Wednesday Wow: 92.7 is NOT a radio station

 It’s too hot to be touched! I don’t want my kids anywhere near me. Much less my husband. The hotter it is the further everyone should be! THANK GOD I’m not pregnant this summer.

Today I figured that  I would share a few of my best tips for women that are  carrying a baby in this HEAT.


The food you take in should be rich in vitamins and minerals.

The eating-for-two theory should not be taken literally. It doesn’t mean that you have to double your consumption of regular meals. It only means that you have to choose the food you take in and make sure that it has all the nutrients that you will need to share it properly with the baby inside your womb. Take fiber-rich foods every day. Take 11 servings of grain, 2 to 4 servings of fruits and vegetables, 4 servings of dairy products and protein. Make sure you have everything covered in the food pyramid. During pre-natal care, the first few months will require an additional intake of folic acids. Your doctor will provide you the pre-natal vitamins so make sure you take it regularly. Eating properly will mean that you and the baby will both gain the required vitamins and minerals. If you eat too much of each food type and the baby gains more than required, it will be risky for both you and the baby.


This is not the time to drop four pants sizes.  Exercise does wonders  during pregnancy. It boosts mood, improves sleep, and reduces pregnancy aches and pains. It also prepares you for childbirth by strengthening muscles and building endurance, and makes it much easier to get back in shape after your baby’s born.

The ideal workout gets your heart pumping, keeps you limber, manages weight gain, and prepares your muscles without causing undue physical stress for you or the baby


I read that approximately 12% of pregnant Black women deliver prematurely regardless of their age, education, income, or marital status. Stress has been indicated as a cause of preterm labor. Discover the source. You may want to keep a journal to help determine the root of your stress. Change what you can. The rest leave to our father who art in heaven….

There is a variety of stress relieving activities that may help you feel better. 


  • Some women relieve stress through exercise, such as prenatal yoga. The deep breathing and calm atmosphere is very relaxing.
  • Deep breathing and relaxation exercises may also be helpful.
  • Other women find meditation or prayer to be effective for relieving stress.
  • A massage may help relieve stress. Look for a practitioner who is experienced at massage for pregnant women.
  • Getting enough rest!

Happy Hump day! Feel free to comment!

The EOG test scores came in

NC gives students end-of-grade test.It allows them to measure their educational growth for the current school year. Only my daughters took them this year. With my kids, the results are always the same! One does well, and the other one well…..long story short- it t’aint what it should be!

Soooooooo- today post will be  short and sweet. Pray for my child that I don’t hurt her tonight. The end, good night!

Friday Four: Why DO I cook instead of drive thur’ing?

I know the world is “coming” to an end in the morning , 05.21.11, per The Kampieys & Carsons, but this is something I had to share.

My house is smelling really good right about now. I have turkey neckbones  simmering in onions, garlic and other robust herbs/ seasonings waiting on my cabbage. I got brown rice going and a nice spicy meat loaf sitting in the oven. All thanks to my 10 & 11 year old daughters! Yeah me! 🙂

I know that I said “Why do I cook instead of drive thur’ing?”

Hold on, it’s coming….. I did help! INot only have I  taught  them how to select produce. I also taught them how to cook. For example:

Take avocados are the direct opposite of a tomato. If you can smell it than it is over ripe. You have to gently squeeze an avocado to check its ripeness. Use the tip of your thumb to press gently but firmly on the skin. If the dent you create slowly rises, than it is ripe. Do this a few times around the body of the avocado to check for bad spots. If you encounter areas that feel like a hard bubble that pops right back out, it has been bruised and will have brown flesh inside.

My point is this. When “we” cook from home, we know what all is in our food. It cheaper per serving , and it’s solid, nutritional food. Teaching these kids to cook offers many lessons in its self. Let’s see, there’s
1. Math & Science
2. Logic  &  Reading
3. Psychology 
4.  Geography 
 Think about it!
You don’t get all of that in a happy meal. I know…….I notice everytime I use to go to the fast food joints. (ok, so I still go every now and again) So sue me- Try this one this weekend with your lil one(s)”
3 pounds boneless, skinless chicken breasts, cut into 1 inch cubes
3 large bell peppers, color of your choice, cut in pieces
2 large onions, cut in pieces
16 skewers (10 inches long)
1/2 cup water
1/2 cup oil
Thread chicken, bell pepper, and onion alternately on skewers and place in a shallow dish. Cook 8 to 10 minutes or until chicken is cooked thoroughly; turning occasionally.

1/2 cup honey

1/2 cup mustard (any kind)

1/2 cup fat-free mayonnaise

2 tablespoons sesame seeds, toasted

Combine all ingredients in a bowl; mix well.

ee yall after the rapture, God willing!

Wednesday Wow: Graduation plans

My oldest son is graduating this year! Whew Lord, I am thrilled about that! The door of  my helicopter mothering closes while the doors of structured explorations opens. Dang! What will a mama do……………..I’m gonna PAR-TAY!

I won’t cry when they call his name as he accepts his diploma. As  I will be thinking of my mom and daughter, wishing they were here to share in the joy, in the flesh.  I won’t even cry as we drop him off on campus. Since the plan is to visit him once a month for college game nights in Maryland.

If my past is any indication of my future, I will drop a few tears when I get up that next morning and see that he’s not in his bed or later in the night when he doesn’t call and tell me that he’s running late, but is on the way home. I will also get a little ruffled on Sunday mornings when everyone wakes up rushing to get to church and he won’t be in the kitchen making me and his brothers a quick southern breakfast.

Graduation is in 4 weeks. I can barely beleive it.  So far we are having a 4 day celebration. A roast /cookout on the Saturday before the ceremony. Later that night he will be having an “EXTREME Boys Night Out” and I will also hang out a bit as  my own little reward. Sunday, we will be in church together, then Monday we are playing it by ear,  then the big day, Tuesday. We are gonna eat out after graduation. Like most families do. I ‘m still searching for a new graduation tradition for my family.I know that it will begin with prayer of thanks for all of the blessings we’ve enjoyed thus far. (I know I’m making it sound like he has no life outside of me BUT  I’m maximizing as much of his time that I can get!)

 I’ll let you know what we come up with when I figure it out. Any suggestions? What should we do with our graduating senior?

That’s my boy! Keithric Jervon Kelly Pressley

Friday Four:If I had to do it all again!

You know that song by Faith Evans, Again? I like that song. I really do. It has much wisdom in it. With hooks like ‘ I’ve learned so much from my mistakes…… She even states that if she had to do all again, she would because it made her who she is, because she knows that God is watching her- Lovely right?  I can related. I can also learn to do things a bit differently. Here are 4 things that I would change the second time around:

1. Ensure my kids understood what money is. I’m mean Really. Why give them money to just blow? I still don’t understand why I did it. Are they going to buy ——mess, mess, and more mess! Allowance my behind. I’ve even tried to implement, pay for performance. They end up winning that game too. I had to come up with some unique:

For my 10 & 11 year old girls: I took them to Justice Just For Girls and asked them to price their favorite bras. Them gave them the money, but told them, they owed me lunch & gas money.

For my 18 year old, we went over the cost of gas and the cost to raise a child v\s pay at Bojangles.

2. Teach. and live healthy from day one!  I have my moments. Lord knows that I do. I’ll eat a balance diet, but know that I should get up & move more. I have yet to figure out why I just don’t ‘ Do it! I want my kids to know how to “fix their bodies” when something is out of whack. So as of TODAY…… out for that incredible shrinking women.

3. Be firmer NOW! It’s when they are babies that they need the most structure.It maybe the hardest thing in the world to do at times. But if you wait till they hit 10….it’s a wrap! I have found that it’s much easier to be their friend when they are in their 20’s. Right now, as they are babies…….Say ‘No,’ ‘Do it now’ & I know you must be tripping’, & mean it. Have a discipline plan and stick to it. Let them “hate you” now. I guarantee, they will grow up & call you “blessed” ( Proverbs 31:28)

4. Be more hands on with my child’s interest. Or maybe just communicate/bond or just know your child. I’ve learned that giving others a little control can still be too much later. Never give up your influence for major life changing decisions. Although you can’t choose your child mate, theirs a lot of things you can lead him ,…….I meant them to! Use your Supermom power!

Wednesday Wow: Me…..a doula? Get Out!

I want everyone to have a happy “birth – day”. Get it Birth-day. Most of my deliveries have been decent, why not share a little that I’ve learned right?

I figure that when it comes to helping a mom get as comfy as possible ,translating doctor talk, informing parents of their options, and teaching the new mom how to nurse I know I can do that. It sounds like a lot, but really it’s second nature to me.  Heck, I’ve done it 8 times already! I’ve added the pictures to prove it 🙂

BREASTFEEDING………….One thing I would encourage to all moms is to feed their child. That’s what her boobs are for -right? (Only if she can, of course)

MEDICINE- Unlike many doulas, I feel that you should know everything that is available to you! I would never say refrain from drugs. Only mom knows when to throw in the towel.

DADDY EDUCATION- I’m not sure if every dad wants to see everything, so he will know that he has a green card to run in the case that it gets too bloody for him. Of course theirs more for a dad to know, but that’s just summary for now.

The above were small tidbits as to what I will do once I become a doula next year! Oh, yeah, my prices…….$300 per birth. Teens half price after motherhood classes* (I am taking free moms now)…….Now what say you?

Mother’s Day 2011

None of my kids have jobs, only one have a license, only one loves to cook, and  there’s even one that hate to see the younger 3 boys upset. All of them in their own little way showed me love yesterday! And yes, so did my husband. Within all of that, I got a little lesson on forgiveness.

As each Mother’s day for me is bittersweet.Yet,  I can’t help but be grateful for everything. Yup……..even the in laws! (I never thought that I would say that)  Morning Service was special. I had a sit down with my church mother & she put a few things in perspective for me. The thought for the day was forgiveness. I’ll tell you more about that later.

As the kids made gifts for their moms, they were reminded of real simple yet essential lessons about gifts from the heart and living in your now. I told them as they give their gifts to their moms remind them that it is just a deposit of whats to come. Eaim even made me something (see his medallion necklace above)

Table for 8 PLEASE!

To my surprise, no one acted the fool. I didn’t have to threaten anyone.  We had Tehun munching on fruits and veggies, which was a great break for my boobs. (YES!) Usually after the eating I’m ready to sleep. BUT there was another surprise in store………..the in-laws!

 I must admit, I DID NOT WANT TO GO AT ALL. I tend to hold grudges, and have been for years regarding Roger’s family. Growing up in a family oriented environment, I am use to family bonding and get togethers at the spur of the moment. His family Not So Much. They didn’t even come to the wedding. That’s a BIG NO- NO!Now the forgiveness part.

My church mom told me that I had to forgive so that my blessing wouldnt’ be blocked. She  gave me a story about her test & how she  dealt with it. She basically won them over with her kindness.  I’m not that Godly or wise  yet, but I defiantly felt better after I got there. My intentions was to support my husband  & just show up, and chill. When I got there, I was open up & welcoming to something new. The advice she gave me paid off. We are better now and I have a wonderful sister in law that I can’t wait to talk to on the phone  really soon. In conclusion. I learned that a word from the the wise was sufficiant. It’s never too late to forgive, and that Tehun is ready to come off my boobs! 🙂

  As for the rest of this day, I will be celebrating my daughter, Samya T. Pressley-Scott, birth, 17 years ago. May she rest in peace.

ARRANGED marriages in 2011

Lord knows, I wish that I could choose my son’s mate! Not just his, but all 7 of them!  Yes, I know it’s Mother’s day weekend, and all, but how would I be myself if  I didn’t share something personal to my heart. I have always said that motherhood is not for the fainted of hearts. It is a very tough job & NOT everyone got the handbook. What I see for potential mates is just down right scary! Think about it!

For me, I want them all to have a smart , intelligent, strong-minded, sincere, life building, spiritual,partner. OK….So I’m VERY picky with whom my kids “look at”. To my defense, these are the traits that I am trying to instill in them. So I think it’s fair to look for  these characteristics  for them. So before you even charge in, I know this may be out of my hands, BUT it does lead me to think that maybe the  original Africans had a great idea when they arranged marriages for their kids!

Although I will never put my kids on any golden pedestal, I do have a hidden idea of  the type of person that would best suit each of my lovely children.

So I did a little research on the topic. Here is what I found to be the advantages and disadvantages of arranged marriages: 

  • Prearranged Marriages are More Stable

    Divorce statistics seem to strongly indicate that arranged marriages work far better than love marriages do. According to the divorce demography of, India – a country where most marriages are arranged – has one of the lowest divorce rates worldwide (1.1%) compared to 46% in the USA, which means every second US American marriage ends in divorce.

  • Parents Have More Life Experience

    Still, the fact that partners in arranged marriages tend to have less unrealistic and emotional expectations may enhance the stability of the marriage. Another point is that parents are generally more experienced and are not likely to place much as much importance on sex appeal or external beauty when choosing a partner for their child. Mere sexual attraction and romantic emotions are no sound base for a healthy, enduring relationship.

  • Cultural and/or religious understanding. Many times, the arranged spouses descend somewhat from the same type of culture, or share the same religion. This ensures that the spouses understand one another’s lifestyles, and it gives common ground and belonging to the betrothed. In some cases, this preserves the cultural and religious identity of the persons and allows them to express it as they wish.

  • Love becoming the second most important thing. In arranged marriages, there is a saying, to think with your head and not your heart. Yet, it is important to think with both. Spouses who think only with their head may end up realizing there is no emotional compatibility, and those who think only with their heart may end up realizing they do not have a stable future. Although love may come later, it is important to secure a stable future. Sometimes the spouses are in love at meeting, at marriage, or later. Love sometimes blossoms later and when it does, only stregthens the marriage and make the spouses happier. However, in the case where love does not blossom, help can be sought- and if nothing can be done, then the marriage was not right somehow

    I can live with all of the above! Ok, ladies, in closing please raise your kids to attract a proper suitor. I want my children to have a selection to choose from. I promise them will be on point! 😉
    If ANYONE out there knows how to get rid of a gold digger/ I meant girl friend, PLEASE LET ME KNOW! Have a great weekend mothers!

Wednesday Wow: To My Family

To My Family:

I—not due to my being a woman, but because of the fact that I am a work from home mom—assume the responsibility of maintaining our household. In this, I will prepare meals, wash laundry, help with homework, and do general maintenance in the upkeep and sanitation of our home. 

What I ask of you is this:

  • When I have prepared a meal, say thank you and do not complain. When said meal is finished, please scrape and rinse off dishes and put them in the dishwasher (I will unload and put away clean dishes). Dishes are not to be left anywhere in the house except the kitchen.
  • Laundry- I will fold and put away all items that are not clothes, including sheets, towels, etc.). When laundry is dirty, I expect it to be placed immediately in the laundry hamper. When laundry hamper is full, let me know and I will wash all laundry as soon as possible. Laundry will be properly placed into dressers/closets and not left anywhere else.
  • As soon as you come home, I expect all personal items to be promptly put in their place and not left on the floor. Once personal items are put in their proper places, I will provide a snack after which homework will be completed before any other task is to be done.
  • Bedrooms are to be maintained by the occupant(s); all items will be put in their respective places before the end of each night.
  • Personal hygiene is important. Each member of the household will have a bath or shower daily; teeth will be brushed twice daily.
  • When something is spilled, I expect it to be cleaned up right away by the person who made the mess.
  • When exiting any room, if no other person is in said room, you will turn off lights.
  • Small tasks (sweeping the kitchen, cleaning litter box, etc.) will be assigned to each person on a rotating schedule; these tasks are to be done without complaint and will be completed at the soonest possible time.

I, in turn, will do my best to make sure the household runs smoothly and neatly. I will give one reminder to each person when these things are not done, after which there will be consequences for not completing what has been asked of you. Along with your dad, I will pay bills and maintain finances, shop for groceries and other necessary household items, schedule appointments, keep an easily visible schedule of all upcoming events, and do everything in my power to assist each of you when help is needed. I love each one of you and know that we can be successful in this.