Friday Four: Family Friendly Hotels Rates

vacationoTime for a vacation.

I do not want to stay in a low budget, domestic battling, loud music banging, no breakfast or no wi-fi having motel. But with my husband in the planning seat, something tells me I need to search long and hard for the our quick trip to the beach.


Mission impossible maybe, but I’m gonna give it a shot! OPERATION: ‘Family Friendly Hotels Rate’ is in action!


Gone are the days when I could run into my Human Resource Department and come out with a employee hotel rate voucher of Family and Friend voucher, to secure my getaway to a beautiful 4,5 star hotel. Oh, how I miss those days. Time to grab the classifieds. If you ever worked at a hotel, or enjoyed heavily discounted room rates you know how painful it is to listen to quotes three and four times higher. People, the struggle is real.

There are few travel agents in the business who talk DSCF5287   glowingly about their best customers being educated customers. The industry credo is something more along the lines of, ‘ignorance is bliss.'” Be a savvy consumer and use a few smart tips when reserving, staying in or checking out of your next hotel.-Travel Tips, USA Today

We want to celebrate Noah’s 2nd year of life on the beach and scamming to find a descent rate for one night. Since we no longer have a co-op timeshare, this cost sensitive, six person, birthday, one night getaway is considered by many mission impossible. BUT LOOK AT THIS FACE…….

Noah's turning 2

Noah’s turning 2

he’s so worth it.  So here’s my plan: Find a location with an in & outdoor pool.  (Good thing none of us want to be on Myrtle Beach. So, Pawley’s Island is it)

“I recently stayed in a four-star hotel in downtown Seattle on a weekend night for $69 through,” she says. “Had I booked directly through the hotel, a similar room would have cost me about $150.”

Since our van is not available, we gotta secure a rental for the ride there and back. Thank goodness for Crown Rental on Orr Rd. They offer great rates to us because we have patronized them quite a bit noah

Thank goodness that we do have a charge card, and certain group memberships, we have access to deals and other online booking incentives. Including U.S. Veteran, and USAA membership.

‘I’d really like to stay here, but $80 a night is a bit higher than my budget allows. Would you consider dropping that by 15 percent?’ @Bankrate on Twitter | Bankrate on Facebook

My husband chilllaxing.

My husband chilllaxing.

I don’t expect to find a $29-$49 room rate, but I wont find any sitting here typing for you. Gotta go now! I found these awesome travel links to a treasure of crazy money saving strategies.:Enjoy!

Independent Traveler 

How to Get the Lowest Rate on Your Hotel Room

WIKI How Tips

Hotel Lingo

Conversations of a general manager

Go outside this weekend and have some fun!

QC Supermom


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