Last weekend to File your taxes- Here’s What To Deduct!

Top 25 1099 Deductions For Independent Contractors

Being a part of the gig economy comes with a host of benefits but those benefits come with the added responsibilities and costs. Business taxes can be quite tricky. While the legislation includes numerous tax codes to offset many of the expenses associated with working for yourself, understanding what deductions to take on your tax forms can feel daunting.

Don’t sweat getting a form 1099-NEC. Here we will do a dive deep into tax deductions other than your typical office supplies. To shed some light and make itemizations a little less “taxing,” Keeper Tax has compiled a quick summary of deductions you might qualify for, and should be sure to take, in order to minimize your costs and maximize your success on your tax return.


Here’s one of my very best tips for specific industries…….. Open Google and enter- ” Common deductions for _________ (your industry) and get to lugging. Just make sure you have the receipts to back it up. Easy Peasy -right? Okay, now, get to work! The 18th will be here in no time!

Grab These: QuickBooks

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