Friday Four: It’s Doula Week!

doula1This week was World Doula Week! Did you celebrate by saying thank you?

I love doulas,midwives and other supportive birthing partners! I’ve used them for the last 4 births and it’s made a world of difference compared to the first 5 births. I’ve found them tobe able to minimize my stress and pain, level in oerder to enourage healthly- natural births

Have you met a doula? They are some of the most open minded people ever, and there are different types of birthing partners. Midwifes are one step above doulas and one step under OBGYN’s. and your husband are right there beside the doula. As she works as your assistant, voice, and planner. A post-partum doula is just as awesome, the will go from the pre labor, Labor and delivery , to the post care.  Yes, someone can come by and nurture mom after the birth and refrain from nagging about the state of the house.

I was talking with two of my mom friends and asked them to consider a doula. They both asked why and I responded by saying that a birth doula is knowledgeable about childbirth, understanding the physiology of birth and the emotional needs of a woman in labor. She provides continuous emotional support, physical comfort measures and an objective viewpoint while remaining with the woman throughout the entire labor and birth. The constant support is possible because birth doulas have no other “patients” to attend to, no shift change and no other responsibilities other than the overall well-being of the woman in labor.

chart doulaDoula’s  often use the power of touch and massage to reduce stress and anxiety during labor. Massage helps stimulate the production of natural oxytocin. The pituitary gland  secretes natural oxytocin to the bloodstream which causes uterine  contractions and also secretes it to the brain, which results in a  feeling of well being, drowsiness  and a raised pain threshold. Synthetic IV oxytocin can not cross into  the blood stream and brain, so it increases contractions without the  positive psychological effects of natural oxytocin.

At least  thirteen scientific studies evaluating the effectiveness of doulas have  shown that having a doula present at your birth can have the following  results:

  * Shorter labor by 25% (average two hours less for first time mothers)
* Reduced need for pain medication
* Fewer episiotomies
* 40% reduction in the use of forceps
* 40% reduction in the use of Pitocin
* 50% reduction in cesarean rate
* 60% reduction in the request of epidurals
* Greater satisfaction with the birth
* Better mother infant interaction
* Improved neonatal outcomes
* Increased breastfeeding success

Here’s just 4 reasons doulas are awesome!

  1. They can help you write an intelligent birthing plan.
  2. They help untangle labor and delivery myths, stress, and unfortunates.
  3. They help moms & family mentally prepare for birth/ a new addition.
  4. They can connect you with a very well stock list of local resources, service providers, and new mom goodies.

I’d say they are worth their weight in gold! To all of my Birthing Support Partners, THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU!!!!

Check out a few more things you’ll need to know.

Other benfits to having a doula

Congratulations on your pregnancy!onn

Wednesday Wow: Happy,Happy, Joy,Joy!

Wake up Nature, it’s Spring time! I LOVE Spring! I do! It’s so (deep breath here…..) Renewing! It’s like a button in my mind and body that has been reset. Who doesn’t love  SPRING ??

Now just in case you said “I don’t,” let me sell it a bit more. See


in spring, the trees share bright, new leaves on their delicate branches. The fields grow nutritious goodies and the entire nature says hello by  blooming!  Yes, even the grass kiddos!

Twitter has nothing over the songs the birds will tweet in the trees and bushes, ” joyfully announces: “Spring is here!

I was pregnant with Amen in this picture.

I was pregnant with Amen in this picture.

Ooh the pleasant, cool breeze brings the soft and sweet aroma of fresh outdoor fun with the children. Yes moms, it time to hide the handhelds and get outdoors! What better time to: 

  • Have a lemonade stand (Alex’s charity is good but make it more meaningful. After the sales, treat them & let them buy/make gifts to deliver to the hospital or senior living center.)
  • Enjoy a picnic (a great way to get kids excited about family time!)
  • Play in nature -garden, hike, etc.
  • Buy winter and fall clothes ( As stores make way for their summer clothing, winter clothes can be discounted more than 50%. )
  • Fly a Kite! Here’s a video- or go to this page for directions. It’s easy & I promise that you won’t break a nail.

Ready or not Spring is here! Are you sold on it yet?  I know you are.

Great things Always happen in Spring!

A few girl friends & I will build a seating area like this using wood pallets.

A few girl friends & I will build a seating area like this using wood pallets.

Noah doesn't like the camera.

This was taken at the RunWay For Fashion show at NC Dance Theater. It was Amazing!

Total Children’s Wellness Fair 2013

0769542It’s time to get all these community connections together for this years Total Children’s Wellness Fair. It’s the biggest event of the year for my stay at home mom support group. The theme will be “Sliders: The Perfect Universe.” My moms (from Queen City SAHM) are super duper excited and so far the event partners. Utilizing everyone’s strengthen I know this year will be the best one yet! As I believe it really does take a village to raise these little ones. I just posted information about it on another social media outlet and so far so good! The response was fantastic!hiv

Here are the details: Date 11.16.13 at  A New Vision Child Development Center

500 West 32nd Street, Charlotte, North Carolina.  from 11 am- 2pm.  We have a bunch of ‘Out Of The Box things planned, like the Re-Fashion show, the Mini Chef cook off, Artsy Dance by Oneaka, and the biggest showstopper ever… it’s so amazing, that I can’t even tell you about it.  I’ll save that till the week of the fair!

So, anyone that comes, they should expect:an engaging awaking in their child’s spiritual, social, physical, financial, environmental, educational, and nutritional wellness. It is targeted to from the unborn to the college student. Because it’s targeted to children, we took extra time to make sure they will enjoy themselves while there. I can’t wait!


Complete with live music and story telling. This fourth year should go in the books as the best Children Wellness Fair ever! We even have a design team and real industry professionals from every branch of wellness to steer head it’s success. tcwf

All of them are women ( I clare I didn’t plan it this way)  But it’s ok with me! I’m sure by November we’ll have a more balanced number of participants.

Till the next update, take care, QC Supermom

Friday Four: 4 Reasons to Never Give Up!

Right now is a GREAT time to be upset. It really is…..Why? Becasue The Harlem Globe Trotters are coming to put a smile on your face!

“Hello, Pity Party on isle one!”

I have acolorful love friend that is going through a rough spot right now. I don’t now what it is and may never ask her. But I read her Face Book post (if it’s on Facebook, it the truth -right?) Anyhoots, I figured that she can’t be the only one having a bad day, as sometimes, I too get very ruffled and have to pull myself back into the light. My husband can’t help, nor can the kids. I have to do it myself and in doing so I think it makes me a stronger person.

1. Let The People You Love

And Who Mean The World To You Be Your inspiration, to persist and persevere . Maybe you need to try a different angle, study more or
practice more but don’t give up!


2.  You don’t want to be known as someone that is weak and gives up. Go Out There
And Prove Yourself  and to the world that you CAN and WILL Achieve what you set out to do.(The only time you fail is when you give up.)

3.There Are People Worse-Off. Right now there
are Many People who are in a worse situation and environment than you are. Are you thinking about giving up running 5 miles a week? Think
about the person who is unable to even walk. You Are So Close. Often when you feel like you want to give up you are so close to making  Huge Breakthrough. affirm

4. Be Realistic. The chance of mastering something the first time you do it is Almost non-existent. Everything Takes Time To Learn And You Will MakE Mistakes. Grow From Them.

Now to my friends defense, she is one of the toughest, well balanced friends I have. I’m sure she’ll be okay. Especially with The Harem Globe Trotters playing this weekend,I know that sadness will be turned upside down. Those guys ROCK!  Have you gotten your tickets yet? Yes? Smart move. Your crew will love it. What a mental vacation ….No?….You still have a chance. Get busy.I’ll even share this offer with you. Don’t miss it. It’s only one show this year!HG_Mom Blog Offer_2013 Get your tickets for this Saturday at the Time Warner Arena! Promotional offer ends TODAY!!!!!

Till the next Pity Party, QC Supermom

Wednesday Wow! Being a SAHM

pinn teachus-001I am a proud mother of 9. Yes, I said NINE. Three short of a nice round dozen. I have been a stay/work at home mom for over ten years now, and have learn to enjoy every minute of it! I love, love, love being with my children and watching them grow every step of the way and I am constantly amazed at the things they do and say-and how quickly they learn. They are like sponges -and constantly absorb the world around them. Yet,

being a stay at home mom is anything but easy. I don’t try to have a perfectly clean house, ironed shirts, or gourmet meals. Walk into my house between 8-noon,you will see my 2 year old writing(on walls) or in front of the TV watching PBS or Nick Jr. You’ll see my 4 year old on his laptop or study book, the 5 year old inside his study book or other manipulatives, the teen girls engaged in their self guided assignments or at the library doing research. By 3, it’s free time till 5:30 dinner and bedtime by 9pm.


 I have been told you have your hands full more times than I would like to have been. Well I do. I go to the market daily. Twice a week we go to story time,Kid Yoga & UNC Charlotte Early Educator learning stations at the library. The 1st Saturday of each month, we go to the Kids Workshop at Home Depot, on Thursdays we eat dinner at Earth Fare (kids eat free*)  and on Mondays, we are at Monkey Joes. Since I also home school, we do a science project every 3 weeks and the remainder off the week are intensive study days. Sundays I’m day off. My husband take over.

Motherhood is a full- time job.  I think the key is making sure you get some grownup talk and support routinely. I am a founding member of Queen City Stay At Home Moms, and it’s wonderful if I do say so myself. Since everyone there was on single income, most of the activities are affordable. Try to find something that you can do that’s just for you, and do it with out the kids. And last but not least, don’t forget to squeeze in a date night with the hubby every once in a while! 😉


Hopefully, I’ve alleviated some fears of  becoming a productive Stay At Home Mom.  At the end of the day, if given the choice, stay at home!  The financial aspects of it have never been easy, but so far it’s worth all the conservative spending, home made veggie pizza, and the millions of educated play dates we’ve attended. Ultimately, it’s up to each family to decide what is right for them. Just make sure you have a good support group of friends, and try to enjoy every minute with your little ones. They grow up way too fast!

If you know a SAHM or dad, forward them this blog post and consider it a round of 


applause for all they do. You deserve it!  Well, till the next “boo-boo”, take care,  QC Supermom

Let’s talk about Easter !! ( Yea, I hijacked it again ! )

Wassuuuuuuuup! It’s Deanna again 🙂 Miss me? Yea I know .


Today, Mom was like “Hey, why don’t you do a blog on Easter?”  It sound good to me so let’s get popping!

First, what is Easter you ask?

Easter is the celebration of Jesus Christ’s rising from the dead (His Resurrection) after his crucifixion which took place on what we now term Good Friday.

Easter is usually celebrated on the first Sunday after the full moon following the Vernal or Spring Equinox on March 21st. This can be any Sunday between March 22nd and April 25th. It is the most sacred of all the Christian holidays or celebrations.

Christ’s return (or rising) from death is called the Resurrection. According to the scriptures, Christ’s tomb was empty three days after His death, which is commemorated on Good Friday. His followers saw Him and talked to Him after this. Christians therefore believe that they have the hope of a new life (an everlasting life in Heaven) after their

earthly death. 

The Easter Bunny, in case you’ve been living in a cave, on Mars, with your fingers in your ears, is an anthropomorphic, egg-laying rabbit who sneaks into homes the night before Easter to deliver baskets full of colored eggs, toys and chocolate. A wise man once said that “all religions are beautiful and all religions are wacko,” but even if you allow for miracles, angels, and pancake Jesus, the Easter Bunny really comes out of left field.

Newness -Spring is the season of rebirth and renewal. Plants return to life after winter dormancy and many animals mate and procreate. Many pagan cultures held spring festivals to celebrate this renewal of life and promote fertility. One of these festivals was in honor of Eostre or Eastre, the goddess of dawn, spring and fertility near and dear to the hearts of the pagans in Northern EuropImagee. Many churches hold special services on Easter Sunday, which celebrate the Jesus Christ’s resurrection after his crucifixion. Many people also decorate eggs. These can be hard boiled eggs that can be eaten later, but may also be model eggs made of plastic, chocolate, candy or other materials. It is also common to organize Easter egg hunts. Eggs of some form are hidden, supposedly by a rabbit or hare. People, especially children, then search for them. When I was younger, us kids used to decorate the eggs, and tImagehen our parents would hide them, we would hunt them, yippie!!!

Easter Sunday is one of the most festive events among Christians worldwide. It commemorates Jesus Christ’s resurrection from death, as written in the Christian bible. 

I think every kid should celebrate Easter, just to enjoy the excitement of the games . When I was younger, it was competitive. Although everyone had some type or reward & loads of fun I wasn’t happy till I found the eggs with the gift cards attached .

My mom doesn’t understand what the Easter bunny has to do with the Resurrection but, hey, I didn’t create the holiday, I just celebrate it.

Friday Four: Glad to see him come, happy to see him leave.

My oldest and my youngest. Life has been a blessing so far! Would I change ANYTHING? Hecks No!!

My oldest and my youngest. Life has been a blessing so far! Would I change ANYTHING? Hecks No!!

It’s almost time to send my big guy back to college. Talk about bitter sweet! Having a son in college and one as young as 9 months is amazing. I think he is beginning to realize how much his younger siblings look up to him as well. images (1)

Listening to him talk about  his college life was interesting, as he shared, all I could do is stare….here are four topics he discussed with his sisters & I about college:


1. “College is the best time of your life. You have four additional years to be irresponsible. When else are your parents going to spend several thousand dollars a year just for you to go to a strange town and get drunk?” (I personally didn’t know that he got drunk!)

2. I went to a party at a bar in college, and gave the bouncer a fake ID. Turns out, he was best friends with the guy on my ID. (I wonder if he knew that was illegal?)

3. He said that he’s met all types of girls – hot girls who were stupid and hot girls who were sensible, as well as less attractive women who were stupid and less attractive women who were sensible.”

Zapata's We got hooked us up with dessert from the manager during dinner with the dudes Friday night. The live music was AWESOME!

Zapata’s – hooked us up with dessert during dinner with the dudes Friday night. The live music was AWESOME too!

4. “The coolest thing about being an athlete at a large school is the amount of fan support! It is awesome to walk around campus during the day and see students wearing shirts supporting your team. And it is always a huge adrenaline rush to play a game in front of a large fan base.”

The 2 princess of the castle.  Deedaw and Cassie.

The 2 princess of the castle. Deedaw and Cassie.


I must add in that 1. He is a “B” student. So there is a balance here, (thank goodness)  and 2. my husband thought  umber 3 was the funniest. Anyhoots, college spring break has a reputation as a time for heavy drinking, half naked coeds and non-stop partying.  While that may be what happens for some people, it is not the only way to spend spring break. I am so happy that he decided to come home for his break. What a wise fella he’s becoming!

The princesses will be getting a little help with painting their rooms today! Thanks to ACE Hardware for the free Clarkson paint!!!

The princesses will be getting a little help with painting their rooms today! Thanks to ACE Hardware for the free Clarkson paint!!!


So far, so good. My son has came a long way & by the grace of God he’s still progressing!

Wednesday Wow! In a Perfect Universe (TCWF’13)

On the bottom of this post, Ill tell you the details of how to win the Harlem Globe Trotters Family tickets! 

What if you found a portal to a parallel universe? What if you could slide into a thousand different worlds — where it’s the same year, and you’re the same person, but everything else is different? And what if you can’t find your way home ?



Years ago, there was this show called Sliders, I loved it! I made sure I was planted in front of the tv to watch every single day with my then newborn in lap.  The show follows a group of people, called “Sliders”, as they travel (“sliding”) between different Earths in parallel universes via a wormhole-like “vortex”, hoping to return safely to their original Earth Prime. While waiting for the timer countdown, the group learns about the differences in the alternate Earth from their own, and often become unwillingly involved in events that they must resolve before they can safely leave via the vortex.

“You may live in an imperfect world but the frontiers are not closed and the doors are not all shut.”

In 2007, I time traveled in my mind. I began to create a universe that I considered to be perfect. There, I live, eat, thought, played, and even mothered differently. As I learned more, I looked to grab a few other moms like me to come along in this motherhood journey. I like this new universe where kids have manners, moms know how to communicate and listen, holistic education is a priority, the pharmacist is the herbalist, the grocery store has a garden section, hospitals pushed breastfeeding, (yes, a place where’s it’s normal- imagine that!) everyone was color blind and the courts would be ran by spiritual leaders. You know like the one Oprah hangs out with, (unlike the pope or many other pastors) I’m talking about the type that see with a third eye.

It could happen-right?  MAYBE only in my alternate universe

time travel

or maybe on 11.16.13, at this years Total Children’s Wellness Fair. That day, I along with my tribe of like-minded Stay At Home Moms will open up the worm-hold again! We will invite the public into a Perfect Universe, full of out of the norm ideas examples, demos and partaking of various local resources.

I’m so excited! I hope you can make it. More information forth coming, so stick around!

Now, about those Harlem Globe Trotter Tickets………..(another incredible alternative universe -like expeirence 🙂 )….Here’s how to win them. Tell me what you think is needed to create a perfect universe. Winner will be announced on the 19th!  Post your answer below and tell me that you did it on our fb page

Come on, nothing is too outrageous I want to hear it all. Not only will you win the family four pack, but we may also use your idea at the Total Children’s Wellness Fair this year! Cool right?

Well till the next leap, stay real! QC Supermom

HG_Mom Blog Offer_2013

My son is home for Spring Break! Happy Mamma on board!

He’s  here! He’s here! My 20 year old college son is here! For many students, college and jkplower grade levels Spring Break is beginning or will be shortly.  This year, I have two in college, my 20 year old sophomore son and my 47 year old husband. Both are very smart fellas, but an entire week home……maybe not the smartest idea.

First thing that came to my mind was what am I gonna do with all the kids and my husband for an entire week. Movies, Date or maybe dancing with my hubby, the sons only, then the girls, get my garden in the back yard carved out and planted….my list is endless. But  when my first born son told me that he didn’t think that he wanted to come home.I was shocked! “Not coming home?”….I didn’t give him that option 🙂  I look forward to seeing, touching and actively listening to him. (Skype and all that stuff just isn’t the same for me) raj him
Ultimately, he arrived, and it felt like my birthday! I was too thrilled to see him! Talk about a happy camper! Now with in 8 hours of him being here things are already as it was before he left last summer. He and the girls are fussing, he and the boys are laughing and playing- the usual is good! Of course It will be bitter sweet when he leaves, so for now, I’ll just sit back and watch all the love flow, shine and sparkle!


Now if I have you pulling our hair out thinking of what to do for your family during spring break, fret not! There’s still plenty of ways to keep your kids busy while they’re away from school. Here, start with this older post of ideas, then grab your family a few tickets to see the Harlem  Globe Trotter’s! Then join us over at Queen City Stay At Home Moms- Click here!

Now, you’re all set! Give yourself a pat on the back and enjoy a good movie/play. This link will take you to Madea get’s a job, watch it! It’s funny! 

Well, till the next kool aid smile, take care! QC Supermom


Friday Four: Flu Symptoms Be Gone! Natural remedies for little ones.

Seeing my little ones under the weather makes my heart hurt. Especially when they can’t blow their tiny stuffed noses or cough up the mucus buildup that may be rattling in their chest. We try to avoid over the counter drugs as much as possible.Why? Haven’t you been reading those crazy side effects? As for my family and I. We’ll trust mother nature first!



Let Food Be Thy Medicine!!!!

Season by season we adjust our herb cabinets and juice section in the kitchen.

Our ultimate goal is to maintain a healthy immune system,but sometimes it does get out of whack.When that happens, we go straight into repair mode. Although frequent hand washing is your absolute best defense, check out our top 4 ways to fight cough, fever,sore throat, nasal congestion, and aches. This collection will get your lil one up in no time!

  1. Fresh Ginger Root: Another warming spice that is best consumed fresh (chew pieces of ginger root) but is also effective when made into a tea (peel, grate and steep the root in hot water). Gingerols, the active components in ginger, have anti-inflammatory effects and also ease sore throats. Drink a few cups of ginger tea or chew ginger throughout the day.Coconut oil  is anti-viral, anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory. Consume a few tablespoons a day, preferably with food or melted into warm water or teas. Minimally processed, extra-virgin, Go organic! Or just fast for the day, that works too! soup
  2.  Sip some soup: For generations, caring parents have been serving chicken soup to kids with colds and flu. But was mom right? Possibly. A 2000 study published in the journal Chest showed that chicken soup may help relieve symptoms of upper respiratory tract infections. Or gargle with salt water.
  3. Menthol Steam: 

    Breathing moist air helps loosen the mucus in the nasal passages. Adding a little eucalyptus improves the efforts.and so will a warm bath. I put the smaller ones on my lap face down with a towel over their head toward the water filled basin.

    Please remind your little one to cover her/his mouth during each sneeze....

    Please remind your little one to cover her/his mouth during each sneeze….

  4. For fevers: Undress. sweat glands will be better able to release moisture, which will make your little one feel more comfortable. Strip ém down! Then sponge with tepid water or, better yet, sit  ém in a tub of coolish water (definitely not ice cold water, which can induce shock) for half an hour. If you put a feverish child in a tub or sink of water, be sure to hold the child. Don’t apply an alcohol rub, because it can be absorbed into the skin and cause alcohol poisoning.

Mom, you CAN heal your child with out drugs…..If it doesn’t work, the drugs will always be there!

I hope these tips help. Till the next sneeze, take care,  QC SuperMom