The Attack On Our Brown Babies


Every post won’t be filled with peaches and cream. This one surely isn’t!:


Why are so many Black women having abortions?


Margaret Sanger, the woman who’s work led to the creation of Planned Parenthood, and the ways in which her views on race have soiled her legacy and scared many Black folks away from the choice movement (deep sigh). Today, I want to raise awareness of the high number of abortions performed for Black women, who are five times more likely to terminate a pregnancy and contribute to 36% of the country’s abortions, according to the Guttmacher Institute.

As a mother of 6 (+2). I had my first in high school as a senior. And it was a hard decision. Nah, let me stop, it was embarassing. Being the only senior walking around with such a big belly. I had two choices. One to abort or two, to carry and care for my growing virus as I called it! ………I chose life! I couldn’t live with wondering who and what I destroyed.

Don’t get me wrong- I am not imposing any moral codes upon anyone who doesn’t subscribe to the same set of values, as this post relates only to how I value life.

None the less, it would be nice to see the number of Black women who terminate their pregnancies decline. Why? Because in conjunction with our STD-infection rate, this number tells us that far too many of us are engaging in high-risk sexual behavior for the purpose of pleasure only…a pleasure that we can still have WITH contraceptive use. For that reason, I beg and plead with anyone who reads this blog (and with the people in my offline life and with the young women I mentor/have mentored in the past) to please, please, PLEASE protect yourselves, protect your partner and do all that you can to avoid a pregnancy (or illness) that you do not want. For real. FOR REAL.

My Baby

How I ended up with 6 children  (+2 more) is a long story. Lets just say that I’m so happy that I married a man that loves his big family!

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