Wednesday Wow: An epiphany

Ever had an EPIPHANY?

I had one this morning and again this after noon. I’ve been praying for guidance for the longest of times.  And I think I got it.

You cant make a goat a pig……- right?

And you can’t make a book a salad ….right?

Ok, so tell me why in the BeJesus do momma’s  think I’m a baby sitter?

I was asked what do I do?  I said  tutor, cooking classes for kids, organize & host educational based play-dates, test products & services, promote total children  wellness, and I’m currently studying to become a doula.

Then the lady said, “well can you keep my kids????”  I’m thinking  that we must’ve had a disconnect some where.

I don’t Baby Sit!!!

But what I think I will do is build something  stronger. Something  empowering. Something in demand. Many of you know that I have a Stay At Home Mom group. I started it in 2007 right after having my four yr old. I knew that it wouldn’t be a big group because  it would be different. I would promote living in balance, but affordably. I wanted to attract mothers that wanted to be enlightened about all the branched of wellness. Spiritual, social, educationally, environmentally, physically, nutritionally, and financially. We would use each other as resources, support and refuge. So far so good.  I have over 100 members and have not only met those goals but have also became a community ambassador for many public kid friendly venues in Charlotte. QC SAHM has given away family tickets, house hold supplies, food items, referrals, contracted p-t jobs,

Here’s where the epiphany came today.

This morning ,at our weekly play-date, I had the pleasure of meeting one of our newest moms. After minutes of updating her about our group I discovered that she was a decent paid professional that chose to be at home with her new son. AND there are many like her that are members of my group.

Ok, here’s where the epiphany came the second time today.

Later today, I found out that daycares in the QC can run from $140.00 to $197.00. {wow!} I also thought about the cost of parenting classes, the value of  job finders and other great services that is offered  for free with membership. I really have something here! It’s original, affordable, and in demand.

Play-dates with enhanced motherhood support- QC SAHM

I picture in my mind a network of moms. Powerful,educated, professional stay at home moms that grow from the strengthens of each other to keep their industry knowledge and practice current, resourceful,vital and in demand.This would be the most powerful “play- group” in the QC, and this is the direction of the New QC SAHM. If you aren’t a member- join us! Membership is just $5.00, But the rewards are priceless!

You should not have to give up your professional image completely to be a GREAT mom!–  QC Supermom

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