Vaccinate: A Parents Choice

I value my pediatrician’s advice, but I don’t always do as he has suggested. I make informed decisions and to some extent, I also trust my instincts. My kids are vaccinated on a slightly modified schedule and there are seasonal vaccinations that we say no to. There are risks with every vaccine, just as there are risks with not getting vaccinated, which is why I believe parents should have the right to choose to vax their children or not. If a parent is that concerned that their child will be studying next to a kid who hasn’t been vaccinated, then that parent should also consider never taking their child to the supermarket, the public parks, the library, or on any playdate without first seeing records of immunization. 

 ( Don’t worry, I home school so, our kids won’t be classmates)

A parent who vaccinates also shouldn’t be overly concerned about other children who aren’t because they are already protected — isn’t that why they got the vaccine in the first place? Besides, it’s not like non-vaccinated kids are walking around carrying every frightening disease out there. They aren’t. When it comes to school, all children despite if they are vaccinated or not, should be allowed in. We pay a lot of taxes for public school. And private schools are costly. Most likely a private school will have full disclosure on their policies and parents see if it’s in line with their way of thinking so this isn’t much an issue there. But it is for public schools.

Now, don’t get me wrong, there are some vaccines I feel no hesitation about giving to my kids (on a delayed schedule) while there are others I’d like to see more long term research on that doesn’t come from the pharmaceutical company that manufactures and profits from it.

I do know that there are kids who cannot be vaccinated because of immune deficiency issues or because they have cancer or the like.   Did you know that some vaccinations started off as aborted babies and though the cells of those babies are not in the vaccination the source is still the aborted babies, you can look this up if you want it is just a google away!)
There is also a religious exemption (a certain type) say that your child cannot get into heaven if they have been vaccinated.

Here’s what a friend said:

My children get vaccinated for things like the hepititis shot, that their little bodies could NEVER become immune to naturally.
But chicken pox, the flu, measels, etc, if they catch it naturally, its better for them. Then their bodies know how to fight off the real virus. 2 of mine have had chicken pox, 2 have had measels. The flu? Its almost non-existant in our house. And guess what? My son and I BOTH caught swine flu, from the neighbor boy who got a vaccine for it. Well, he gets a flu shot of some sort every year, and gets some flu more than once a year. After my son & I recovered naturally from it, we didn’t even get a cold the rest of the year.
The government and public schools have no right telling me what I can and can’t do, when I see the proof of what works for my family right in front of my face

Do you think the decision to vaccinate should lie with parents? Or should the government and schools get involved?

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