Who is QC Supermom?



Welcome to my blog,  QC Supermom!

Kelle Pressley live and home-school in Charlotte, North Carolina. She often travel for work as a blogger, holistic doula, non denominational minister, urban horticulturist and activist; which is NOT how she got the name “Super Mom” (more on that later.) She and her disabled veteran husband of over two decades have nine children. ( five boys and four girls) Eight of which are living.

Growing up in the south, has been essential to the inspiration of her blog posts. Through sincerity and sometimes humor, Kelle captures the true essence of being a southern mom of many. If not pushing produce for The Bulb, hanging out with Queen City Stay At Home Moms enjoying educated play dates, or shutffing the kids around the QC for whatever reasons, she can be found behind her beloved laptop blogging away on her adventures in co-op homeschooling, community events, AAU basket ball etc…. We invite you come and see what motherhood is all about, from a recovering helicopter mom point of view. Gosh, I love speaking in third person sometimes. -sorry!

Stay a while, get connected, and if your kids aren’t dismantling the house (like mine are….) Just leave a comment introducing yourself.  Oh, and don’t forget to connect on IG and Facebook.

My father showed me what to look for in a man, husband, father and friend! Who knew the same 2 would be the ones to drives me to my wits end!!
My father showed me what to look for in a man, husband, father and friend! Who knew the same 2 would be the ones to drive me to my wits end!!

–          2005 Lost 70lbs and a 11 year old daughter

–          2006 Selected Supermom by the MCFVC

–          2007 Created and grew QC Stay at Home Moms

–          Same year created and grew Queen City Hip Mamas

– 2008 Became a Non Denominational Minister via ULC

–          2010 Planned, organized, and hosted the 1st Total Children’s Wellness Fair

–          Became a holistic doula. This a quick peek at what I offer. Watch here.

– 2012 I began to do A LOT of branding, blogging and product reviewing! undefinedThat me and my little guys with Food Babe and Jennifer from EarthFare!

– 2015 Hosted 1st NC Shero Awards Ceremony – sponsored by Momsrising, Charlotte Mecklenburg Public Library, Queen City Stay At Home Moms and The Black Ferris Bueller. Here’s a direct submission There’s LaPronda Spain speaking.

– 2018 1st MLK Birthday Party with phenomenal young storyteller. (ignore the camera girl-me) Watch it here.

– 2019 Testified on Capitol Hill for Moms Clean Air against the Nomination of Andrew Wheeler by the U.S. President for Deputy Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency Read That Here!

– 2020 I’ve written 3 more books. Adopted a little girl. Offer three different co-op classes at the local YMCA (STEAM, Financial Literacy, and Urban Horticulture)

– Built a green house with the homeschoolers. Hosted four Vegan friendly Family Valentine’s Day parties, Hosted four events for Women’s History month. Created a Holistic doula training course.

– Participated in the 2020 State of Black Maternal Health during COVID-19 Symposium by Councilwoman Alma Adams. I represented Momsrising’s amazing work on the MOMINBUS Act and the benefits of having a doula during trying times. Replay it here.

–          To be continued………
Note from Kelle,
Hello friends, while I can’t tell you a thing about ice skiing (yet), or raising livestock. But If you want to know how to:

  • make a dollar out of $.15
  • motivate your kids to be their best
  • find local, affordable & fun things to do with your child
  • communicate with an ex, baby daddy, husband
  • keep your man excited about you
  • love yourself and heal your spirit
  • sneak quality time for yourself
  • stop fundamental bad behaviors
  • prepare for child birth
  • prepare for pre school – high school homeschooling
  • prepare for college (including college scouts)
  • natural cleaning tips
  • recycle & understand why it is important for everyone!
  • how to advocate for yourself and your family
  • talk about sex with your son and daughter
  • how to grow food in small spaces and water

I will never tell a soul that I know everything because I don’t. But I love researching and learning from others. So please hang around and let’s learn from each other.


Let me tell you about the moms I attract. Click here! Please let me know how we can work together. My work and life are both strong but not separate.

Kelle L. Pressley- Perkins

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  1. Love reading your blog..we must definitely get together and talk, my 15 year old is interested in the culinary arts..

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