’t mean I’m a member of each of them. ( Personally I would never sign up for a program that charge me anyway)

Check out Cassie Sweetz

Check out Cassie Sweetz

 You may as well have fun with your lil one now. Why wait? Pick a design and let’s have some fun. Our artist can paint…

 Lista         LiveOps

Private, CPR certified, mobile sitter and small event planner in Charlotte, NC.

Private, CPR certified, mobile sitter and small event planner in Charlotte, NC.

Now a wave of smartphone apps, including Checkout 51, Ibotta and Snap by Groupon, allow you to take a photo of your receipt from the grocery store to earn cash back on certain items without clipping coupons. Another app, ReceiptHog, rewards users for uploading their receipts rather than rewarding them for purchasing specific products.


This list is loaded with leads and in-depth instructions! 


Work-from-home ideas for stay-at-home moms

10 Best Jobs You Can Do From Home

This list can be used by anyone- like consignment shop, diaper cake maker…… you know normal easy stuff!

15 Surprising Work-from-Home Jobs

This site shows you HOW to get these jobs! 

This list is the realist! Good Money making ideas!

She’s has a nice list too! 

Okay, this should get you off to a great start, Thank me by sharing,liking or even better adding your tips! There are so many moms looking for real- legal money answers!  Now let’s make some MONEY!!!

J, QC Supermom

An Idle Mind is the Devils Workshop: A Teens Guide to Summer #1

You’ve heard that saying before right?  An idle mind is the devils workshop. Or maybe you’ve heard it like this: The idle bodie and the idle braine is the shoppe [workshop] of the deuill, or even, “Tell him to be [a] good boy and study hard.It  all boils down to this, unless you want brain drain and a whole in your wall, find something for your child to do.

                   But what to do with your teens during the summer when school is out?


If your mind isn’t occupied with positive things you will think up trouble and get into it. You need to find something productive to do before you cause problems for yourself.- QC Supermom

Part I- -part II will be in Wednesdays wow! This series is gonna bless somebody. It’s just that good.

It is very difficult to keep your mind off of negatives when you have a lot of time to think; and nothing productive to think about. Previously I shared some great summer tips for preschoolers. Then my teens reminded me that they too deserved a blog of ideas for them to consider. So here we go. A list of geared to keep teenagers busy this summer. Most of these maybe kick started by the help of family & friends. Everyone knows somebody, right?!


The Big Sister

The Big Sister

Babysitters are paid well for their time. I have friends in Charlotte who pay their babysitters $12-$15 an hour. You could even barter your pay. Payment varies depending on the sitter’s age, kids age, duration and activities. (Being CPR certified will get you even more pay)

Car Wash attendant

Fast cash and a great workout! The common wet down on a hot day will be an extra perk! What else can I say?

Pet Walker

You don’t have to be a dog whisper to do this. Just walk the dog.I have an older friend . She has a tiny, playful dog. They walk to the mailbox together most days, but guess who can make that money on the days she’s not feeling well?  YOU! Why stop there? Go a step further. Offer to wash & dress the pet for a couple of dollars more.

Personal Assistant

I’m sure that you know some moms that are totally stretched out.(                     ) They need more hours in a day. What if you can make their day easier and get paid? Grocery, crafts, clothes, travel, even  entertainment shop for moms,and their busy families.The more options the better. Just always look for deals, frills, bells and whistles to add value to your offerings. Think perceived value!

Salon Helper  summer

Sweep, get refreshments, sell perfume, necklaces, etc. Be the person they look for for those extras just before heading out for the night! Keyword is convenience, available and adorable! (Soon you maybe able to sell on Esty with your own  signature line)

Restaurant Wait Staff

Although you’ll be on your feet for the entire shift, you’ll also learn about serving, effective communication skills and the value of a great smile. Why? Because most of your money will come from customer tips.

Camp Counselor

If you love the outdoors and don’t mind being away from home, camp counseling is a great way to enjoy the summer and make new friends. With all the socializing and activities, it’s practically as fun as being a camper. Plus, the time away from home is great prep for college life. If you are a good leader this may be for you.

“While some of your friends may be logging major couch time in front of the TV, getting nowhere, you may very well find yourself updating your resume, figuring out ways to save the Earth, or brainstorming about business ideas with other friends who, like you who don’t parents want to see a devils workshop in their house. ”- QC Supermom

Park Employee

Check out the job opportunities at state and national parks. There’s a wide range of work to be done, from guest services to concessions to getting down and dirty in the wilderness. You’ll get to work in a beautiful environment and learn about local ecology.


We found Elmo at the Herbalife party!!!

We found Elmo at the party!!!

Who said that jobs need to pay in cash? Volunteer work can give you something many paying jobs can’t: that warm fuzzy feeling.  This is an excellent  way to perk up your resume and college applications. And at the end of the day,you may have learned a new skill.

So find a way to stay busy. Be productive. Keep your mind occupied. More tips in Wednesdays post. Share it!

Till be next big question, take care!

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