Dad v/s Dad-Daddy’s Home (review)

Anyone Can BE A daddy, it takes a real man to be a co-daddy!


See this movie on Christmas Day!

Parents, you know those pictures your baby brought home from school? The ones with stick people? Go grab them out of the file cabinet and take a look at them. If you had a broken leg, or a dagger in your head, or anything else hurtful like that, chances are your kid(s) don’t like you. It’s not my words, it’s what passive, step daddy, radio executive  Brad said.


In a perfect world, you get pregnant, then you, your man and baby live happily ever after.The End. I know it doesn’t always work that way. It didn’t for me. And that’s not a bad thing.


In the movie,  there is a single mom of two small kids. Their dad, Dusty  walked out and Brad happily  rushed in bearing huge smiles and groceries filled arms! Unlike the kids dad, he is responsible, wants kids, stable, and just an all around safe bet for the family.

Unfortunately,the kids don’t like him because he isn’t their dad. Normal Right?  Dusty returns and the battle of testosterone begins!  He now wants his family back.He moves in the family home, making breakfast with his big muscles,charming and Fix It Duck self.–Just a bad arse*– But mama, keeps holds it together and it ends like a well written 21st century fairy tale.Daddys-Home-(2015)-poster

No spoiler alert here but I will add, that the children WIN!

I tend to look deeper when I watch movies. I look at the roles each character plays. Both dads brought something amazing to the family.

There was a load of messages in the movie. 

~ Some fights can be danced out

~Children are taught racism from their role models

~ Blended families can work and it’s worth any and all efforts from both natural mature  parents

~ Take advantage of any and all parenting help.

Young crushes are still so very cute ! This movie is chock full of button popping laughs. See it on Christmas Day!!

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